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  1. Sure, wrestling might grow among a small percentage of female participants. Will women's wrestling increase the non-participant interest in the sport? No way. Do I think it will lessen the likelihood that men's programs will be cut? No I do not. Men's cross country, track and golf have been axed all across the nation while the women's programs are kept around.
  2. Trolling or raising a valid point, call it what you will. Having a women's equivalent does not protect a sport from getting cut.
  3. I don't get the part in the presentation about hitching the wagons to women's wrestling. I don't see how that strengthens men's wrestling.
  4. Having to add a new women's sport is not an accurate statement. There are three ways to satisfy Title IX, proportionality being one of three.
  5. Nice leap. I did not realize the Missouri coaching staff was above outside observation or critique. Not for sure when offering a criticism, equates to one saying they could do the job better. It is hard to look at Cox's performance this year vs. last year and ask what is the difference.
  6. I would also say you have to lay part of the blame for Cox's underperformance last year on the coaching staff. I really think having J'Den compete at heavyweight was detrimental, particularly from the standpoint of not looking to score on the feet and keeping matches too close.
  7. I love when ODU wrestles at Mizzou, largely in part to observing Martin. His mannerisms are pretty entertaining...he looks a little like Robin Williams. He is certainly no more abrasive during matches than the Mizzou staff, particularly Clemsen. That being said, the ODU dual at Mizzou this year was one of the worst D1 duals I have watched in several years. Zero offense from ODU. Rewind two years ago, and it was a much more exciting dual largely in part due to Houdashelt's executing an illegal slam on Alex Richardson.
  8. Don't forget Plamen Paskelevhttp www.msubeavers.com/coaches.aspx?rc=228
  9. I think the fact that all there is speculation and no actual news is a reflection of how insignificant our sport is and the lack of real journalists that cover wrestling. If this were basketball or football, no way that a major conference coach get canned during the season and it goes unreported as to why. One of the few "premier" news sources in Flo has nothing more than the same speculation that is in this thread.
  10. Maybe not the best, but my favorite...Caldwell vs. Metcalf.
  11. Anyone know why Hagerty was coaching Dom and not Sammie?
  12. I'm not sure that Missouri wrestling is the "darling" of the campus. The reality is that despite their success, there are relatively few people in the seats when they wrestle at home (exception being the Oklahoma State dual). Of those, almost zero appear to be students. I've gone to several Tiger clothing stores in Columbia and they have zero wrestling items. Are more people aware of Mizzou wrestling now? Yes. However actual interest that motivates people to support the program in person seems minimal.
  13. Jake Dieffenbach and Chris Chionuma both transferred from Lindenwood to Oklahoma State and had some success.
  14. I am curious to find out if you are payed equally as compared to other sports? For instance at my current position, the basketball and football coaches are paid 50% more than myself. Volleyball, softball and baseball are all paid more than wrestling. I obviously do not coach for the money, yet at the same time I have a hard time swallowing the idea that the time of another sport's coach is worth more than another's.
  15. A little off-topic here, but if administrators are not capable of making decisions, then they should be fired. Many schools are bogged down with administrative salaries, but the administrators outsource their work to consulting firms on the taxpayers' dime. In the Fresno State case, they won't even state how much they are paying the firm.
  16. Regarding Cox moving up, I am skeptical it will happen. Per Brian Smith on this week's Tiger Talk, "heavyweights do nothing" and the coaching staff's concern with J'Den wrestling heavyweight is that it would stifle his style and perhaps detract from his dynamic abilities. In addition, I am pretty sure he said J'Den is going to be wrestling 97 kg internationally.l
  17. He was joking. Quite a few Mizzou fans questioned not redshirting Cox and having him bulk up to heavyweight. The latter idea I have never been sold on.
  18. Delgado should have had at least three cautions. At least twice did not have his foot on the line, one time the ref told him to put his foot on the line but did not call a caution. Then in referee's position Delgado's hands were behind the line and the ref had him move his hands, but did not call the caution.
  19. Also pretty dangerous situation arose at 141 when ODU guy had both legs in and a head and arm locked up and MU guy stood completely upright. The ref did not call PD and both guys slammed straight backward.
  20. I guess I don't understand how Beitz is penalized for kicking out when he is executing the exact same technique as he would in the center of the mat. He wasn't fleeing the mat he was defending an attack.
  21. I was at the match today. It is embarrassing to hear Iowa fans whine every single match regarding the officiating, particularly stalling when the Hawkeyes had virtually zero offense. Then they throw a fit during the Evans' match like Storley was doing something wrong when it actually appeared Evans was the one engaging in extracurricular activities.
  22. Granby-I don't question that there is interest in MMA from those who wrestle. I do question the notion that kids are drawn to wrestling in order to emulate fighters or become involved in MMA and also the idea that kids think MMA gear is cool. I never see kids in the general population wearing fight shorts casually or in the weight room and with the exception of MMA Elite clothes from Wal-Mart, rarely see MMA shirts. Maybe this varies with geographic location, I don't know.
  23. I think that many people are grossly overplaying the popularity of MMA among youth. I rarely see kids wearing MMA related gear and/or expressing a desire to get into MMA. In eight years of coaching at the high school level, I have yet to get a decent kid with an MMA background of sole ambition to get into MMA, nor have I witnessed any on other teams/ Wrestling makes MMA better, but I don't think MMA necessarily makes wrestling better.
  24. I don't buy the whole singlet argument. Most kids that I run across cite "I don't want to roll around with another guy" as their main reason for not wrestling. Should we change the sport to limit contact to appeal to the masses? I also don't buy the idea that switching to a spandex shirt is going to increase marketability. Are more people going to go out and buy form fitting spandex shirts than already buy wrestling t-shirts? How is a spandex shirt any different than a spandex singlet top other than one has sleeves and the other does not? It seems that if kids are discouraged by the uniform is form fitting and thus revealing, not by the fact that a singlet does not have sleeves. Switching to a spandex shirt does not alleviate this issue, unless the issue is that kids are too self conscious about revealing their upper arms. Judging by current fashion trends where tank tops are pretty popular among teens, I do not think revealing the upper arms is a huge issue.
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