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    Worthwhile Stieber interview

    I remember sitting in a lobby at an Open college tournament when I saw my son walking towards me. Before he got to me a guy called his name and had a conversation with him for a few minutes. I asked my son who the guy was and he said Mr. Stieber. Logan had pounded the crap out of him a fews times in college but Mr. Stieber still remembered him and was nice enough to have a talk with him.
  2. Aaron Pico vs. Adam Borics Pico is 4-2 in the red gloves with white trunks, hailing from Whittier, CA and fighting out of Albuquerque, NM. Borics is 12-0 in the blue gloves and black trunks for this fight, hailing from Hungary and fighting out of Fort Lauderdale, FL. The ref is Dan Miragliotta. Round 1: Quick tap of gloves. Pico shoots 20 seconds into the round and has the takedown 10 seconds later. Borics gets his back to the fence and posts on one hand as Pico tries to drag him away from the wall. Pico finally picks him up and slams Borics down in the middle of the cage. Borics tries to get back up and eats a left hand before he does at 2:18. Borics tries a jump knee and throws a leg kick. Borics lands another and Pico goes right back to the takedown slam in the center at 2:49. Pico is trying to take the back while Borics tries to control the arms and wrists. Borics tries and fails to sweep but is able to get back to his knees. Pico ties up his legs with his own but Borics breaks the grapevine and gets back up at 4:39. Pico with a right hand and a level change then a right elbow before the bell. Opening round goes 10-9 to Pico. Round 2: Pico gets another takedown 14 seconds into the round. Borics looks for upkicks and Pico avoids it and lets Borics stand up at 1:08 before taking him down again nine seconds later. Miragliotta calls for more work twice. Borics gets to his knees and Pico responds by kneeing Borics in the left thigh before pulling him back down. Borics stands up and turns around at 3:44. Borics rocks Pico with a flying knee and the fight is over!! Pico was eating hammerfists at Miragliotta stepped in and still looked dazed and confused afterward
  3. russling

    Fewer PA weight classes

    The great Pa small guys will just move or board at other states that have the 103lb class or they will be held back a year or two. Think of all the small studs that Pa produced that would have left the state if Pa started at 110. Many do it already.
  4. russling

    Pico TKO a few minutes ago

    If you watched the fight it seemed that Pico completely changed his game plan from previous fights. Instead of boxing he basically got TDs and wrestled on top. Good. The part which confused me was that with Pico now using his wrestling ability he had zero offense with it. Pico seemed he had difficulty getting his guy into a dangerous position. He just basically held him down. Bad. Thoughts on his wrestling in this match?
  5. D1?? Hey Everyone,Just wanted to let everyone know that Robert Morris University is looking for more wrestlers next season. The University wants the program to survive and in order to do so, they need wrestlers. I urge our wrestling community to take the opportunity seriously and by doing so will create growth in our sport at the collegiate level. RMU is hoping to develop a DI program using the blueprint based off of this teams success. Although it’s only an NCWA Club Team, it’s still an opportunity for kids to get into a collegiate program and represent RMU, an opportunity that some kids may not have at any NCAA level. If you would like an info on the program or the university, you can contact me at any of the following:Cell (texting is preferred): (304) 216-8306Email: DeBee9698@gmail.comFacebook Messenger: Ryan Alexander DeBee
  6. russling

    Pittsburgh Ticket Scalpers

    Finals broke the scalpers with too much supply and no real demand. I gave an extra final ticket away for free when I couldn't sell it for 75. Scalpers offered 30 so I gave it away.
  7. I am one of those who would have no issue watching a session or two including finals at a nice bar or mini arena (with several great screens) with just wrestling fans. The "hate looks" I get from the many non alcoholic fans as I constantly and purposely leave my shi...ty center row seat to get another drink is amazing. No problem here having a drink made and delivered at my seat.
  8. https://www.barstoolsports.com/barstoolu/the-faces-of-the-ncaa-wrestling-championships
  9. russling

    Pittsburgh grades

    Agree. Why couldn't the bout score and clock be on score board? Did other arenas have scores and time. Can't remember.
  10. russling

    Finals Tickets

    I'm making back my initial investment with the trade. Poor Iowa, NJ and Dakota fans around my 200 section are getting tugs at between 6 to 10 bucks each. 150 yanks and my trip is paid for.
  11. russling

    Finals Tickets

    I just bartered my 200 level ticket with a lower level hooker.
  12. russling

    Finals Tickets

    I'm outside main lower level. Scalpers are panicking. Offering 30 bucks for 200 level.
  13. russling

    Finals Tickets

    He is right. I got 1 229 level for $100 Text 740 310 2783 if interested
  14. What time does session 1 usually end on Thursday? Session 1 Thursday, March 21 Noon ESPNU Session 2 Thursday, March 21 7 p.m. ESPN
  15. russling

    Virginia wants more state championships

    Definitely a joke. I follow him on twitter (170k followers) and most of everything he post is satire. He was a Kent St wrestler that got hired by Barstool.
  16. russling

    PDF Brackets

  17. https://www.barstoolsports.com/barstoolu/21-questions-with-ncaa-champ-spencer-lee
  18. https://www.barstoolsports.com/barstoolu/ncaa-wrestling-dogs-of-the-week-and-more-2
  19. Besides these please post the other top matches that could happen S. Lee Picc DeSanto Fix Yanni Mckenna
  20. russling

    Big Match (hopefully) this weekend

    S. Lee Picc DeSanto Fix Yianni Mckenna Dean Martin Honis Moore Reenan Zavatsky Erneste Gomez Over-Under all matches taking place 2.5 I'm taking under. (2) won't happen.
  21. russling

    141 seeds at Big Tens

    Does McKenna out for the Carr match Feb 1 also play into question like the non Lee match? I remember seeing a tweet from Coach Ryan addressing those claiming Mckenna ducked Carr. Ryan posted scores of previous matches. IMHO I believe McKenna wins the B10 and would like to see Carr and Lee again but doubt it.
  22. russling

    Big Match (hopefully) this weekend

    Thanks all
  23. russling

    Big Match (hopefully) this weekend

    Thanks Klehner Just need a few more decent matches for pool plus a few alternates in case of ducks.
  24. russling

    Barstool Dogs of week