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  1. ionel

    Dake-Dieringer live thread

    Can we just all agree that one should never bet against Dake in a real match. Pick his opponent in a fantasy match if you want but ...
  2. ionel

    Dake-Dieringer live thread

    Dake gave ref doctor note before match explaining why he can only go backwards due to the 'injury' ;_;
  3. ionel

    Dake/Dieringer time?

    Match in Austin, TX pretty sure that was 12:43 CDT ;)
  4. ionel

    Strongest but weakest looking wrestler?

    but a strong poster so ...
  5. ionel

    Will John Smith win another title at tOSU?

    are you new to this sport of college wrestling? ;)
  6. ionel

    Will John Smith win another title at tOSU?

    I'm confused, what do you mean by "another" has he "ever?"
  7. ionel

    THE Ohio State University - a dumb idea?

    believe they also trademarked The Buck Nuts ;)
  8. ionel

    Dake/Dieringer predictions

    best 2 of 3 dRinger 1, Dake 1, doctor note 1 match goes to arbitration ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. 50 years is too long, otherwise whatever you feel is helpful. ;_;
  10. ionel

    Yanni vs Pico

    When is the match, before or after worlds?
  11. ionel

    Dake/Dieringer Final X location?

    Is it true Dake has a doctor's note to delay the match if it's hot outside? I heard Texas can be hot in August. ;_;
  12. If you didn't know the time/location then why did you start a new thread announcing such vs posting in the ? thread? ;_;
  13. really more about the doctor's note ;)
  14. Still not sure who you are talking about, that link appears to be about |\/2 ;)
  15. M2? Maybe your talking about M^2 or 2Ms but yeah who is M2 or is it Mtoo? ;)
  16. ionel

    Yianni/Schultz comparison?

    Didn't Dave Schultz make the USA World/Olympic team? ;)
  17. ionel

    Zain's left knee?

    You are on the wrong thread. This thread is about his left knee. You wanta talk about his right knee, then start your own thread. ;)
  18. Word is Dake already has a doctor's note to delay the 2nd period of the first match 24 hours just in case the 1st period score is not in his favor. ;) ;_;
  19. ionel

    Should Mark Hall redshirt this year?

    Heard Hall likes a good cinnabon & will thus be going 197 next year. ;)
  20. ionel


    Gable rhymes with babble and babble rhymes with Gable but if you use Gable or babble in a post 3 times the thread will be locked cause neither contains the letter N. :(
  21. ionel


    and why can't we talk about the phantom Stevenson?
  22. ionel

    Fix oly redhirt?

    Well ok, but Smith did win the US Open that year, had success in freestyle including beating the Russian in the Goodwill games, correct? So while he didn't make the Olympic team same year as redshirt think we'd have to say the redshirt certainly helped him in freestyle and winning World and Olympic golds the next two years. Don't recall why he didn't make World team that year, chose not to participate or something else?