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  1. I believe he had a serious medical condition. He missed a significant amount of time while battling it. I read that he gained a lot of weight during his layoff.
  2. Bartlett/Meredith makes the entire card worth the price of admission. That’s a huge early test for Bartlett.
  3. Hypothetically if the DT/PD match occurred and there were no tech falls how many points would DT have put up? I put the O/U at 30
  4. So do know for certain that PD is off the card on 7/25?
  5. It’s funny how so many here are dodging or mocking this question. It doesn’t matter so much for college wrestling but it at least is interesting. It also Probably skews some of his successes because his strength and maturity is/was superior to most of his opponents. That of course will be mitigated in college.
  6. Andrew Alton always had conditioning issues and famously was broke by Montell Marion after generating a huge early lead. I’d imagine he probably stumbled his way to a few wins after gassing.
  7. I’m highly skeptical this happens. As much as it sucks for the seniors they got to participate for their entire season other than obviously NCAAs. that said sign me up for three more episodes of Cenzo/Bull.
  8. Aaron Brooks had a great chance take the first step toward becoming PSU’s first 4 timer. He is down the list of kids “wronged” by this but it sucks for him.
  9. AIW-HS


    That is crazy
  10. I’m not an Iowa fan but Marinelli’s draw isn’t much better than last years for him.
  11. https://www.ncaa.com/sites/default/files/public/files/NCAA_D1_2020.pdf
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