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  1. I sold a finals ticket for $25 after a 30 minute struggle out front to get $50 in Pburgh
  2. I have no issue with any athlete cashing in. My question is this and it may not have nothing to do with college wrestlers You have a decent or star QB that is very marketable playing for a big major school. QB starts to immediately rake in the big big cash as a Freshman starter. New townhouse, several cars, rolex and jewelry etc. Starting lineman that may have struggled financially their whole life gets little if anything from likeness but keep QB safe Do you see any issues with the lesser known starters that are not as marketable and not cashing in like the QB?
  3. I saw a Rokfin wrestling promo for Wednesday Jan 20th Underground 3. One of the matches is Amos V Dudley. Any insight on this match? Amos was one of the top HSers and is a RS Wisconsin?
  4. I moved to an area close to where Bobby Douglas grew up and our local paper would periodically run a story about Gable and Douglas wrestling off for a world team in 1970. Story says that Douglas beat him 6 times in one day. Was this ever discussed in the movie? Did it really happen Below? Below is a copy and pasted part of article Now let me tell you a little known story about Bobby Douglas. In 1970, Bobby was nearing the end of his competitive career, and he decided to try out for one more U.S. World Championship team. He made it to the finals of the trials, and was pitted against a young upstart. The finals involved the best out of three matches. Bobby won the first two matches, which means he made the team. But no, the coach wanted him to wrestle one more bout. That wasn't fair and Bobby didn't like it, but he agreed. Believe it or not, that one more match turned into five more matches. The result: Bobby won 6 of the matches, while one match ended in a draw. But there's more to the story. That opponent in that series was none other than Dan Gable. Yes, Bobby Douglas beat Dan Gable six times in one day. And Dan says he was only beaten once by Larry Owings.
  5. (2) all session Sec 314, row/box C16 and C15 seat A S200 for both
  6. https://www.barstoolsports.com/barstoolu/2019-2020-ncaa-wrestling-all-ear-team
  7. I saw some clips on twitter regarding Mason Gibson. Looked really good for any age kid but as an 8th grader winning HS division he appears to be the next big stud. Any background on him like club and Pa Jr championships.
  8. Some are public and some are definitely not
  9. I remember sitting in a lobby at an Open college tournament when I saw my son walking towards me. Before he got to me a guy called his name and had a conversation with him for a few minutes. I asked my son who the guy was and he said Mr. Stieber. Logan had pounded the crap out of him a fews times in college but Mr. Stieber still remembered him and was nice enough to have a talk with him.
  10. The great Pa small guys will just move or board at other states that have the 103lb class or they will be held back a year or two. Think of all the small studs that Pa produced that would have left the state if Pa started at 110. Many do it already.
  11. If you watched the fight it seemed that Pico completely changed his game plan from previous fights. Instead of boxing he basically got TDs and wrestled on top. Good. The part which confused me was that with Pico now using his wrestling ability he had zero offense with it. Pico seemed he had difficulty getting his guy into a dangerous position. He just basically held him down. Bad. Thoughts on his wrestling in this match?
  12. Aaron Pico vs. Adam Borics Pico is 4-2 in the red gloves with white trunks, hailing from Whittier, CA and fighting out of Albuquerque, NM. Borics is 12-0 in the blue gloves and black trunks for this fight, hailing from Hungary and fighting out of Fort Lauderdale, FL. The ref is Dan Miragliotta. Round 1: Quick tap of gloves. Pico shoots 20 seconds into the round and has the takedown 10 seconds later. Borics gets his back to the fence and posts on one hand as Pico tries to drag him away from the wall. Pico finally picks him up and slams Borics down in the middle of the cage. Borics tries to get back up and eats a left hand before he does at 2:18. Borics tries a jump knee and throws a leg kick. Borics lands another and Pico goes right back to the takedown slam in the center at 2:49. Pico is trying to take the back while Borics tries to control the arms and wrists. Borics tries and fails to sweep but is able to get back to his knees. Pico ties up his legs with his own but Borics breaks the grapevine and gets back up at 4:39. Pico with a right hand and a level change then a right elbow before the bell. Opening round goes 10-9 to Pico. Round 2: Pico gets another takedown 14 seconds into the round. Borics looks for upkicks and Pico avoids it and lets Borics stand up at 1:08 before taking him down again nine seconds later. Miragliotta calls for more work twice. Borics gets to his knees and Pico responds by kneeing Borics in the left thigh before pulling him back down. Borics stands up and turns around at 3:44. Borics rocks Pico with a flying knee and the fight is over!! Pico was eating hammerfists at Miragliotta stepped in and still looked dazed and confused afterward
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