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  1. Extraordinary - yes. Thankfully. Let's all recognize that he is the poster boy for cancel culture and would be avoided by any HR professional looking to keep their own gig. Wasn't there a little revenge photography? Anger issues? Substance abuse? Add never living up to potential and the latest fiasco, calling out a World Champion with no factual basis and this is not a F500 kind of guy. Definitely not a coaching prospect. Best to look at risking brain damage as a career.
  2. I posit that all he will ever run in his entire life is his mouth. Guaranteed he comes to no good. He may be the worst sport and loser in the Senior ranks. Untouchable as a coach of young men, out of the sport after this cycle as he drops below any stipend level. I look forward to it.
  3. Great pickup! Wrestling at the RAC is a special environment! Going to be a great year for him, his family, and for the RU fans. SeaBass is such a smart and gutsy wrestler that he will make the other guys that much better. Will be great to watch from the 1st level center mat seats!
  4. Well thought out and conveyed; thanks. My view is that everyone comes with advantages and disadvantages in various degrees. Affluence > poverty, cohesive parenting > less supervision and guidance, Blue eyes > Brown eyes, Athletic > Hobbled, Tall > Short, Smart > Dense, Fit > Obese, Beautiful / Handsome > unappealing, etc. When you toss out canards like "privilege" it immediately drives the target to identify their own challenges (born poor, orphaned, etc.), contrast it with your strongest trait, and invalidate your proposition out of hand. The key is to leverage your advantages, Work hard to overcome or minimize your disadvantages, and achieve what you determine to be "success". This country has myriad programs and a safety net that allows the vast majority of people to do that if they are driven to.
  5. Lets recap: A black kid with marginal grades = much less opportunity for him than somebody who had similar grades and was white - Absolutely false - not even arguable Lots of coaches say racist things. It's part of the culture. Part of the culture of being a wrestling coach - really? They generally seem like really fine men - my error. You can't say racism doesn't exist in wrestling because it does. No one is saying that - you are slandering Cael specifically and all Mormons in general as racists. It's part of the culture of wrestling. Oh, not just wrestling coaches but wrestling as a whole? Got it. Coaches who are from smaller towns in the midwest and they just have that attitude - again - WTF?? That damn Midwest. That attitude towards blacks still exists in the south and other places. That damn South. And don't get me started on those Other Places!! Looking at the Bubba Jenkins/Penn State thing, you don't really have to look to deep to see racism. Absolutely. No need to look deep when you can just make up slander to fit your world-view. Trust me, with Sanderson's religion, that kind of stuff is ingrained into that culture. No thanks. I even had a prominent wrestler once tell me he didn't think black people were developed enough culturally to hold important positions and shouldn't be allowed to teach. That unsubstantiated anecdote absolutely proves a cultural norm. Guys who are NCAA champions, world team members, All Americans, or respected coaches saying this kind of stuff. That is a lot of reference points. I hope you straightened each of these cretins out and let them know that you would not stand for that type of nonsense. I know plenty of Mormons, and like any other sect or group there's good ones and bad ones - So not all Mormons then? More like representative of society as a whole? All wrestling coaches or again a representative slice? All wrestlers? ....... You get the point about extrapolation from a limited sample being a bad thing I assume. I'm not going to name names or how I know, but I will say that Cael isn't somebody who a lot of black wrestlers wouldn't feel too comfortable with. Look at the Bubba Jenkins thing and that sort of tells you where he is on that sort of thing, but that's the tip of the iceburg. And we end up here - unsubstantiated slander via a twisted double negative and misspelled word salad. After reviewing this opus, the hardest part of all of this to believe is that anyone would cheat off of your schoolwork. That is truly poor and inexcusable judgment. Try harder. Don't besmirch people whom you don't know. Want to make a difference? Get out there and do it. Be the change; don't virtue signal at others. Contribute and build; don't tear down.
  6. Let's see if I get this right: 50+ years ago the U of Wy bounced these 14 guys, not BYU, because they wanted to silently protest The Mormon church policy of barring African-Americans from pursuing the priesthood. Ipso facto Cael is a racist? All Mormons today 5 decades later are racist? The preponderance are racists half a century later? What exactly is your point here? Following this sage logic would lead me to judge all members of a religion (or race?) based on individual acts from long ago. Is that what you are promoting? Hmmm, there is a word for that - I just can't seem to bring it up to the front of my brain right now. Get a mirror. See the problem?
  7. This (above) is just wrong. 100%, without question. See Bakke. To say Sanderson and all Mormons are racists is a reprehensible thing to do.
  8. 100%. It is being changed right now: https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/09/us/dictionary-racism-definition-update-trnd/index.html
  9. International Olympic Committee says "hold my beer." FIFA??
  10. Alton / Grajales was one of the wildest ever:
  11. Only 8 of the 25 most profitable football programs have a wrestling program so the profitability to wrestling linkage is limited at best. My guess is 75% of all wrestling school lose money on football. Of course, most would rather lose millions on football than lose thousands on wrestling. Pass?
  12. Zain would make Metcalf cry and then throw his 2nd place medal in the trash can.
  13. To summarize: Robles beats everyone unless they are a Squawkeye. Lee and McDonough. OC1 - System Exception / Operation
  14. TFBJR

    Penn State

    Big talk considering the last 10 years.
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