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  1. I'm so sorry this is happening to you. I hope your life turns around. Rutgers football: RU Football Rutgers Wrestling: RU Wrestling NJ: College football is not a way of life, nor a means to escape the crushing deadness of watching the grain grow for 6 months and then teh snow fall for the other 6. 9 professional teams in the 4 major sports, professional and semi-pro teams in every other sport, unending cultural events and night-life venues, i.e. music, art, education, etc., the Atlantic Ocean, and unlimited job opportunities post-graduation. I hope you recover
  2. D-1 Council has voted in favor of giving additional year of eligibility to winter athletes, source told @Stadium. Won’t be official until close of tomorrow’s meeting since it could still be brought back for reconsideration.
  3. To be clear - I am not making this up. I'm an engineer, no medical background. What I read was that at "Body building" dosage , i.e. >20MG / day the anecdotal effects include jaundice and liver damage almost immediately, in some self-reported cases. The clinical dosage for Wasting in cancer patients was 1-3 MG / day. The concept sounds very interesting. I expect the devil and damage is in the details. I'm going to stay a little chunky for now.
  4. Consider if you as a parent would accidentally leave an unmarked half of a PBJ or a cookie in the fridge if your kid had a deadly peanut allergy. Or cow's milk if he had a serious dairy allergy. The whole thing is implausible at best. No one knows for certain except the Fix family. What we do know is that he is a once convicted cheater at the minimum. One more blip and he is working at the car wash. He's a great freestyler when he opens up, so I hope this is the end of the family experimentation. He could be good for 3 cycles if he pulls it together. Doesn't seem realistic that the father would be able to hold down an Olympic Training Center job as he has admitted to intentionally ingesting a banned PED. That's pretty incongruous. The basic pharmacology looks promising. If you take only the positives it sounds like a perfect drug. The downsides include that this stuff can quickly put your liver out of action. That could be anecdotal, luck of the draw. Massive bodybuilding quantities >25 mg seem to act similar to a steroid and can cause the usual issues. Caveat emptor.
  5. Kid wrestles a tournament comes home and then shows a residue amount - not surprising it was only trace a full week after the cut. The father - a non-athlete - takes ostarine despite it causing gynecomastia, enlarged prostate, and shrinking of the testicles. (Source: US Pharmacist - Anecdotal evidence suggests that taking ostarine at these high doses over this extended time period can adversely lead to lowered testosterone levels.17 The side effects of decreased testosterone include reduced sex drive, erectile dysfunction, infertility, muscle weakness, loss of bone density, weight gain accompanied by increased body fat, insomnia, and depression.1) Makes perfect sense. All of the guys at my club are on it. Helps driver distance. Not so good for the putter though :) No one puts these 2 things together. Instead they lawyer up and blame it on any and all other supplements he's taking. Good legal strategy but comes up empty. "Hmmm - we're in trouble. I wonder what my attorney would suggest?" Lightning bolt!!! Dad says "Hey DF - remember that one swig of my garage stash you took just after you came home when the doorbell rang and the nice man from USADA was here?". I wasn't there when you drank it so I have no knowledge but it was Mom's usual special juice, so it must have stuck in your mind." "Why yes Dad - i do. It was sooooo tasty. Didn't Mark Perry recommend that to you? Glad I only took one very small swig. I'm surprised you never mentioned you were storing and taking a drug that could cause me to lose my career and potentially destroy my health and ability to give you grandchildren. You silly Dad you. I love you big guy. You really are ripped these days" Lawyer threatens USADA with protracted legal action. They compromise. All is quiet - Not a word from Dad, JS, or MP. Maybe it will all just go away. "Remember when that bad man pulled my headgear? Now that is worth crying to the newspapers about for sure! This we will just stay mum on." Biggest crock of nonsense ever. DF is a cheater and probably always has been. I expect this is the beginning of the end. He won't be able to pull weight again without risking a 2nd hit. USADA will then burn him at the stake. Smith, Perry, Elder Fix and DF all gave the a sport a black eye.
  6. Fix can stop by NJ and visit the trophy. That's as close as he is going to get to it despite being the World's Greatest :) . His coach failed him. JS had no confidence in him. They just wanted a cheap call and ended up with exactly what they deserved. Nada. The right guy won this one.
  7. 2 pages of responses and not a mention of GR nor WFS? Was that all SJW posturing? Can anyone identify a GR or WFS rivalry that is more compelling than the Folkstyle or MFS matches listed as "must see TV"? I'm honestly not up on the weights or who is #1 vs. #2 or even better, who has a grudge to resolve.
  8. The anger on this board is only outweighed by the general ignorance of corporate responsibilities vis a vis communications. What do you expect a corporate entity to provide in terms of information on employees being released? Have you never worked in a corporate environment or had employees (both good and bad) you were personally and professionally responsible for? To say anything would be unwise and could not possibly benefit the firm. The vitriol towards Nomad is hard to understand. He's' a little bit of a nerdy dude, but he clearly loves the sport. Not everyone is physically / mentally built to be a competitor. So what? A large dose of anger management and general personal awareness could benefit the discourse here.
  9. Extraordinary - yes. Thankfully. Let's all recognize that he is the poster boy for cancel culture and would be avoided by any HR professional looking to keep their own gig. Wasn't there a little revenge photography? Anger issues? Substance abuse? Add never living up to potential and the latest fiasco, calling out a World Champion with no factual basis and this is not a F500 kind of guy. Definitely not a coaching prospect. Best to look at risking brain damage as a career.
  10. I posit that all he will ever run in his entire life is his mouth. Guaranteed he comes to no good. He may be the worst sport and loser in the Senior ranks. Untouchable as a coach of young men, out of the sport after this cycle as he drops below any stipend level. I look forward to it.
  11. Great pickup! Wrestling at the RAC is a special environment! Going to be a great year for him, his family, and for the RU fans. SeaBass is such a smart and gutsy wrestler that he will make the other guys that much better. Will be great to watch from the 1st level center mat seats!
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