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  1. Well the b10 is the only thing that's important, isn't that what they've been telling us the last dozen years, and ddm so 20 at the tourney is double what we need, correct? ;_;
  2. I have been expecting the major conferences to do this. Much easier to the control testing protocol and standards regarding how to handle positives plus the schedule flexibility issues. Would think wrestling should plan for similar, only conference duals after Jan 1, maybe only 1 tournament if possible pre conference.
  3. I'm guessing that is an endowment for academics. Do you think they should raid an academic endowment to support athletics, what if a univ raided an endowment specifically set up to fund an athletic scholarship and used it for academic research. But regardless its tough times and admin has to make tough decisions and think long term, I don't like it but there it is ...
  4. Yes that's what I said, all classes online for 2020/21 https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/harvard-school-year-coronavirus-1.5639034 but you replied with a link about freshman and up to 40% on campus, I did not say "could be."
  5. Yes there are bringing freshman and up to 40% to campus but still doing online classes for all, unless you've found something different?
  6. Pretty sure Harvard has said all classes for 2020/21 will be online so probably all athletics will be virtual/online as well or simply cancelled? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. so pre-season fall of 2021 if PAC still has wrestling then? ;_;
  8. check with jackwebster he knows ;)
  9. Terry Brands and Mike Zadick.
  10. Looking at details of the first article I'd still say we have no evidence that any baseball programs are profitable. The table shows that LSU and TAM both include contributions/donations. This is a table of "cash coming in" but the author attributes it to revenue in the article but does also mention that TAM was an anomaly as it included donations for a stadium renovation. Moreover the "cash going out" table does not include all relevant expenses. What it does show is that LSU is perhaps the one and only ( program that actually cash flows its baseball operation within baseball, no outside athletic or university help. But that does not mean the program is "profitable." Regarding BSU dropping baseball, I certainly would not blame them, this is going to be an extraordinary year. There may not even be any football or basketball programs that are profitably this year or able to cash flow operations with current year revenue. Saves a lot of money to drop the first year after attempting to restart than later after more infrastructure investment. We are going to see more of this at the smaller universities, the large programs just keep getting bigger with conference TV etc. but more cost added with feeding all athletes, paying athletes etc. the smaller universities are going to be faced with which programs make sense and can keep afloat. If they'd kept wrestling it would've been dropped this year. Not good news but its the situation we face this year.
  11. Article says 5% are profitable but didn't see (skimmed it) any details or specifics on which programs, whether over time etc. Does the author consider it "profitable" if revenue plus donations exceeds total operating expense or is it just direct revenue accrued to baseball from tickets, tv etc less expense? Without the details hard to know what the 5% means. But yeah like wrestling they pretty much all lose money.
  12. Do any D1 baseball programs make money, thus not lose money? Or wrestling?
  13. Thought we couldn't use that name on this here forum ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ quick, look here come the mods! ヾ(。 ̄□ ̄)ツ
  14. ionel


    Did Carl approve this plan?
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