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  1. This is a mess. Pick a date where the winners have sufficient time to peak post-tourney. On that day whoever is best is our guy. No byes, no excuses. If you want to weed out anomalies only invite the top 2-4 guys and make it 2 of 3. IMO - No one should get an advantage on past performances. I still want it to be at Rutgers. Why Austin? We paid to see it; why fly these guys all the way to Texas when Dake is a short drive away. I'll put them up at my house at the Jersey shore for the weekend.
  2. Side note: 2 of the 4 are from southern New Jersey. Dellegatta came on strong after never finishing in the Top 4 in the State tournament. Burley was a 1-time champ the year before he won the NCAAs.
  3. TFBJR

    Date set for Dake/Dierenger

    They should have to wrestle at Rutgers. Neutral site. Possibly the only place they could draw any kind of a crowd other than OK and Ithaca.
  4. TFBJR

    Final X - Rutgers

    Here's some heresy - Hold all of the Men's freestyle in one place on one day. Hold the other styles on separate weekends. By commingling you are opening USAW to a lawsuit similar to the USWNT. Done this way we would be seeing NJ natives Green and Burroughs. The loss of Dake and Taylor wouldn't have scuttled the enthusiasm - for me at least
  5. TFBJR

    Final X - Rutgers

    Now we are down to: Cox / Nickal Yianni / Zain Gwiz / Steveson Do not add any more uninteresting matches - let's just get home at a reasonable hour. 1 more dropout and i'll have 2 VIPs available for anyone who wants them.
  6. TFBJR

    Vote for Five Worst College Coaches

    Not sure why this thread resurfaced today, but I feel vindicated. I was underestimating the program if anything.
  7. TFBJR

    Final X - Rutgers

    I'm going evening only. The afternoon crowd will be small if it is a great beach day. I hope there are no more drop outs between now and then. $100 for a maximum 12 matches I am interested in and possibly as few as 6 match is pretty pricey. Will be worth it if the last 4 pairings all light it up though.
  8. TFBJR

    Pat Downey is still Pat Downey!

    Agreed. As I remember it, you handled your World Team Trials championship with grace and gravitas.
  9. TFBJR

    U.S. Bank Stadium 2020 NCAA Championships

    We seem to be in violent agreement: "Only six times since 1891 has a snowfall of 13 inches or more hit Minnesota in March." - Minny is cold. Among the coldest cities in America historically. You can love it - doesn't make it warmer. "There will absolutely be visibility problems for some. " - The seating schematic was provided at Pittsburgh. At a minimum the front row of the stands (tickets available) at the 50 yard line seat is 40+ yards from center mat. It goes downhill from there. "There is a real effort to have inexpensive seats where fans can bring their kids to an NCAA championship, not about just selling as many high-priced tickets as they can". This is Fonzie on a motorcycle stuff. The lowest price strip for 3 Final Four games (held in a 100,000) seat venue is $1,000. Do they not like BBall kids but favor Wrestling scions? Bet that if demand allows, every Championship going forward that is not yet under contract will be in a football stadium. Just like BBall went from arenas to stadiums. The NCAA has proven repeatedly that they have no shame nor morals. We're saying the same thing minus the NCAA propaganda. Over and out.
  10. TFBJR

    U.S. Bank Stadium 2020 NCAA Championships

    That was an opinion?? Seemed like you were castigating the unwashed for not being enlightened. My error. Construct an opinion around well-considered facts and you might not come off as a scold. Minnesota - Paragon of cold weather in the United States Wrestling tournament in the largest venue ever - May be rough for visibility NCAA - Revenue driven, limited regard for fans Not sure why you can't have nice things. Be nicer perhaps? Free advice - worth the price.
  11. TFBJR

    U.S. Bank Stadium 2020 NCAA Championships

    Demand is static; the lower 15,000 dynamics will remain constant. Hungry folks will scalp; the others will now buy bad tickets in the sky. Net result is more money to NCAA. No relief for anyone that wants a box or a near seat.
  12. TFBJR

    U.S. Bank Stadium 2020 NCAA Championships

    Debatable I guess, but when I show up to Manny's with 20+ people they make us feel well-taken care of - great service by the old guard with a fat bill for the effort of course. The high-end places in Pittsburgh were damn good. I had the tomahawk in M&P with a few of the best Rye Manhattans ever. Butcher in the Rye NY strip steak was excellent. To each his own. Philly has good food but hit or miss if you don't come from here, and definitely too spread out and too far from the venue. Charlotte has good southern food at a reasonable price. You can always find good food in any of these cities of you try. Sitting in seat #45,000 is an experience that won't be good - especially for the old codgers (like myself) that attend NCAAs. And to think anyone is wandering around Minnesota and debating going into the stadium based on a $20 vs. $50 ticket is laughable. This is about the geezers at the NCAA selling more tickets at the expense of the product. Maybe the Rose Bowl next year? Pasadena is at least inhabitable in March. Lastly, and then I am out, who is saving hundreds or thousands of dollars? No one that is buying direct from the NCAA. So are we talking about the people who scalp? Do we really thing the boxes are going to scalp cheaper? The seats up close? The only savings is if you are willing to get a bloody nose to save $30. I don't see a nickel in savings opportunity on any of this - maybe I am missing something?
  13. TFBJR

    U.S. Bank Stadium 2020 NCAA Championships

    Says who?? Do we know how many tickets are being sold? How far the seats are from the center mat? If a blizzard is going to destroy access / egress to arguably the most miserable secondary city in the US at that time of year? No - we do not. Those are all venue related items. What we do know is that they are expanding the venue to larger than any venue EVER to host a wrestling match on the planet Earth. We know the food and beer is not measurably better than any other of the suggested cities - and nowhere near what you will find in NOLA, NYC, Vegas, Chicago, Charlotte to name a few (Manny's is a great steakhouse, albeit expensive). I thought the Pittsburgh food and beer were terrific, as an aside. Anyone being paid by the NCAA can't be considered remotely non-biased - even if the pronouncement is in the declarative. Time will tell, but current facts are troubling and temper enthusiasm.
  14. TFBJR

    U.S. Bank Stadium 2020 NCAA Championships

    I have my tickets and am booked. If we do need to watch via binoculars then this is just another NCAA ****-show so the old white guys can fatten their bonuses. My other confusion is how anything here is deemed affordable. The hotels immediately gouged the fans and doubled their prices compared to the week before and the week after. My not very regal Marriott suite is $500 a night. To pay double what you would pay for a similar hotel in NYC to visit forsaken Minnesota in the winter is abjectly inane. This all illustrates perfectly the problem with hosting in one-horse towns - greed. Do this in NYC, LA, Miami, New Orleans, Vegas, Chicago, Philadelphia (bad location), even Pittsburgh and no one notices.
  15. TFBJR

    Coach Dake?

    I like J'Den tremendously, but Dake has him beat 4X and tougher competition. Gable also - he lost when it counted, Dake did not. Cael, Uetake, Hodge - tough to edge those boys out.