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  1. Retherford might win more NCAA titles than PA state titles.
  2. If he was way over, he should have known it would jeopardize being eligible for 145.
  3. Patrick wrestled in the National Prep tournament last season.
  4. I'd give the edge to Franklin Regional. Too bad it never happened.
  5. Wow! Great finish to the 138 match.
  6. Some video highlights on pennlive, including Sheehan putting Curry on his back. http://highschoolsports.pennlive.com/news/article/-4935662750591895782/recap-from-the-opening-session-of-piaa-class-aaa-wrestling-championships-video-highlights/#/0
  7. http://www.cool1017online.com/ and http://www.940wgrp.com/ should have a radio broadcast for the AA tournament, focusing on district 10 wrestlers.
  8. Is it the same guy who was doing the earlier round matches for espn?
  9. I'm not sure if mentioning the part about wrestling to the death was a seller for wrestling. Overall Irving separates the two main narratives; FILA and it's overall leadership role in wrestling, and the IOC and its shady business practices. It seems if wrestling wants back in the Olympics, then they will have to do what it takes to appease the IOC, but then they still have the broader problems with FILA regarding the overall direction of the sport. As an aside, I saw where Sergio Berlusconi, Italy's corrupt President and media/sports owner, recently said publicly that people shouldn't frown so much on bribery. And I'm not even seeing a big uproar over it. Puts the IOC stuff into context.
  10. I think the OIC is bluffing. Wrestling should call their bluff, and put a dagger into the crappy Olympics. Wrestling is pretty much the only sport I watch anyway. The Olympics is just for women nowadays. Not to mention they saddle the hosting cities with debt that they never get out of. Can't understand why any rational city would want to host them in the first place.
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