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  1. If he didn't wrestle freestyle at Iowa how did Gilman win Junior Worlds bronze?
  2. He needed one match to qualify for RPI.
  3. Ben Honis beat Brucki today.
  4. Because Flo said the recruit who committed today is Ben Darmstadt's replacement? They probably meant successor. Ben was working Cornell wrestling camps last week.
  5. Dake beat 3 champs. Molinaro, St John, Taylor
  6. Kolodzik took the year off to train before starting at Princeton. A big recruit did it this year for Princeton too. Stefanick?
  7. Kelly got the win but clear back points for Arujua were somehow not given in the third Vito should've won.
  8. Vitali and Yianni lost matches right at the end against the champs and destroyed everyone else. Thats what you call struggling?
  9. Dean also majored Dudley last year 11-3 Grapple at Garden
  10. Four of V Tech's AAs were top 50. Others were much lower. All the AAs recruiting ranks are in ths article http://www.newyorkwrestlingnews.com/news_article/show/627881?referrer_id=1024554
  11. http://www.newyorkwrestlingnews.com/news_article/show/532455?referrer_id=1024271
  12. Ness never was winning the match. Realbuto got the first td. Ness reversal. Realbuto escaped 2x. The second one after injury time choice. Realbuto another td. 6-2. No reason to think Ness was on his way to winning.
  13. Theres some background in this really good story on Dean. http://www.newyorkwrestlingnews.com/new ... id=1024554
  14. Way to small for 157. Koll says he'll be at 141 for now. http://newyorkwrestlingnews.com/rob-kol ... l-big-red/
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