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  1. Quick point on this one....this is the when Willie, with FLO, allegedly didn't make Pletcher actually make the weight. Actually LaMont and Red were also rumored to not have actually made the weight either but Pletcher was supposedly significantly higher than the others.
  2. Pretty sure Yianni wrestled Pletcher in the WNO
  3. Why are protecting idiot consumers from themselves? Who are we China?
  4. In the same breath, he didn't hold him down too long where he couldn't re-adjust to 197. Some coaches/kids stay with there moves until it is too late. Never mind the fact that we don't truly know the entire motivation behind it. Could've been Ben's decision to make, could've been to protect his prior injury, could've been to help the team, etc. Either way he wrestled the top guys at 184 and it wasn't working out.
  5. To me it doesn't matter how many times anyone has seen it happen. This can never be accepted. This behavior has to be punished to the fullest extent.
  6. probably. But calling Rivera a duck is ridiculous.
  7. Just like when RBY ducked Piotrowski Friday night.
  8. Cornell lawyers know which wrestlers to back
  9. He has the same chance to AA as Young does at top 3, or better
  10. How many teams dual 12 days before NCAA's?
  11. Uh, that is less than 2 weeks away...
  12. No one has answered the OP, where can we watch this? Sesker? Anyone?
  13. Normally I dislike your posts, but you're correct on this one for sure.
  14. If it is anyone other than a PSU guy like Mark Hall, then maybe it is called. I'd say about 5% of the time. I just don't think he held him there/stuffed him in that position to get that call. Because it is someone of that caliber, there is 0% chance it is called.
  15. Not sure Freddy makes the lineup in February but we will see. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Don’t care about the whole dual, just an unsubstantiated claim based in a vacuum. It’s fair though, you like your guy. I have no horse in it just think you can’t qualify your pick based on health and venue. It seems like you’re already excuse making if Young beats Berge in CHA. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. You can't qualify that. Totally out of touch with the injury/cutting too much excuse. Right now, Young is clearly a favorite over Berge.
  18. Corrected it for you. You're quite the optimist.
  19. Yeah I know, I was there broseph. Not many had him to perform at that level. He was a kitchen sink wrestler and I couldn't take my eyes off of him. He was also kicked out of the wrestling house for that last month of that season, literally living in the woods/homeless by choice. Dude always beat to his own drum. He wanted to go 174 last season but it never worked out. Womack just didn't want to make the 165 cut and was in good standing on all accounts with the team, Chavez apparently wasn't. There is rumor that Womack is considering the cut this season. There are also some other rumors flying about their line up but I'll save those for later.
  20. Disagree. Yesterday they indicated that Sasso doesn't have a 3rd period. Sasso has been decking guys his whole career and may have issues in 7 minute matches. David Taylor has this issue but it only showed up with one opponent because no one else could take it the distance with him. Sasso has a ways to go still to silence the doubters. Pletcher, new weight, same dude. Baughman is definitely underrated but he never separates himself. On any day he wins it or takes 7th, depends on who gets the key takedown.
  21. No. Just a guy people forget about that can mess up brackets. He wrestles a totally different style than John Jay but is very difficult to beat. 157 like many other weights has plenty of room for shake ups and he could be one of them.
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