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  1. Unless the GR team has multiple medalist at Worlds in December, Lindland's days are probably numbered going into 2022. Especially with last week's freestyle success for both the men and women. Who should lead the GR team next?
  2. Flo reports the NCAA is making final decisions on spring/winter student athletes eligibility by voting next week March 30th. Remember, they're going to be looking at this from across the board with all NCAA sports. Not viewing wrestling like, "okay, these guys already qualified for nationals, so only they can compete again next year." Therefore, if the NCAA grants seniors another year, however it may be, Zahid Valencia will be back competing come March. He may have to sit out 3/4 of the season for his 1 year suspension, but should still be eligible come Pac-10 to qualify. Where's Mudflap been?
  3. Eh, not every college wrestler has the same resources available to them that Kyle Snyder had at tOSU.
  4. So, let the 2021 Olympic RS discussions begin!
  5. Jeez, I only have 6 posts on here since the message boards switched over from the original themat.com forums? I look like a newb now. Russell Brunson, Utah native and former Boise State middleweight, released a new book this week and in the beginning Russell talks about resisting the urge of going online to the old themat.com forums during study hall in college. Only to discover during a "bathroom break" all his teammates were already on the forums talking about wrestling and not him. Now I have 7 posts :)
  6. Discussions have heated up this past week about pushing the 2020 Summer Olympics into next year. With the debate of who exactly the NCAA is going to grant eligibility to related to winter sports, NCAA has another dilemma of Olympic redshirts IF the Games get pushed back a year. Could NCAA grant Olympic RS again to those who took it in 2020? Who would take an Olympic RS in 2021 that didn't in 2020? And a 2024 scenario of guy's taking a second Olympic redshirt after taking one in 2021. Imagine a 2020 freshman redshirt, 2021 Olympic RS, 2022 & 2023 varsity, 2024 Olympic RS, and still have 2 years of varsity eligibility left in 2025 and 2026. If you really want to get crazy, throw in a medical grant year as well to push it to 2027. Yikes...
  7. The intensity of wrestling does not transfer over to golf well. I've tried to beat the $hit out the golf ball one too many times!
  8. Coon did get in 2 or 3 shots during regulation and ot, but did not finish. Nelson may have had one other shot, besides the unsuccessful shot Coon scored the winning td with.
  9. I take it the EMU duals is replacing the Open this year?
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