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  1. Moved to WV from NJ and learned that I was pronouncing "wrestling" the wrong way.
  2. I hearing 3 party that this is coming from another upset parent. http://highschoolsports.nj.com/wrestling/
  3. A few years ago my son ask me if I could drive a couple of his teammates to the St. Louis Championship. One was Conel. I think he was a freshman. Spent 4 nights with us in our room, drove him back and never I saw him again. I did get some updates on him. Then in Cleveland at the Kent social Friday I saw him sitting at a table with other wrestlers. When he finds out who I was he jumps out of the seat and bear hugs me like the Chris Taylor photo.
  4. Stubhub $375 each and higher as of 9:15 am
  5. I had several different individuals contact me by texting after placing an ad on Craigslist. They had low priced ($250) all session tickets available. All responded the same way. Seller-Paypal or Google Wallet them the money. Tickets will be overnighted with tracking Me-Where do you live and are you going to NCAA? Seller- All said not going (some excuse). All sellers lived in or by Pittsburgh or Cleveland. Me- To guys living in Pburgh, I will meet you with cash and get tickets. To guys by Cleveland, my son will meet you with cash. That ended our discussion. Most sellers never replied. Some said they would get back and never did. What would be a reason for a ticket not to take cash?
  6. Go on now. Plenty of cheap ones available. lol
  7. Total Price started dropping on these two tickets so I finally purchased
  8. Got (2) all session today on Stub $950 with fees. Plenty of CL scammers offering great $250 all sessions tickets.
  9. Does this usually happen every year and who may do it this year?
  10. Wheeling Jesuit in Wheeling WV was started a fou years ago by Sean Doyle (ex Cornell wrestler) and became national ranked very quickly with OH and Pa borders only a few miles away. Sean turned the program over to Danny Irwin this year as he became WJU Director of Undergraduate Admissions. The Cardinals are set to build upon its first four years of accomplishments, which include a 2017 National Duals runner-up finish, two All-Americans with Dustin Warner taking a program-best fourth-place finish at 133 this season, 10 NCAA national qualifiers and a 38-23 dual match record with a program-best 12-6 mark last year. "The foundation of the program couldn't be in a better place thanks to all the work Coach Doyle and his staff put in. I believe this puts us in position to track down NCAA Team Trophies, while producing multiple Scholar All-Americans every year," added Irwin. At Wabash, Irwin helped the Little Giants wrestlers to four NCAA Division III Top 10 finishes, three NCAA Team Trophies, seven Top 30 Academic Team performances and a Best of Brand finalist finish. He also served as the Wabash program's director of recruiting with a high percentage being state qualifier level wrestlers.
  11. Tickets from school were unavailable this year. Hate to deal with scalpers again. Looking to purchase (2) all sessions tickets demand3325@aol.com or Text 740-310-2783 Thanks
  12. Carr is a Pa kid. South Fayette. One brother wrestled for Kent then a D3 NAtion champ other brother at Clarion a few years
  13. RS Fresh?? Carr at 141 been winning quietly. Lee next.
  14. 125: Nato 133: Pletch 141: Lee 149: Train 157: Kem 165: IM 174: Hall 184: Nickal 197: Shak 285: Coon
  15. Great. Nice win and OW. Sounds like Teasdale is back in true form and ready for another state championship.
  16. Saw score posted on track. 17-15 seems wild. Can anyone who watched match give an update.
  17. russling

    Mark Hall

    Its happening now in all sports and at all levels of age. These other sports allow the time to celebrate at the moment. Wrestlers usually wait to end of the event. Baseball-strikeouts, homeruns, hits etc Football- catches, defensive plays and hits, TDs etc. Basketball-blocks, dunks, 3 pointers etc Wrestling is starting and will become more frequent as the younger generation start to age. I personally don't like it all the time but understand it happening during big match. I just think will eventually become over the top one day like the other sports.
  18. Saw this posted on WV Mat and in local newspaper http://www.theintelligencer.net/sports/top-sports/2018/02/weirs-rea-stuns-no-3-teasdale/
  19. : #4 Chad Walsh RID vs. #10 Chance Marsteller LHU Haven't followed Walsh too much. Does Walsh win this comfortably?
  20. Can anyone post the potential starting lineup?
  21. Quest in Canonsburg area. Schram, Chisko and Beckman were all recent AAs plus a lot of other D1 wrestlers.
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