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  1. Cox is arguably the best defensive wrestler in the world right now. DT is arguably the best scrambler and scorer in the world. Snyder while obviously still very formidable has seemingly peaked and is no longer the feared opponent he once was. You could argue that he is on the decline. If Cox has to choose who he would rather face in a winner take all series to go to the Olympics I tend to think he would rather face Snyder. And with the cut that he would have to undertake to make 86 I think 97 makes more sense.
  2. another hot take. Snyder has passed his peak and isn't a top 5 guy in the USA anymore.
  3. Didn’t Zain beat Yianni in 3 out of their last 4 matches? Why is this even a topic?
  4. Is Zain going to be healthy enough to wrestle in 2 weeks?
  5. My question is if he is doing this why has he not competed in any FS events up until this point?
  6. It might simply be that Cox just can’t make the cut to 86 anymore. He is already a big 92.
  7. Was match 1 the result of poor officiating?
  8. This Zain/Yianni protest thing at this point is ridiculous. It’s akin to Democrats who still contest the results of the 2016 election. It’s over. It’s not going to change or be changed. Freaking move on. If the two somehow ended up meeting hopefully USA wrestling would be able to work it out so that our rep is not hurt in the worlds seeding process.
  9. It is laughable that people still put any creedence in Zain/Pico matches from 4 years ago.
  10. The appeal is real. But It would be surprising if anything came out of it.
  11. Zain was very close last time. If he finds a way to finish a single or two he can most definitely win.
  12. Maybe...but this the strongest the US team and program has ever been. Why would we need to dramatically change anything. We have 3 world reigning champs currently and a few more who certainly could be.
  13. People talk like Zain wasn’t close to beating Yianni. He finds a way to finish one more of his good shots and that score is reversed. I wouldn’t bet against him not finishing better next time around.
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