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  1. http://espn.go.com/dallas/nba/story/_/i ... ew-jerseys Cuban compares new uniforms to high school wrestling gear.
  2. I was told that this had been addressed by the NFHS and is in the rule book. Is that actually the case?
  3. Has anyone ordered from Cradle Gear and had problems? I ordered team warmups with 4-6 weeks as the delivery time on the quote. 10 weeks later I still have not received the warmups and we have our first match on Tuesday. They will not answer the phone or return emails. It is very frustrating.
  4. How is Cox a diamond in the rough? There is nothing rough about his credentials. He is just a diamond.
  5. What school does Richard Kokesh wrestle for?
  6. Agreed he was pretty good. Then again, it doesn't take much to do better than Bader.
  7. Commentary, I would argue, exists to provide information not entertain. That being said, there is very little entertainment value in guys yelling into a mike or having conversations with each other on a mic. On very few occasions has my knowledge of the match or competitors been advanced by the comments of they guys behind the mic (save some events where Herbert was involved.) And being that if we are watching the event, we have then in fact paid to watch the event, as paying customers some credence should be given to the large number of complaints. I don't know that paying a fee to have to mute the commentary is a great response.
  8. How did he explain everything? I would argue that viewership for these wrestling events is operating under essentially a zero sum model. Realistically Flo is not competing for new viewers or making the pie bigger. They are competing for viewers that come from a finite, niche group of fans. From the outside it seems like their scheduling for several events is driven by hubris.
  9. Since you mention Betterman "conceding" the match. It seemed like Mango had his finals match won after a big score, then he let up and ends up getting beat with little time left.
  10. I forget what match it was, but Herbert made a comment that the wrestler's coach probably played a song that said "shots, shots, shots..." over an over. I had no idea he was alluding to an actual song until I heard this on the radio today. In hindsight knowing that it is an actual song, it was a pretty hilarious reference.
  11. http://espn.go.com/sportsnation/quiz/_/ ... -mlb-rules Quiz on baseball rules. I was listening to some sports talk this weekend and with hundreds of thousands having completed it the average score was somewhere around 3/10. One of the hosts of a show I was listening to was a minor league ump and and scored very low on it.
  12. Herbert could be a really great announcer if he just tones down on trying to be humorous all of the time. His experience as a competitor allows him some great insight. Bader doesn't seem as comfortable in front of the mic as Jake and at times comes across as more fan that commentator.
  13. He was asked a direct question. Should he have just gone with a "no comment" or a blank stare? It is not like he starting trash talking on his own initiative.
  14. So far watching the difference in watching this event and the US Open is night and day. There have been so many more scoring attempts and the overtime rule is great.
  15. I wouldn't say he ran his mouth off. He just said he didn't train to beat the other guys in his bracket, that he trains to beat Burroughs and that he was going to beat Burroughs. I don't think he was being arrogant.
  16. I don't get NBC sports so I cannot DVR it and will still be at school. Will a recording or replay be available via internet?
  17. I'm pretty sure during the tv coverage, they stated that Kilgore prefers folkstyle wrestling.
  18. I couldn't tell if he was being serious or was commenting on Ruth's ability to cradle.
  19. Tried to find a way to access coverage, but to no avail. I would pay to watch today's coverage, but unfortunately that option is not available. I guess I don't understand the idea of not allowing an individual to access coverage via a pay route, but instead limiting access based on one's cable provider.
  20. Is there any way to watch today's matches if my tv provider is not on ESPN3's list? We're getting out early for snow and my parent-teacher conferences have been cancelled, so I was really hoping to be able to watch wrestling.
  21. "That was dirty"...one of the negative byproducts of Flo. It sounds like a phrase that might be used on Jersey Shore. Every time I attend a big event I hear kids dropping this phrase.
  22. Is whether a city is thought to be boring or not really important in selecting a venue? From my experience, between the wrestling sessions, Fan Fest, and other stuff going on the venue, there isn't a whole lot of time for much else other than eating and sleeping. There are plenty of places to eat and sleep in Des Moines. Then again I go to the NCAA's for the wrestling, not explore the periphery beyond the venue. No matter what sight is selected, there are going to be people that complain. Most of the complaining seems to come from those on one coast or the other and in come cases seems to reflect more of a cultural bias toward the Midwest than anything else. I had endure hours of ranting at this year's NCAA's from some Hoftsra fans going on about how St. Louis is not a real city, blah, blah.
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