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  1. I'll add to it that I enjoyed his posts and he seemed like a very good dude. Probably the same in real life as on these forums. Honest, self-deprecating, and respectful. Could be a good lesson in there for all of us posters. We'll all pass on at some time - what list do you want to be on. Denny, MoJo, Big Apple CD - hard to go wrong there. Good evening to all
  2. Next season is coming in 7 months - maybe he will push to 2nd semester. I hope he does whatever is best for him - you can't dislike the guy unless he is tearing your arms from your shoulders
  3. And if he is not going to have it until after his career why not give the trials a Go.
  4. He won his last high school championship in 2013 - he was 17 yo. He won NCAAs in 2019 - 4 AAs, Redshirt, and Medical years; he was 23 years old. Not as impressive as your career I imagine but far better than mine. I'd throw Damion Hahn into the mix. Some of his accomplishments: 2nd Place 2006 US World Team Trials 2-Time US Nationals 3rd Place Finisher 2-Time NCAA National Champion for University of Minnesota 4-Time NCAA Division 1 All-American 3-Time Big 10 Conference Tournament Champion 2004 NCAA Big-10 Conference Athlete of the Year 2-Time University Nationals Freestlye Champion 2-Time Fila Junior Nationals Freestyle Champion 3-Time Junior Nationals Freestyle Champion 131-3 Career High School Record 3-Time USA Wrestling High School All-American 1999 Winner of Dave Schultz High School Excellence Award 3-Time NJSIAA State Tournament Champion 4-Time NJSIAA State Tournament Finalist - lost by 1 point at 189 pounds 3-Time Region 6 Champion 4-Time Region 6 Finalist 4-Time District 24 Champion 1995 US Cadet Freestyle Champion
  5. Only 49 pages - seems like a half-assed effort.
  6. Pretty frosty - I'm guessing Squawkeye fan who has never competed at anything other than beard growing and gut expansion. Only on the internet can someone try to drag the coaching staff of the dynastic NCAA team and the obvious winners of the Olympic Trials. This forum is increasingly becoming a cesspool for the ignorant to swim.
  7. How many of the 196 wrestlers were provided the CORRECT weigh-in time by a USA Wrestling employee? I suspect every single one of them received a packet. I admire J'Den and his approach to both wrestling and life, but he is in the wrong on this one. If he had controlled the weight the night before, when he did arrive he would have stepped on and then off the scale and this would all be moot. And JRoss - almost every point you make is 180 degrees out of whack. Time to quit beating this drum. It's over.
  8. JC - with all due respect -- which is zero - go TF away. .
  9. Much more likely to see HM's foot sweep. It was perfectly executed, historic in that it was the Final deciding factor, Progressive and had an emotional back story. I expect we haven't seen the last of it. She is slick and a pleasure to watch.
  10. Agreed. I'll head to Baskin Robbins and get the skinny.
  11. MizzouGrad Started conversation: just now I’m asking this respectively. Have you ever bet lines overseas? If so, I need you to give me the line and site. Let’s lock it in. Again - no idea what this means. Don't PM me - we aren't high school girls
  12. No idea what that means. You sound like JC. Better that you piss off I guess. Enjoy rooting for the Russians.
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