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  1. These tix are sold now
  2. A friend of mine has tix for sale. If you're interested, DM me and I'll connect you.
  3. He fits in with the best 1st period wrestler ever. Cael and Dake on equal footing for me. Understand both sides of the coin for either. Both careers are stupid good.
  4. No they didn't. The official 5 swiped it, then let action continue because he thought Young could score from the bottom. You can see on the Video he points to his watch to let the timer know to cut the RT. Doesn't happen that often but in that case they called it right, if anything the RT for Young could've been more. IF the official allows action to continue after the swipes for the top man coming off the hip then they cut RT same as they would if the top man bodylocks.
  5. He tried a reverse Brands, not a gator roll or cement mixer or cowcatcher
  6. I think they should seed to the number of places and draw the rest. 8 guys and draws gets it done. I can't hate the seeding to 33 enough.
  7. I don't see it yet. I need to see more. Massa all but beat himself making a foolish decision to roll to his back and try to funk from the bottom. Starocci just stood tough for the match and literally only took advantage of one position. He never showed anything in neutral and his previous results show his offense has a ways to go. Can't see him beating Kemmerer and anyone that gets ahead of him by a TD (Washington) can put him on the backside of the bracket.
  8. My prediction is that if he actually gets what he says he wants and wrestles Gable, he'll end up through a scorers table as he gets teched. I have no horse in the race here and am not a fan of either's theatrics.
  9. Yeah but my needs trump any existential competition theories.
  10. The recent trend of top recruits going to one of the "super" teams has made being a "contender" mean something different. RTC's have also been a game changer. Kids have tough choices to make if they have the talent to garner the choices. The trend has shifted to Iowa. Spencer Lee is a dynamic, likeable kid who has helped to paint Iowa back into the status of a desirable destination for HS Aces. Also, maybe kids like the idea to trying to take down PSU, I know I do. I look forward to seeing things next year when really everyone can return. The brackets at NCAA's could be insanely deep in quality.
  11. It's essentially a free year. Therefore if teams perform the appropriate health checks and daily procedures, then it is worth it on all accounts. From a selfish standpoint, it's necessary. I want something to look forward to.
  12. Don't care about Alex Jones, care about JB. I don't put a ban on people that do interviews because they interview someone I don't like.
  13. I guess you just hate Dake. Why would Rogan have Kyle on to discuss the Olympic experience? At least you get to feel better submitting this reply.
  14. Agree TBar. It is very difficult these days to discern false information as it is coming out of all facets of society's delivery. Scary times. Common tactic of the self righteous these days to call out someone's sources without providing any of their own. It's media sources trying to steal clicks and viewers. Regardless, JB did well on the podcast because he is a great dude.
  15. Remember when all these programs needed were new coaches?
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