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  1. Saw this on ohio wrestling site and don't know if its been posted. "Turns out the MIZZ 141 didn't make weight. "
  2. What are some good ways now to help with flexibility and explosiveness during the next season?
  3. This story is printed every few years regarding Bobby Douglas beating Dan Gable six times in one day. WEST VIRGINIA MAT THOUGHTS by Dr. Bill Welker ...On Bobby Douglas, II (Author's note: On October 21, there was a trubute to Bobby Douglas, head wrestling coach at Iowa State University, celebrating his induction into the OVAC Hall of Fame. Yours truly was honored to be a principal speaker at the affair, along with Drs. Al Blatnik and Mike Kovalick. This is thesecond in a two-part series of my comments at the joyous celebration of Bobby Douglas' wrestling career). ...The Rest of the Bobby Douglas Story Now let me tell you a little known story about Bobby Douglas. In 1970, Bobby was nearing the end of his competitive career, and he decided to try out for one more U.S. World Championship team. He made it to the finals of the trials, and was pitted against a young upstart. The finals involved the best out of three matches. Bobby won the first two matches, which means he made the team. But no, the coach wanted him to wrestle one more bout. That wasn't fair and Bobby didn't like it, but he agreed. Believe it or not, that one more match turned into five more matches. The result: Bobby won 6 of the matches, while one match ended in a draw. But there's more to the story. That opponent in that series was none other than Dan Gable. Yes, Bobby Douglas beat Dan Gable six times in one day. And Dan says he was only beaten once by Larry Owings. Thank you, Bobby Douglas, for not only being a great wrestler and coach, but for being a great builder of men. You are the pride of OVAC wrestling. And I am personally honored to say I am a friend of bobby Douglas.
  4. When some wrestlers graduate they blimp up quick and get a big beer belly. Which wrestler will look like Homer Simpson within a year?
  5. 2014 had Cox, Rutherford, Cruz, Dance Yes add Gabe Dean and Brian Realbuto and that makes 6 AAs. Is this a growing trend with true freshman being that good or was this just a great year? Other than Snyder who else has a decent shot to AA next season?
  6. Yes Snyder definitely. 2014 had Cox, Rutherford, Cruz, Dance
  7. Which incoming freshman have the best opportunity to AA next season?
  8. Not a big fan of Alec but like the job Billy is doing.
  9. Kent St Small for Stieber or JG-JC for Ramos. Which one do you think will receive more punishment?
  10. As a father of a past D1 wrestler who went through the process I have detected in the Haines threads some confused and inacurate perceptions regarding verbal commitments.................... my kid went through the "process" but things are not always done the same as you described. Different coaches and different levels of incoming HSers change the process.
  11. 2004 (glory years) TOC Schoolboy 84 lb results 1 David Taylor OH 2 Marshall Peppleman Pa 3 Sean Boyle Ma 4 Nicky Gordan Pa 5 Devon Brown NY 6 Kyle Dake NY 7 AJ Bannister MD 7 Taylor Walsh NJ
  12. ESPN announced the friendship of these two at least a dozen times throughout the broadcast. Does anyone know if in fact they are good friends or was it just hype for the match? I never heard Dake mention Taylor post match as a friend or even give him any props. I thought I heard Dake say he rode him like a dog. It doesn't seem like they are as friendly as ESPN suggested.
  13. Did anyone see Kilgore's TV picture just on ESPN? Lol That was great.
  14. From another thread Horan over #2 ranked Sentes 6-1, Does that mean Horan starts?
  15. I see a lot of the colleges start with open tournaments. Are the open results used for the individual rankings and do the win and losses in opens used to determining spots in the NCAA individual tournament?
  16. How does Martellotti match up with Gullibon?
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