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  1. Did you ever get to see when the 125 lbers get juiced up at bars and want to fight anyone? It is a sight to see.
  2. Second time there and both times got caught in same issue. 1. At arena 20 minutes from start and still got in arena late for session 1. Lines were a mess. When can you get in without long wait? Plus will call was screwed up, different area and only 2-3 employees working for a group of teams. Bigger teams had separate tables. 2. My seats in the middle of a row. Whats with the attitudes with standing up so you can get to seat?Some won't move until you say something to them. Final session after drinking too much and dealing with these guys for 3 days I just told them to get up and plowed through. I never left the seats to piss or eat until the sessions were over. Most are these d-bags were older lol. 3. I only saw 1 bar in arena Blue ? lounge. I met Ringer in there. Any other bars in Arena? 4. I didn't scalp this year and didnt see as many scalpers. How were prices? All and all I liked St L. better than NYC and I grew up 20 miles from the NYC. The lounge area by the fanfest hotel was a nice hangout spot and an easy walk from and to arena and my hotel. Saw many of the past wrestlers and my friends all around St. L. In NYC it was tough to hang out in same places.
  3. My kid was a product of the elite clubs when that era started around 2003-2004 in western Pa. It may have been around earlier I just didn't notice it. One thousand matches against top wrestlers in the country before first HS match. What I started noticing as the kids got older 2007-2008 many were being held back a year prior to HS then some even another year prior to college.
  4. My dad and I usually work up some points spreads for the key match ups but never agree. What changes should be made below to make it more accurate. BoJo -2.5 Zain-.3.5 BoN -5.5 Kyle -5.5 Thanks
  5. I am reading on another wrestling site about counting forfeits as wins for the wrestlers record. I didn't think they counted as wins but would like to know if other states counted the forfeits as wins on an individuals overall record for season and career. Thanks
  6. Just trying to see if any of the states like Pa, NJ, NY, Ca, OH etc. separate returning state champs or if two are clearly the top to in weight class.
  7. What states seed in state championships or at least separate the best two?
  8. From what I read online Sanderson, Smith and Brands seem to be the highest paid wrestling college coaches with each over $200k per year. Does that seem accurate and is Sanderson significantly over the 200K mark? Can Jordan Burroughs get that type of money if he wanted to coach or can he make more not coaching in college? Same question with Logan Stieber. Do they need to prove themselves in college first or can jump right in with a big job? thanks
  9. Tickets were pretty easy to get for me this year (2) All $235ea. Had another priced at $300 each and saw others all over in price on ebay, craigslist, stub and other ticket outlets. Last years ticket prices started falling about this time. If I had to guess prices from scalpers and other will be down but not like last year. All session below $100
  10. I have only been to Philly and St L last year and have been on the wrong end both times. lol. I don't know why I just can't buy regular tickets like most. Thanks for relies.
  11. I know I grew up 25 miles from NYC. Whats your guess on prices being available at face or lower if I'm buying for each session.
  12. Last year I got hosed in St Louie. Too many sellers giving away tickets. This year I plan on not buying tickets in advance and just buying outside the arena. Do you see tickets being available like last year at the low prices?
  13. 125 Dalton Macri cornell had a nice season with finger lakes. Beat AA Cruz and some national Qs. I think he had a big win over Boston in dapper.
  14. Sorry for the delay. I got 30 bucks for the pair of the upper deck tickets $347.95 It was a mess across the street with the scalpers. Upper decks were going for 5 bucks a session. So many tickets were available. I talked to a guy with 10 all session tickets who said he would give them away to kids before selling them at what I got. At least I got almost three 32 ounce margarita's at Caleco's.
  15. I bought a pair of the upper deck tickets for $347.95 then my son got a freebie at a lower section then I had a chance to buy a ticket right next to him for $235.00. So I joined the scalpers to sell the original pair about 30 minutes prior to first session. What do you think I got for them?
  16. Miller - Realbuto rematch would be nice
  17. Even in downtown Philly where we stayed the whole area within a few blocks was wresthing fans. I remember walking to a hotel close by and meeting lots of coaches and wrestlers Saturday night right at the hotel bar. It was great. I don't see this happening in NYC. I also remember the wrestling fans at a downtown bar making the bartender turn off the NCAA basketball games on the TV. The crowd was chanting in bar to turn off th F......ing basketball.
  18. I grew up 23 miles from NYC and all my family is still there so I have a free place. I have only been to NCAA at Philly and St L just recently. I'm not so pumped for this reason. Daily commute sucks without delays and weather related issues. My biggest issue is I really enjoy hanging out before and after sessions with all the wrestling fans at the hotels and bar-restaurants which in St. L were within a mile of the arena. I can't see that happening in NYC. I think everyone will be so spread out and be consumed getting back to hotels in NJ.
  19. section 315 row K seat 1 section 315 row K seat 2 $250 Both 135 each Text or call 740-310-2783 Leaving later today.
  20. Recommendation needed. Should I read book then see movie or see movie first? Evertime I read the book first I seem not to like the movie.
  21. Great kid. Prayers for his family and friends. http://www.wtae.com/news/fatal-crash-closes-route-28-66-in-armstrong-county/31425324
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