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  1. Well ... I don't know ... cause it's easier than going twelve pages of back and forth replies with a poster who can't figure out that your first post was just humor ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Thems the rules. Why would it matter wo he is? What's the point of qualifying tournaments if you dont have to go thru them?
  3. If you'd only charge $10 to collect that trash then: ... you can be my trashman anytime.
  4. I focus on a different ratio: reactions recieved/reactions given. That's supp'n I can control and like to keep it at 4x. So if I get 4 reactions I'll give back 1. It's taken me years to get to 4x so I'm not chang'n now. :)
  5. He has to enter Pac 12 tourney to be illegible for at large. ASU hasn't really said anything, watch the Flo broadcast, there is really nothing confirmed about anything. I don't even think anybody has confirmed that nobody has confirmed anything. ;) Now that could change.
  6. Ahh ... so he is a senior. Or ... are you saying everybody did this? Or ... is this he's last year/last home match? ;_;
  7. Yep those shoulders were flat, defensive pin, been called at NCAA tournament. But the ref has to be there to see it, he was not.
  8. Check your replay, McKee had Red pinned before Red pinned McKee. First pin should count most correct? ;_; PS: of course can't brick a pin
  9. To have any meaning the above table should show avg score per minute wrestled in each period.
  10. After 11 pages can we all just agree that Tom doesn't know what he is talking about ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. Whitlake!? Who is this Whitlake kid? Never heard of him. ;) PS: if its true he trains with Stevenson then he may very well beat The Bull in Carver!
  12. I think you are pretty close but I'm still willing to bet all the money I can collect from JC that one of these is wrong. :)
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