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  1. The FedEx Forum in Memphis would be another great venue. Right off of Beale Street.
  2. Not for sure what you are talking about. Downtown Detroit and Midtown are thriving. That is the one area of the city that has really bounced back.
  3. St. Louis is #3. I don't know too many people skipping the NCAA championships there because they are afraid of being murdered.
  4. Not for sure what poll you are consulting, but I would venture to say it did not poll people who have actually been to Detroit. I noticed that you didn't mention the New York Times piece that listed Detroit as #9 on the places to travel to in 2017 or that they are also opening a new street car system downtown this spring. Most people's perceptions of the city are based on what they thing it will be like rather than experience.
  5. That's fairly ignorant. Downtown Detroit is great and much better than STL. Plenty of food options and the Detroit People Mover makes it easy to get around downtown. Both St. Louis and Cleveland have high violent crime rates, so I am not sure why people would be more afraid of Detroit.
  6. I've heard that Jaydin is contemplating leaving Mizzou and that step-dad is not happy with the situation of having him wrestle 133. Several other commits may be questioning their commitments.
  7. It appears Westminster College in Fulton will be adding wrestling. Their Twitter page alludes to an announcement of some sort coming tomorrow at 1:30 pm. I heard Mike Eierman will be on the staff.
  8. Walz totally dominated Myers, taking him down 4 times pretty much at will in the third period, with 8 takedowns total and almost a tech. It was not a competitive match. Not for sure what will Snyder from doing much of the same
  9. I question whether it will be fun. Heavyweight in general is boring and Snyder won't be pushed.
  10. No way he does. He says he wants the Hodge Trophy and a team national title. He has also indicated he plans to play football for Mizzou during his 5th year of eligibility.
  11. The growth of men's wrestling is dependent on women's wrestling? So if more women are wrestling, more men will wrestle? NFHS numbers this year show a decline in male participants with a small increase in female participants. Start of a trend?
  12. Right, because if one is not interested in women's wrestling they either dumb, sexist, or a combination of both. Focusing a marketing campaign around increasing participation and fans among women, does little to nothing to advance professional or college opportunities for the majority of participants in our sport which are men. While there may be some uptick within female participants, this is a fringe group within a fringe sport. To think that there is going to be some mass influx of female interest in wrestling that is going to save our sport seems unrealistic.
  13. This is a ridiculous assertion. It is the same as telling an NBA fan they are not a real basketball fan, because they don't have interest in the WNBA.
  14. http://www.columbiatribune.com/sports/take_two/wrestling-is-confusing-but-the-right-guy-is-coming-home/article_bcfb42fb-91c1-550b-9e1d-e52007f3d1de.html
  15. I'm not sure how you infer that as scoring is obviously easy to explain. However, the shot clock and the arbitrary application of such and lack of overtime/criteria are difficult to justify. I digress though as my post belongs in another thread. I'd be all for moving toward more freestyle like rules minus high amplitude throws at the scholastic level.
  16. Thanks for the personal attack. However sticking to the point, you completely leave out the part that the rules are so easy to understand that our own athletes don't fully comprehend them.
  17. I was at my school working while I watched matches on my projector. J'Den came up for bronze and I called my AD in his office to come down to my room to watch the match. Being that we are 10 minutes from Columbia, he is a huge Mizzou fan. Well, the match was largely a continuous point of confusion for him. The rules so convoluted, that providing simple explanations is sometimes difficult. Hard to sell a switch to a style when a majority of people find it hard to understand.
  18. Don't forgot about the equally elusive Grand Prix of Germany, which he has yet to win.
  19. There is nothing left to prove at the senior level either. He should probably retire.
  20. If Maroulis is the new face of USA Wrestling, then it is probably a sinking ship. That is appealing to a niche market, within a niche sport. It simply is not going to generate interest in a sport that already has little appeal to the public.
  21. I don't think a 4-5 month college season is going to drastically impact J'Den's future viability in the international wrestling scene. Not to mention you are ignoring the fact that training situations are completely different at Ohio State and Mizzou. The regional training concept seems to have been largely dormant sense Sammie left.
  22. I can't speak for other states, but in Missouri, there are a lot of half full lineups at all levels. I don't see how going and wrestling a dual on a Saturday helps the sport when there end up being only 5 or 6 contested matches. If cuts total matches are going to occur, I would rather drop the number of school night duals, due to travel and lack of actual matches.
  23. No need to worry. Getting rid of the singlet, the popularity of MMA and the addition of women's wrestling will save our sport!
  24. One of the prongs, though most often cited, not the only prong to comply with Title IX. Non-revenue men's sports are cut at schools all of the time where proportionality already exists. The hypothetical double add at the NCAA level isn't too realistic of an option in my opinion . The underlying issue is that wrestling and other sports that are often cut such as men's track and golf are money sucks. Was there anything in the proposals on making programs financially viable, or better yet, working with lawmakers to reform Title IX so that is implemented with the initial intent of the law? Men's wrestling has pretty much zero exposure outside of the NCAA's and Olympics, and I don't buy that women's wrestling is going to increase exposure. I would venture to say only a small percentage of the general population even knows who Jordan Borroughs is and he the most notable athlete in our sport. The Rousey and MMA reference doesn't really work because MMA already had massive exposure before them. They certainly were able to generate their own interest, but without the prior market that had already been established, no one would know who they are.
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