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  1. Yeah but my needs trump any existential competition theories.
  2. The recent trend of top recruits going to one of the "super" teams has made being a "contender" mean something different. RTC's have also been a game changer. Kids have tough choices to make if they have the talent to garner the choices. The trend has shifted to Iowa. Spencer Lee is a dynamic, likeable kid who has helped to paint Iowa back into the status of a desirable destination for HS Aces. Also, maybe kids like the idea to trying to take down PSU, I know I do. I look forward to seeing things next year when really everyone can return. The brackets at NCAA's could be insanely deep in quality.
  3. It's essentially a free year. Therefore if teams perform the appropriate health checks and daily procedures, then it is worth it on all accounts. From a selfish standpoint, it's necessary. I want something to look forward to.
  4. Don't care about Alex Jones, care about JB. I don't put a ban on people that do interviews because they interview someone I don't like.
  5. I guess you just hate Dake. Why would Rogan have Kyle on to discuss the Olympic experience? At least you get to feel better submitting this reply.
  6. Agree TBar. It is very difficult these days to discern false information as it is coming out of all facets of society's delivery. Scary times. Common tactic of the self righteous these days to call out someone's sources without providing any of their own. It's media sources trying to steal clicks and viewers. Regardless, JB did well on the podcast because he is a great dude.
  7. Remember when all these programs needed were new coaches?
  8. Quick point on this one....this is the when Willie, with FLO, allegedly didn't make Pletcher actually make the weight. Actually LaMont and Red were also rumored to not have actually made the weight either but Pletcher was supposedly significantly higher than the others.
  9. Pretty sure Yianni wrestled Pletcher in the WNO
  10. Why are protecting idiot consumers from themselves? Who are we China?
  11. In the same breath, he didn't hold him down too long where he couldn't re-adjust to 197. Some coaches/kids stay with there moves until it is too late. Never mind the fact that we don't truly know the entire motivation behind it. Could've been Ben's decision to make, could've been to protect his prior injury, could've been to help the team, etc. Either way he wrestled the top guys at 184 and it wasn't working out.
  12. To me it doesn't matter how many times anyone has seen it happen. This can never be accepted. This behavior has to be punished to the fullest extent.
  13. probably. But calling Rivera a duck is ridiculous.
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