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  1. LordNelson

    Mizzou...overrated yet again?

    Mizz should stay where they are. They’re fine. If you measure the expectations against all factors Mizzou continues to be a great place to wrestle and compete. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. LordNelson

    Va Tech vs Cornell

    He’s not, just people talking out their BHoles. He’s never cut weight and 2 months ago when I predicted he’d be at 125, the online weight assessors came out with how sucked out he would be. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. LordNelson

    Iowa v Indiana

    The Hawks kind of gave up on Turk thinking Murin was going to get it done. He had a nice start to the season but then Carr just broke him. Plenty of time left for him to get it together but if last night is any indicator of his intelligence and toughness, he has too far to go.
  4. LordNelson

    Iowa v Indiana

    Not worried in the slightest about Lee.
  5. LordNelson

    Iowa v Indiana

    Interesting. 133: the Iowa kid just tech'd his kid and didn't do anything dumb. I like where this is going 141: Murin is over rated, and huge. Still a hole. 149: If that is a pin, I'm reffing the NCAA's.
  6. LordNelson

    Va Tech vs Cornell

    You're an idiot.
  7. LordNelson

    Va Tech vs Cornell

    Zavatsky is up and down and one of the most unpredictable guys going. Next time he could upend that result. Dean is steadying out as well so not all that surprising when two top guys go head to head.
  8. LordNelson

    Iowa vs OK State Predictions

    Shamefully, I didn't even read the OP. Had to get the jab in about the team points.
  9. LordNelson

    What were the Indiana coaches thinking?

    No excuse and I'm no Ashnault fan but the 1 hour weigh in is a huge factor as to why BIG 10 duals yield some head scratching results. Quality and quantity combined can pose challenges for even the toughest and top guys.
  10. LordNelson

    What were the Indiana coaches thinking?

    Ashnault looked pretty gassed early. Pretty close to the one hour weigh in and I believe this bout was early in the dual.
  11. LordNelson

    Iowa vs OK State Predictions

    Same. It'll be 18-12 though with the Team Point deduction at 133.
  12. 212 a night, 4 blocks away. Well worth it. NYC far exceeded any anticipated drawbacks.
  13. LordNelson

    Who is going to screw up seeding this year?

    Seeding all 33 I think was the idea this year.....good luck with this total act of stupidity.
  14. LordNelson

    Unpopular opinion - we need more DeSantos out there

    No they're not, he's been dinged 3 or 4 duals in a row.