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  1. It is our National team. Downy made it last year. For this cycle put them in a room and wrestle off for it. Best 2 out of 3 - likely 2 out of 2 and lets end this silliness. DT screwed Ringer by not announcing sooner - at least that his injury was unlikely to allow him to compete. Let's not perpetuate a bad model.
  2. It took all day, but finally the worst hot take imaginable. Congrats. And from a Missou fan? That's hard to fathom. Both seem like extraordinary people. Rocket / Quicken can afford it but still a great thing to do. Hat's off.
  3. For the first time ever, on behalf of Quicken Loans, @FloSports is honored to name both Mike Eierman and Pam Kitchen the 2019 recipients of the Hometown Hero Award presented by @RocketMortgage . They will each receive $25,000! Mike Eierman and Pam Kitchen, Hometown Hero Recipients www.flowrestling.org Excellent efforts by both Flo and Quicken!!
  4. Michael Eierman // Wrestling 46.65% Pam Kitchen // Gymnastics 41.31% https://www.flolive.tv/video/6562517 Both seem very deserving. Great videos. Maybe Mssrs. Gilbert and Farner can expand the giving this year.
  5. Thank you for participating! Your vote has been counted.* Michael Eierman // Wrestling 42.33% Pam Kitchen // Gymnastics 43.27% Trailing as of now. I was able to vote from my phone, my home and a few other IPs yesterday. Today it looks like I have a new lease and can get back in. I need all the absolution I can muster.
  6. Kind of have to spend the 5 seconds doing this. I believe it absolves you of one personal attack or ludicrous hot take. https://www.flolive.tv/video/6562517
  7. I would never miss another tournament if they made Vegas the permanent spot. Great weather, cheap flights, luxury hotels, outstanding food, copious beverages 24 hours a day, sports gambling, fabulous golf, brand new state of the art arena directly attached to New York, New York with 18,000 seats and tons of luxury amenities - Clapton, Hockey, and Boxing scheduled in the next few weeks. Best place ever. Not for the Puritans, but how much fun are they bringing to town anyway? Family fun = Disney < 18,000 ex-wrestlers = Vegas baby.
  8. You have to give Yianni props for how he handled himself. All class and a great sportsman; kid was raised well.
  9. Some random data from the internet: 2001, 2011 – Northwestern – Smaller facility than the RAC 2004 2015 – tOSU – Smaller facility than the RAC 2016 – Iowa City - Attendance (all session): 45,306 - 4 sessions 2017 - The combined attendance was 16,357. BLOOMINGTON, Ind. 2018 - Sunday's session attendance was 6,392 - EAST LANSING, Mich 2019 - Sunday’s attendance at the Barn was announced at 11,947 – Minnesota Looks like the B1G is leaving almost 4,000 seats on the table versus Iowa, Minny.
  10. Again - You're. And the tough guy cliche was not mine, it was from a post that you misinterpreted. Making excuses because a 1 seed had to wrestle good guys? Or that he is bald? That shows deep cognitive faculties. You continue to be winless in a battle of wits. Not surprised in that you appear to be unarmed.
  11. As opposed to this deep thinking gem? Consider learning the difference between Your and You're before you call people stupid. Also I believe the intention was to point out how can you get a bad draw as the #1 Seed - you are supposed to be the big dog no one wants. You're (see how I did that?) on an 0-for. Less late night drinking and posting perhaps?
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