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    allout101 reacted to 9insoft in Did an assistant coaching job open up at the University of Wisconsin   
    It means we already know who we want.(are hiring).... fair hiring practices makes you have to post all “state employee” jobs...
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    allout101 got a reaction from Marcus Cisero in NCAA voting on eligibility March 30th   
    Flo reports the NCAA is making final decisions on spring/winter student athletes eligibility by voting next week March 30th. Remember, they're going to be looking at this from across the board with all NCAA sports. Not viewing wrestling like, "okay, these guys already qualified for nationals, so only they can compete again next year."
    Therefore, if the NCAA grants seniors another year, however it may be, Zahid Valencia will be back competing come March. He may have to sit out 3/4 of the season for his 1 year suspension, but should still be eligible come Pac-10 to qualify. 
    Where's Mudflap been?
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    allout101 reacted to VakAttack in Careers that could have been..   
    David Craig.
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    allout101 got a reaction from nhs67 in 2021 Olympics and Olympic RS next season?   
    Jeez, I only have 6 posts on here since the message boards switched over from the original themat.com forums? I look like a newb now. 
    Russell Brunson, Utah native and former Boise State middleweight, released a new book this week and in the beginning Russell talks about resisting the urge of going online to the old themat.com forums during study hall in college. Only to discover during a "bathroom break" all his teammates were already on the forums talking about wrestling and not him. 
    Now I have 7 posts :)
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    allout101 reacted to ionel in 2021 Olympics and Olympic RS next season?   
    You've gone all out buddy.  :)
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    allout101 reacted to wrestlingnerd in How much $ for a team title?   
    Billyhoyle has it right. I used to fundraise professionally for an elite university. These projects are all about whale-hunting. The reason why Cornell and Princeton are where they are is because of Steve Friedman and friends and Mike Novogratz and friends. I don't know the particulars about the NLWC, but I'd be willing to wager a few thousand that there's one or a small group of donors that stuffed the club's balance sheet like Thanksgiving turkey. The average alum donating a few hundred or thousand bucks a  year helps, don't get me wrong, but to change your situation, you need one or a select group of exceptionally wealthy donors. 80/20 rule is more like 90/10 or 95/5 in fundraising for anything related to college. 5%-10% of of the donors are responsible for 90-95% of the funds.
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    allout101 reacted to JasonBryant in 2018 Head Coach Changes   
    FYI - Chewy was 5-2-1 at Lindenwood before finishing his career in Stillwater. 
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