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  1. Expecting the NCAA to effectively oversee anything is where I think we've all lost the plot. When you consider basketball alone when it comes to a variety of violations that go unaddressed the shear "look the other way" is staggering. I have no faith that NCAA can oversee anything, let alone RTC or NIL Violations. It's farcical. Fact: RTC's are a huge advantage and separate the top programs even more Small schools that don't have the means to join one or create one are at a competitive disadvantage. They need to do everything they can to create/join one so they can get the same training benefits. Instead, some have decided to try and whistle blow various violations when that energy could be better spent elsewhere.
  2. so he didn't beat Cox once in a 2/3?
  3. More likely the question: What will it take for Iowa to win a team trophy this year? I see them 4th or 5th unless all of those MFF's were complete bogus.
  4. I have 4 seats together, Sessions 1, 2, and 3 Price negotiable, listed on Ticketmaster for 60 each. Section 216. Purchased early, killed with fees, but face value at 40/ticket. Email jnolan158@yahoo.com if interested. **Not entirely sure how tickets are working this year, also have them through Cornell, and they are doing ticketmaster transfer. The scalper thing may not go down as expected with Covid, etc. I know many state level events are no physical ticket exchanges.
  5. His foot never was inside though. Have no idea what he saw there. Final :07 of OT1. Kem locks the inside headlock up and Starocci is over the leg the entire time.
  6. While on this pic, it is just evidence of PSU's overall intelligence. I felt like Iowa looked "uncoached" in quite a few instances, even dumb at times. Kemmerer excluded. Desanto, Eireman, and Warner come to mind. They really just beat themselves.
  7. Exactly, clueless as to how it was given. Then to comeback and say time had expired was again, baffling. Regardless, tremendous match.
  8. If Nick Lee was positive it would explain things, or if he isn't vaxxed. PSU has a lot of things going on, no vax requirements being one. Therefore the quarantine rules and return protocols are all over the place. Could be to the exact day when he put in his Quarantine time or could be he didn't practice for that time period. Either way, it's an argument that never gets settled. Cael doesn't normally duck but he also doesn't wrestle his guys as much as other top teams. He doesn't have to, has nothing to prove to anyone and nor does Lee. I wouldn't rely on Byers or Penn State Twitter for anything accurate on this either. We all know Cael keeps everything as close to the vest as possible.
  9. I feel like I've heard this information some where before
  10. Well, until I see it, I am going with what I've seen.
  11. Vito is the only guy I think that can actually score on Spencer. That said, I wouldn't bet one cent against Lee.
  12. Grey genuinely believes that not is Yianni fine at 141 regardless of the immense quality there but that Richard is an AA quality kid 149. Vito is more of a wash. I still think he goes 125. Cardenas is the leader at 197 for the starting spot.
  13. It's why he wasn't allowed to attend the medal ceremony.
  14. Other than DeSanto threatening to kill a woman last year at NCAAs, he loses like a human.
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