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  1. ionel

    Minnesota vs Indiana

    He always saves the 2nd lung for the NCAA tournament, we ain't there yet, correct? ;)
  2. ionel

    PSU - Illinois

    All I can say is:
  3. ionel


    So what's the percentage of 4x who got a world medal first year out?
  4. ionel


    Really? Have you told the first 4 timer?
  5. ionel

    #2 Oklahoma State at #5 Missouri...

    Yes they would have. Some coaches are willing to duck duals cause they believe duals don't matter.
  6. ionel

    Mizzou...overrated yet again?

    Lewis is not overated.
  7. ionel

    #2 Oklahoma State at #5 Missouri...

    Mauller is very good but also Gfeller was injured in last weeks dual and was clearly still showing affect. Notice though, John ducked no one even with injuries and guys on their way dropping to lower weight class.
  8. ionel

    #2 Oklahoma State at #5 Missouri...

    Curious, when has Joe had weight cut issues in the past?
  9. ionel

    #2 Oklahoma State at #5 Missouri...

    Good crowd, looks full haunt heard #
  10. ionel

    #2 Oklahoma State at #5 Missouri...

    Thrash away! light wts warming up first.
  11. ionel

    Caps for 197 class

    Isn't Bo from Texas? I highly doubt he goes for pinsfalls. Texans are more likely to just stick em or plant em. Hay that's it, it's a stickplant Texas style. :)
  12. ionel

    Iowa v Indiana

    Wouldn't that be hands to the face penalty?
  13. There we go! Now can we consider this topic resolved & closed?