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  1. Ditto. This wasn't as low as some in the past but it has been an ongoing issue. I also use the iPhone Podcast app when listening. Also, you may want to give some assist to the T-Row and Funky podcast. Their intro is WAY TOO Loud! Scares the **** out of me in the car damn near every time! I'm going to wreck one day trying to turn it down.
  2. See he is doing camps all over the country this summer. Anyone know if any programs or RTC might add him? Also, his oldest son just graduated and was committed to WVU. Any idea where he may be headed?
  3. I complained about The podcast volume earlier this week. But I appreciate the coverage and I have never had an issue watching Flo on my Roku tv and have been a subscriber for 3 years and watched multiple events all the time. I really believe that many of these streaming issues are more internet related.
  4. It doesn't seem to be a studio thing. Volume is all over the place on the podcast. I can barely hear some of the people on FRL. Drives me nuts when I have to turn the volume up when one person is speaking and then turn it down when the next person speaks. Different people at different volume levels is quite frustrating. You need to find a way to make the volume level consistent between the different people speaking. Also, is there a standard for recording volume? My car volume goes from 1-40. Most podcasts I listen to on level 20-25 for volume. When I listen to FRL, I usually have to turn it up over 30 or more. Recently 35-40. Scares the !@#$ out of me when I forget to turn it down before switching to a different show or the radio! I enjoy the content but this needs fixed. I know you call in nowadays and the sound from you is almost inaudible. I listen to lots of podcasts that people produce from their houses. They have people call in and the volume level is not markedly different.
  5. Team Gladiator Sword finished 7/8. It's a club west of Pittsburgh. Looking at the roster, They all go to local nearby high schools. I'm pretty sure all of them train there.
  6. I was talking to some PSU parents at NCAAs. I commented about how big Valencia looks and how he must cut a ton. They said Penn State kids who have worked out with the Valencia's during offseason were surprised that he really does not cut a ton of weight. They said he was much closer to competition weight than anyone would guess.
  7. I know you can watch matches on flo but where are brackets? Are they on floarena?
  8. His team isn't going so he cannot go. PA teams can't send a partial roster without it counting against the team schedule.
  9. T-Shirts, Posters, Cool Socks, New Gym Bag (Backpack type are in these days)
  10. Not sure what you mean by "late" birthday. Lee is in exactly the grade that would be expected. He will turn 18 in the next month which will make him one of the older kids in his class that have never been retained. Most kids turn 18 later during their Senior year. Also, I saw that Franklin Regional's coach will be leaving as he accepted a principal job elsewhere.
  11. Does FloPro have an app so I can watch on my Roku?
  12. WVSSAC State Wrestling results Jackson Henson, University: Champion 126 (40-1) as a sophomore; Champion 113 (42-1) as a freshman
  13. Pletcher has been at 138 all season. Last summer he said he would be at 132 for the high school season but it never happened which makes me wonder if the cut was too much. He's has moved up a weight class every year, 106, 120, 132, 138 Do folks worry that he may not slot in at 133 in college?
  14. http://triblive.com/sports/hssports/wrestling/10038226-74/verkleeren-tournament-weight Interesting passage in the article. I'm guessing this was done by phone.
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