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  1. https://ualr.edu/news/2019/05/24/wrestling/
  2. “3 returning I believe are all Big 10 guys. ” When did OrST join the B1G?
  3. Well, Zack was on roster and played some for OrST baseball. Hard to break into the lineup of a team that went 111-18-1 over last two years. https://osubeavers.com/roster.aspx?path=baseball
  4. Mid sixties and earlier, yes. By late sixties similar. My first championship at UWash every wt had 2 or 3 pigtails on a 32 man bracket. NCAA limited participation or qualification at some point partly because of the size was causing problems as consolation participation expanded. I don’t thing we had full double elimination until mid/late eighties. Gable/Owings 142lb bracket had 42, as did 150. 126,134,158 had 8+ pigtails.
  5. From the three year era: Jess Lewis? Placed 2,1,1 with 8 falls, 3 majors, 3 decisions, 1loss
  6. Umm... Owings/Gable was in ‘70 at Northwestern. My first was ‘73 at HecEd.
  7. Handicapped is the key word. If everyone had a mat that had 10’ of protection area around the wrestling area the rule would be unnecessary. But most HS and even colleges don’t. Handicapped would be trying to bridge with a foot on hardwood floor, of loose/moving crash pad, into scoring table, or even up a wall. I’ve seen a state tournament where out of bounds line on end mats had to be a tape line because circle was at the wall and mat was taped up to keep it from falling in bounds.
  8. Perhaps because research and publication are the primary purpose of large state universities? And is where the actual serious money that supports the Universities resides? We're talking budgets of billions/year at a lot of them.
  9. And this: http://www.shanghairanking.com/ARWU2016.html
  10. Push out rule = objective institutionalized stalling, not wrestling.Subjective stalling calls at least retain the possibility of promoting actual wrestling.
  11. Two Taylor losses in '72. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=n79wBw_LJ9Y https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=67wFIXnAAlU
  12. I know there was talk several years ago, but B12 decided to invite WWC. Anything since then?
  13. Fresno was in the Pac ('87-'91). Left when joining a conf with wrestling. It subsequently stopped sponsoring, and FSU went WWC. Pac presidents (primarily the UC system) aren't happy any cal st teams participate under the PAC label. Having been allowed once and leaving would be kin to hiring back a coach that left for another school and was cut loose from there later. Doesn't make sense to wrestling, but FB drives 90+% of what time presidents think about athletic departments, so...
  14. Blame T9? Maybe blame the idiot coach that sent an ineligible wrestler to Grey's Harbor tournament using another wrestlers name. Both were known to coaches, wrestlers, and refs. And then he didn't self report when he knew word was headed to NCAA. Brought the wrath at the AD down to protect other programs (FB). T9, nor money were a problem, but NCAA violations were...and there was certainty that a nonexistent program wouldn't commit more.
  15. 16-13? Believe it was 15-7.Have you seen film or video? A concerted effort needed to locate and archive as much video from the 50s through 70s as possible. Today you can find video of current competitors with no problem. But even the NCAA finals are hard/impossible (with a few exceptions) before camcorders became ubiquitous.
  16. Yikes!At least Rene Baumgartner isn't there...is she?
  17. My paranoia is kicking in. Any chance they don't bother going through the hassle and just fold the tent? FB season is coming and life outside the P5 conferences is getting difficult (in a financial sense).
  18. With the constant changes in FS rules you don't have a while. The competitors, coaches, and officials are often at a loss. And sometimes just when they get it, change comes again.
  19. ccrider55


    Seriously? The price of a program would be the cost of another FB coach/trainer)/facilitator and the under the table cash for a number of FB recruits. Where do you think the SEC (minus Missouri) is likely to invest?
  20. That's why I mentioned it this year. Iowa fans had quite a few Hawks to root for, and turn out for good wrestling anyway, as well as being close to many relative wrestling hotbeds. An OTT in Vegas in June/July vs B1G at CHA wouldn't be a fair comparison. Seemed to have been marketed well, time of year close to same (hence Snyder at hwt for OSU). Yes, people root for their school - because of history. Do to folkstyle what the rule changes did to FS and no history exists. Each year, or at least every four years, a new form of wrestling rules apear that render experience even one decade ago worthless in understanding and following from a fan view (one not actively following and assimilating the changes). This would seem to have been the best possible year and location for OTT attendance to be high.
  21. B1G conference tournament (NCAA qualifier) attendance at CHA vs OTT attendance at CHA?
  22. Which rules? 1992 or 1996 or 2000 or 2004 or 2008 or 2012 or current? Or some of the iterations in between? Ones that involve winning 2 of 3 rounds? Ball grab/ coin flip into cinch? One that encourages intentionally forcing opponent out of bounds (cost Dake. Had he tried to keep Cox in and converts TD he probably wins, but he hasn't been working to keep opponent in bounds).
  23. No, simulating the event to be competed in is the best preparation, and best way to select those who are successful in said contest.
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