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  1. Just a garden variety d-bag from what I can see. Questioning one of the top athletes in our sport from his mom's basement while calling for his dinner.
  2. TFBJR


    This is supreme BS and just a horrid argument. The discussion is not about whether Iowa is successful, it is about getting there while also doing the right thing. To diminish that argument by intimating that this "value" system is just one of many equals in society is the gold standard of false equivalency. Sports has great value - winning and losing, playing fair, not being a complete dbag (Terry), doing the right thing (No default after an inadvertent slam, Jack Nicklaus giving the putt, the gal who helped a fallen competitor finish a race on the track, etc.) To argue it does not for the purpose of reinforcing the cretin coaching standards at U of I is beyond the pale and over the shark. And the primary reason everyone roots against Iowa. It has nothing to do with their past success.
  3. TFBJR


    That's in Beta. SquawkEye v2.0 - Bluetooth and Alexa compatible. Uses reverse AI. Powered by HFCS.
  4. TFBJR


    Stall: Weak effort /// Lost /// Went for tough guy routine /// Took a 100% deserved minor push. Vak: Throw out a canard /// Lose that one in the age of ubiquitous video /// Manly "nudge of doom" comment /// Shot down. The Hawkeye 4-step process to oblivion (patent applied)
  5. TFBJR

    Suriano vs Micic

    Micic is looking really good. Excellent in every position. Nick is looking a bit tentative in the big matches. Still, Nick is a hard man to move out of position or to score on. If the refs stay out of the way and let them fight it out I have Nick. Gonna be one of those first takedown sets the tone matches Row J. Have the entire weekend planned around it.
  6. Protestors against wrestlers. I'd pay to watch how that turns out for the Antifa anarchists
  7. TFBJR

    Official List: Who is taking Moore over Nickal?

    Check with Chertow - he has the skinny on the Over/Under for all Emperors.
  8. Tickets arrived TODAY!!! In my hot little hands. Sweet!!!
  9. TFBJR

    Most like Cael

    Too funny - the announcer for the B12 Championships is the same guy that does World Series of Poker broadcasts now - Lon McEachern. He has quite a range. I thought he did a good job.
  10. TFBJR

    Pat Downey "Uncut" interview

    FFS - this was a full decade ago. The dude was in High School. You felt compelled to post something everyone is aware of in 36 font? Why does every JO have to include NJ or RU or Scarlet Knight in their avatar? You're killing my property value.
  11. TFBJR


    Peut etre n'est-ce pas, mon ami?
  12. Don't blame her. She is working 90 hour weeks and that's just standing appointments with the coaches :)
  13. TFBJR

    Desanto's In-Match Antics

    Great candid and frank apology by DeSanto and I think that goes a long way. It is damn near impossible to publicly admit you are wrong when you are 20 years old. Brands suspension against a patsy like Maryland is meaningless, but if the Terps are next up what else can you do. I'm moving on. However ....... if the Hawks on the bench were really concerned that he was going to slam Peska then that is a whole new dimension of dangerous and out of control. In the big world beyond wrestling I am hoping for the best for the kid. The U of I admins better be sure they have this tamped down tight.
  14. TFBJR

    Desanto's In-Match Antics

    They are disliked by a great many not because of their childhood, nor because they win a lot, but because they act like poorly behaved 15 year old boys. Compare their temperaments to Cael, Tom Ryan, John Smith, and every other D1 coach out there - except maybe Joe Dubuque. They are absolutely at the bottom of the deportment game. It is surprising that Iowa trusted their venerable Hawkeyes to the current group, but to some winning isn't everything, ......
  15. TFBJR

    Desanto's In-Match Antics

    No - you gotta stay relevant As per Shawn Carter: You gotta get, that, dirt off your shoulder You're now tuned into the mu'****in' greatest Best rapper alive, best rapper alive