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  1. Lee, Murin, Lugo, Young, Marinelli, Kemmerer, Brands / Assad, Warner, Cass - I'd bet not 1 thread about their exhibiting poor sportsmanship all year. Exemplary student athletes from what can be seen. The good on all of those guys has to outweigh the bad 10 to 1. Well-earned. ADS and the coaches, not so much.
  2. Now you're scaring me. Scienter = foundation of the entire legal system, absent which there is no crime. But then you knew that. Desanto - 2 seconds plus. Intent is obvious. He is a recidivist. Lee - hand on neck for 1 second as he was getting up. Then he adjusted like a normal human being and the whistle blew. No fireworks. I'm out - not worth the pearls. We'll be having more threads about this dude before a month is out.
  3. Now you are just putting up a defense for the hell of it. No one, on any planet, looks at those 2 instances and sees the same intent. ADS has respect issues and hasn't grown up. Spencer has eased up and is just hanging on. I'm not from the Jacques school of thought; i.e. I don't view it as theatre. I have great respect for these guys. Tough sport and 99% of it is handled well. End of the day I'm not being convinced nor convincing. C'est la guerre.
  4. You have 3,661 posts. Every single one has been to back the squawkeyes. You don't see the myopia? Desanto did not need to push the dudes head down when he won by 17 - wouldn't you agree? He could have just gotten off - but he didn't. He could have helped him up - but he didn't. He has social issues and has no control of his emotions, no concept of respecting his opponent. Are rapists worse? Yes. Duh. It isn't Hitler-esque, but it is recurring disrespectful, and unnecessary. Be the bigger man and building the bigger man are the 2 primary goals of college. I applaud Brands for taking a stand. Iowa has a generationally best 125 pounder and he is constantly overshadowed by a mid-level AA who is dysfunctional. Not sure what ADS does for a job after this but he will be hard-pressed to be hired by anyone who has to justify the decision to HR (not Hawkeye Report).
  5. Some local insight: Dining / Adult beverages: There is nothing really walkable from the RAC in Piscataway other than fast food (Mexican, Asian, Pizza), a diner, and coffee shops. You could cut through the woods back to Stelton Rd. but still nothing too worthwhile. There used to be a fabulous high-end Italian place (disclaimer: owned by a close friend) but it recently closed after 30 years. The Rutgers Club (just across the street) is having a Sunday brunch for those inclined: The Rutgers Club will be hosting events by the Scarlet Knights Wrestling Club on 3/7, Saturday afternoon and evening, please visit their website scarletknightswrestlingclub.com to sign up. Sunday 3/8 we will open at 9:00 am for a pre match brunch and Bloody Mary Specials. Call for reservations before we sell out! We look forward to seeing you! Hotels: All are driving distance. All of the Marriott chain types are out on the highway (287). The best spot if you want to do anything more than hit the sheets, IMO, is New Brunswick. The Hyatt is reasonable good and reasonably priced - about $150. There are 10-20 bars and restaurants right out the front door from the Hyatt. Casual dining / Pubs all the way up through seafood, latin food, steakhouses etc. https://www.yelp.com/search?find_desc=&find_loc=new brunswick%2C nj &l=g%3A-74.43795204162598%2C40.49805592948743%2C-74.44798350334167%2C40.491814381051114 Travel: Local knowledge can get you on a Campus bus back and forth from George Street to the RAC, although for most people you'd probably be better served by Ubering, driving, cabs. There is a festival going on between rounds on Saturday just across the street from the RAC from 2:30 - 6:00. A live band, Buffet food including Jersey Shore boardwalk favorites, etc. $35pp.
  6. Prices on StubHub are pretty outrageous in most cases, some over $1,000, but i did bite the bullet and pick up 1 all session. It''s going to be fire. Does anyone have a link to the BJC seating that shows actual seat number assignments? I have a seat in row DD Lower. I'm wondering if i will be below stage height :( Also, any insight on good bars, restaurants walkable from the arena?
  7. Getting closer and closer to Godwin :) Agreed on other sports being worse. I've stopped following a lot of those sports because of just that. I have no problem liking the kid and wanting very good things for him, but I can't defend his need to work opponents. Knock that off and show respect. His opponents and his teammates deserve it. It's a really hard act to follow, but try to look immediately to the right and emulate Spencer in all things sportsmanship.
  8. Reductio ad absurdum - Less than Perfect? Is that really what people are saying - ADS is not PERFECT so we should cancel him? Or are they saying he is, at best, among the worst and deserves scorn? Let's just jump to Godwin's and be done with the thread.
  9. Squawkeye spin. Opponent: Pushing = punching Cornboys: Kissing a competitor is "discouraged" .
  10. All good? No. Theatre? No. Purdue - why be a jackass? Minny - why hold the guy's neck and head down at the end. The match is over. RBY - too much there to even start up another 15 page thread. The kid is a self-admitted immature punk who, in his own words, is working on not being a head case. He looks like a high school freshman out there. His own coach, also known for immature behavior, has called him out on it multiple times. Somehow the Iowa "faithful" can't see it? Look within. If that was my son I would be mortified. To commingle ADS with Nolf, Bo, Spencer, etc. is blasphemy. Spencer Lee is 10x the wrestler and never spits on people, tries to break their arm, shoves their head down after teching them, or does anything of the sort. The dude is universally beloved for his being a good sportsman and excellent wrestler. ADS is inarguably the WORST sportsman in B1G wrestling. If you disagree, name a worse offender. if you do not, how can you support the behavior of the worst? I expect he will flame out this year - No B1G, NCAA titles for his career. It will probably be the best thing for him in the long run.
  11. Anyone have a lead on "reasonably priced" single tickets for the OTT finals in April? Is there a secondary market we can turn to? Thanks.
  12. Surprising. Quite a small gym and crowd at that match. Lee looks great this year; definitely coming into his own as a team leader. Pletcher has a grinding style though. Will be fun to watch.
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