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  1. Anyone else surprised to see Milik Dawkins in at 165?
  2. That long lung timeout on a Princeton challenge saved him.
  3. I agree the FLWC and Cornell wrestlers looked good. Good update on the Friedman Center upgrades https://www.flowrestling.org/video/6675208-the-friedman-wrestling-center-is-getting-a-major-face-lift
  4. Vito is wrestling in Russia tomorrow.
  5. Wall Street Journal 2020 College Rankings have Cornell #9 ahead of great schools like Duke, Northwestern, Dartmouth, and Columbia. Lehigh eventually comes up at #55! https://www.timeshighereducation.com/rankings/united-states/2020#!/page/0/length/25/sort_by/rank/sort_order/asc/cols/stats
  6. Rumor has it Foca was pretty sick on day 1 of the tournament.
  7. I heard Scottie Boykin is the main coach for the grey shirts. Former UTC wrestler. Fernandes was wearing a Boykin singlet in his last match. Nice 9-3 win for 5tg over Intermat's #19 guy Cary Miller.
  8. Womack was up 2-0 with over 3 minutes of riding time in the 7th place match. With 20 sec left he got sloppy on top got reversed and pinned.
  9. Nolan Hellickson Leo Tarantino and Joshua Kim were starters for Harvard last year and are registered for the GMU Open this weekend with the Boston RTC. Theyre taking the year off from school. Kim and Tarantino were freshmen last year. Columbia wrestlers signed up under their RTC at opens this year also.
  10. They mentioned 2 from Princeton but there have been others like Kolodzik and Stefanick. Penn has some guys greyshirting this year. Harvard had Conigliaro last year and has a few wrestlers sitting out this year like Hellickson. Columbia also has some guys sitting out this year like last year's 141 starter. Can't remember his name.
  11. Saunders won the Cowboy Open today at 141 Amateur division. 5-0 with 2 pins 1 tech fall 1major.
  12. If he didn't wrestle freestyle at Iowa how did Gilman win Junior Worlds bronze?
  13. He needed one match to qualify for RPI.
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