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  1. Seemed like you were suggesting that to vote for the winner in 2016 showed ignorance. Arrogance is the other side of the ignorance coin generally. If not your intention I happily withdraw the aspersion.
  2. Seems like a bit of an arrogant position. I would vote against her in most any circumstance. Depending on the room I am probably vote-eligible. Very few people love or respect Trump - but he does reflect (honestly or not) their love and respect for America. The vote was against the Washington status quo. Rejecting the current set of assclowns from both parties should probably be required to vote. Any survey that requires self-identification is useless - especially emanating from social media.
  3. Seems like a decent young guy who is having fun. If I had those muscles and that trophy I'd be flexing all damn day. You dudes need to lighten up.
  4. I am not an atheist and I did not take anything you said as derogatory / denigrating. Possibly not artfully worded for the religious folks, but art is in the eye .... Crash, on the other hand, is a special kid of stupid
  5. I feel like this needs to be revisited. 1B? Should I send you my Venmo?
  6. Clearly Zain zoomed Crash's GF. She seems very obsessed. Quite a gig sitting in your mom's basement and ragging dudes who can crush your skull with one hand.
  7. The Iowa butt hurt is strong in this thread. Really enjoyable. Icing on a great morning cake. Gilman is obviously mentally and physically improved. Kyle is back in the Gold medal match - hard to ask for more than that although I guess we will see if we get more tomorrow morning. Getting to the top of the hill is all these guys care about. No chance they moved for a few $$. Why doesn't Iowa support their wrestlers or make them better? Did they disband their RTC? At least Tom got a nice package to coach pushing, shoving, grimacing, and intergalactic domination. Iowa had the brightest collegian / Olympic hopeful in Spencer and look to have ruined him. They will have a tough time living that down for the next 7 years.
  8. Unless this is actually AISIG of course, the whole mediocrity, easy, "week" :) watered down, and average seems a bit ham-fisted in terms of description
  9. It feels like NLWC makes the difference. I never saw Gilman look so good. Guys are in shape, have a plan. and are confident. Great combination.
  10. Michigan - the stimulus funds for state government over which lawmakers have broad discretion and the surplus nearly match the entire general fund this year: $10.6 billion. Politicians will never lower their budget so it is always financial maneuvering. Taxation is what they breathe. Police here kill more because the criminals here have more guns - what part of that do you pretend to not understand? Let's measure the accountability of our own special group of criminals against those of the civilized world - we have a percentage of people here who are more vicious and lethal than anywhere in Europe. Some even put guns against women's stomachs while they are invading their homes. Can you believe it? Defunding is what the anarchists and the criminals want. The impact will and is being felt in the neighborhoods. Next you'll be crying about how the poor "underrepresented are being killed and no police respond. Reallocate to social programs - yes lets' send more money to the crime ridden cities. Maybe we can bribe the criminals? Perhaps a guaranteed income so they don't rape, rob, assault, steal? Or maybe make stealing legal - up to about $1000 or so? What is wrong with stealing anyway? Do we value the goods in our stores and in our homes more than we do the poor underrepresented criminals? What kind of society are we? Your posts are in almost every case nonsense and your "thinking" will get police and innocent citizens killed. But at least the gang bangers will thrive. Well done.
  11. I worked in Detroit for about 3 years. It can be very dangerous even just outside of downtown. Ford and Comerica are a blast to walk to and enjoy the outside pubs and beer gardens. Panhandlers beg on the way to the bar but get very aggressive at the end of the night. I stayed in the Renaissance and 3 different trips we had a body wash up just behind the hotel during a stay. I was afraid they were going to pin it on me. Situational awareness is what you need like any city. If you are walking alone after a night at the Go-go bar and you get a gun in the ribs do not be surprised. Don't be foolish and you will likely be OK. My experience is solely downtown by the Detroit River and across the river in Windsor Canada if you are adventurous. I love Windsor but it is a hassle - you are leaving the country ,so passports ,new money ,etc. Lots of fun to be had in a somewhat low rent kind of way. Detroit Brewing Company, Grand Trunk Pub (shares a name and location with the famous GFR), and a bunch of dive bars some places in Greektown etc. are all good. Vicente's Cuban food - not a low rent place at all - is really terrific. Fun to be had, have your last drinks close to your hotel would be my advice. I thought Pittsburgh was terrific, not sure how anyone can hate that experience but to each ......
  12. I thought abnormal people and wrestlers was a single Venn circle?
  13. Who said anything about motivation? Definitely not me. You're making an argument you can win and then dunking on it. All fun and games but don't quote me for your credibility. I would always assume motivation to be the same as everyone, the love of competition. My points still stand.
  14. It's about thousands of women getting shunted because a very small set of people have an obvious natural born advantage. Any decent D1 wrestler will be World Champ if they transition. The entire process would be too ugly to watch. Imagine Gilman taking on the Women's World Champion - No one wants to see that. I don't have the solution but I think this has the potential to hurt Women's sports.
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