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  1. ionel

    Never gave up near fall points in College

    Good grief, there are so many it would waste a lot of time to look them up. Hutton, McCready, Hodge, Uetake, etc etc
  2. ionel

    How can another school overtake PSU and OSU?

    OSU is still ~11 championships ahead of Iowa so no one is overtaking them for at least a couple decades. PSU is currently top dog and doesn't look like that is changing any time soon.
  3. ionel

    Demas Brock film?

  4. No but there heads are HUGE!
  5. ionel

    Grant Leeth Out for the Season

    Will he drop to 141 for the dual on Feb 16th?
  6. sucking weight is not fun, so ...
  7. ionel

    Ohio state vs Wisconsin

    There are a lot of "Smith"s in wrestling, always has been probably always will be. Does this "guy" have a name, did he win, has he beating anyone this year? Curious wrestling fans want to know. ;)
  8. ionel

    Duck of the month club

    Jake Woodley: 2 little quacks
  9. perhaps throw a few of these in as well:
  10. ionel

    Is Oklahoma still D1?

    Sometimes it just might be worth a try.
  11. I like the fact you gave a like to the guy who liked the OP.
  12. ionel

    All top game team?

    First match back, 16-1 in 1st period, he probably qualifies.