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  1. na·ive /nīˈēv/ Learn to pronounce adjective (of a person or action) showing a lack of experience, wisdom, or judgment.
  2. I have NEVER seen a single derogatory post about Yianni. Let's not add him to the victim class.
  3. Iran has no one at 86 and 97 to challenge the USA. Best to send a letter of apology in advance USA --- World Champs by 48 points!!!! Iran should have wrestled the American / Israeli
  4. Angry **** posting. Not very genius-like. Add to it that political diatribe from earlier this week and a new moniker is called for - at the minimum.
  5. Bet the Americans. You can thank me later.
  6. You really have a hard-om for a guy that just won World Silver. Weird. Go back to mowing your grass.
  7. So having a beer at 21 is like jumping off a cliff? You guys are really reaching. I hope you don't follow Johnny DiJulius on Instagram - you won't be able to sleep. https://www.instagram.c I hope this life of self-denial and abstinence has om/p/Cgrxvo8Fpgq/
  8. And no "academic" university drives what you do in your free time. Performance is the key. I wanted my kids to have fun in college and learn how to socialize, how to party responsibly, and to even make a few mistakes. They all graduated = 1 with a Doctorate, 1 with 2 degrees and as the valedictorian. You can do both, and at 21 do not need some ex-athlete who never left the gym to tell you how to behave. My guess is Ed Ruth would have wrecked his best athlete. Sounds like total overreach by the coach. If this is what the NC State kid want then go for it.
  9. TFBJR

    Derek Fix

    I think the criteria is that consistent second place finishes get no further checks
  10. TFBJR

    Derek Fix

    This is 100% untrue
  11. Because most colleges lose money on football and basketball. Enough with the farm system for the NBA and NFL while bringing non-students to campus. What other country panders to this overly large .01% of the population? Harvard / Yale and Rutgers/ Princeton would be just as exciting to the student body without always getting bigger, more expensive, and in many cases more criminality
  12. So name one. Don't be a victim
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