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  1. two courses per semester and maybe a couple credits of basket weaving or bowling each summer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. There are different types of statistical bias especially in survey samples. Any survey by CNN, Fox, NBC etc will have bias and the first source is prob because there's bias in what they are wanting to report on and the question. There is a reason we use peer review in research.
  3. The poll result he reported are not the actual data. There had to be an "other" category, info on who, where, and how surveyed, sample size & questions etc like you indicate, T or other stat, margin of error ... NBC knew the answer they were looking for in designing the survey thus the "snake oil" as you indicated. And yeah it goes both ways, do you think these "news" agencies report the survey results that don't provide the answer they are looking for? Pretty sure not peer reviewed results here. ;_;
  4. If there's a survey then there's data. Funny how people trained at the top university in the country are willing to just take the word of a bias source with no interest in data, science, math and critical thinking. :(
  5. I don't remember being required to check a party affiliation box on the vaccine card. NBC News ;_; let's see the data.
  6. In Bob's day the suspender lobby was working hard to keep this law from passing.
  7. If you have a better number, let's see the data. I'm talking current which is related more to Delta not since bigginning. It can be difficult finding good data because everyone seems to be reporting different really need to look at numbers per population. Here's a link to a recent article: https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2021/08/breakthrough-covid-19-cases-may-be-a-bigger-problem.html excerpts and example from couple states
  8. Is there a direct flight from Happy Valley to Niceville?
  9. No but if you have a 2.65gpa in high school you can get into either: Northern University, Romania or Northern University, Nowshera and all credits will transfer & auto admit you to Northwestern - now NU. :)
  10. I think Willie cured Covid. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. Try comprehending while you read, I didn't deny anything was respond to a different issue.
  12. I'd suggest you slow down and read, i didn't say anything about how many "died from Covid."
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