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  1. Brands is so full of crap. He will say whatever he wants if it serves his argument at that particular moment. He had absolutely nooooo problem redshirting Metcalf, Borschel, Slaton, and Leclere back in 2006 when had they wrestled, VT could have easily won the ACC championship had Slaton, Metcalf and Borschel not redshirted. Instead, Brands was loading up for following years. Exactly the same thing he is taking shots at PSU and OSU for. He is such a self absorbed, narcissist.
  2. Would I complain if Syracuse Universty eliminated its 47-man rowing team for wrestling? Not in the slightest. I would argue there are many, many, many more High School wrestling participants who are being denied wrestling opportunities over High School Rowing participants. I wouldn't lose a wink of sleep over it.
  3. 157 - Unseeded Brascetta over 8th seed Lavalee
  4. I'm surprised that Gable didn't mention Rico Chiapparelli given that The Baltimore Butcher is a BJJ and MMA instructor/trainer.
  5. Kraisser should probably be in that list above Dance and Zanetta given the results from this past weekend.
  6. Putting Carter on the other side of the bracket from Stieber (if he were to be the #1 seed) wouldn't be out of pity for Carter. On the contrary, it would be out of respect to Stieber (or whomever the #1 seed is). Why should the #1 guy have to go through a highly ranked conference champ when the #2 guy doesn't? The #1 seed has earned the right for the path of least resistance. The #1 guy should get the guy who didn't win his conference rather than the #2 guy.
  7. I think bottom line is Carter was #3 before his injury. Carter comes back and wins the ACCs in his first showing back on the mat. That will make the seeding "committee" take notice. Carter will get the 3 seed over Retherford OR The committee will seed him #6, putting him in the other side of the bracket from Steiber. Hard to see a conference champ (who was #3) on the same side as Stieber and give Retherford the "better" path to the finals.
  8. I absolutely love this idea. The dual meets have to matter for our sport to survive.
  9. Seriously. These guys don't seem to be able to go a full 7
  10. Jon Bonilla-Bowman seemed to be able to go for forever. Surprised he couldn't finish on the podium with his strength and lungs. Kid kept the same pace throughout all of his matches.
  11. Rule change: Allow NF and/or pins as long as a body part is in the circle. Reason: if a TD can be scored with one foot in, then NF should be as well. Takes away the out-of-bounds circle as a defensive tool. You like to wrestle on the edge so you can get out, well no more. You can still be turned and pinned out there. Simple to implement.
  12. Rule change: Stop riding time clock when stalling is called on top. Do not restart until the top wrestler has scored an offensive point, gotten at least 1 NF count from the ref, or a new period starts. Reason: It sucks that the top guy still accumulates riding time when the ref has just told him that he isn't doing anything on top. He doesn't deserve it if he isn't working. Simple to implement and it makes riding time more true for what is meant for.
  13. The flo guys are fine for flo. I think they would do a disservice for a national audience that contains a lot of non-avid fans. Much like Jim Rome ... they cater to a select audience ... not a general audience.
  14. Here's a picture taken directly from the NCAA rule book on what are considered successful takedowns: Steiber certainly has amazing grace
  15. Don't know if it's been mentioned, but I really enjoyed having Anthony Robles as the analyst for ESPN. I thought he had a great balance in his analyses that explained things in a way that a novice or an expert could understand. That kid is a winner and it really helped make the viewing experience all the better. I think Kissinich has come a long way as well. He covers multiple olympic sports and does a solid job. I hope Anthony keeps coming back. He's a natural in my opinion.
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