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  1. AIW-HS

    Strongest p4p college wrestler?

    Ed Ruth supposedly had freakishly strong hands.
  2. AIW-HS

    Ed Ruth...what could have been?

    Interesting. I would have thought his length and athleticism and freakishly strong hands would have lent themselves to him excelling in freestyle.
  3. Random question that popped in my head today as for some reason YouTube put An Ed Ruth NCAA title match my playlist today. If he had really wanted it how good could he have been internationally?
  4. AIW-HS

    Bo Nickal Freestyle Questions

    Snyder’s and Nickals NCAA careers are absolutely irrelevant at this point moving forward. They were both great college wrestlers. Bo was generally a more dominant college wrestler. And most will admit that if he had not gotten cocky and sloppy his red shirt freshman year in the finals he would’ve been a 4X champ. But again the college results don’t matter anymore. Im a PSU fan And I have no issue admitting that if Bo were to go up to 97kg Snyder would kill him right now. And do so easily. Too strong and too experienced. At 92kg it would be closer but Cox would be too experienced and a little too strong for Bo. I don’t see Bo going down to 86kg at all. At the same age or point in their careers you cannot compare Snyder to Nickal . Bo has not had anywhere near the freestyle success at the same age as Snyder. In large part because he has not focused on it nearly as much as Snyder did. I consider Bo To be a two year or so project at the international level before he is ready to compete at the top levels and challenge the established guys. A lot of it will depend on how quickly he is able to gain good weight.
  5. AIW-HS

    Who's going to Olympic Red Shirt next year?

    As a past NCAA champ is Joseph eligible to Olympic redshirt?
  6. AIW-HS

    Most likely to get 4 titles

    Lewis. He looks like Burroughs or Ruth already.
  7. AIW-HS

    NCAA Session 6 - Championship Finals Thread

    Agree. This style matchup worries me. And Lewis is really hitting on all cylinders.
  8. AIW-HS

    Is Mekhi Lewis favored tonight?

    As a PSU fan...Even though Cenzo has shown the ability to step up when the lights are brightest I would favor Lewis tonight.
  9. AIW-HS

    Penn State - How Do They Look Next Season?

    I could be wrong but I thought that Seth Nevills redshirted this season. Perhaps he grayshirted. I know he competed in several open tournaments and did very well winning at least one.
  10. AIW-HS

    Penn State - How Do They Look Next Season?

    It will depend on redshirts ( both Olympic and regular). Rumor has it both Cassar and Rasheed will be back. And Conel is coming in. So that gives Cael the chance to redshirt Brooks, Beard, and Starocci. I think both Hall and Joseph could potentially redshirt. Lots of unknowns right now.
  11. AIW-HS

    Kyle Conel to PSU

    197 is/was open next year. Beard still has a redshirt available I believe. Assuming he gets a 6th year Rasheed will stay at 184 and allow Brooks and Starocci to redshirt (although Starocci might be a 174 in college).
  12. AIW-HS

    World Cup Thread

    Why did they take away that last 2 from Zain?
  13. AIW-HS

    World Cup Thread

    Who did Zain wrestle and what was the score?
  14. AIW-HS

    Who repeats as NCAA DI champion?

    Yianni, Nolf, Cenzo ( Bulls historically brutal draw gets him), and Nickal.