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  1. ionel

    When is the match?

    maybe a pig tail in the World bracket? ;_;
  2. ionel

    Dake-Dieringer live thread

    Can we just all agree that one should never bet against Dake in a real match. Pick his opponent in a fantasy match if you want but ...
  3. ionel

    Dake-Dieringer live thread

    Dake gave ref doctor note before match explaining why he can only go backwards due to the 'injury' ;_;
  4. ionel

    Dake/Dieringer time?

    Match in Austin, TX pretty sure that was 12:43 CDT ;)
  5. ionel

    Strongest but weakest looking wrestler?

    but a strong poster so ...
  6. ionel

    Will John Smith win another title at tOSU?

    are you new to this sport of college wrestling? ;)
  7. ionel

    Will John Smith win another title at tOSU?

    I'm confused, what do you mean by "another" has he "ever?"
  8. ionel

    THE Ohio State University - a dumb idea?

    fixed that for you :)
  9. ionel

    THE Ohio State University - a dumb idea?

    believe they also trademarked The Buck Nuts ;)
  10. ionel

    Dake/Dieringer predictions

    best 2 of 3 dRinger 1, Dake 1, doctor note 1 match goes to arbitration ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. 50 years is too long, otherwise whatever you feel is helpful. ;_;
  12. ionel

    Yanni vs Pico

    When is the match, before or after worlds?
  13. ionel

    Dake/Dieringer Final X location?

    Is it true Dake has a doctor's note to delay the match if it's hot outside? I heard Texas can be hot in August. ;_;
  14. If you didn't know the time/location then why did you start a new thread announcing such vs posting in the ? thread? ;_;
  15. really more about the doctor's note ;)
  16. Still not sure who you are talking about, that link appears to be about |\/2 ;)
  17. M2? Maybe your talking about M^2 or 2Ms but yeah who is M2 or is it Mtoo? ;)
  18. ionel

    Yianni/Schultz comparison?

    Didn't Dave Schultz make the USA World/Olympic team? ;)
  19. ionel

    Zain's left knee?

    You are on the wrong thread. This thread is about his left knee. You wanta talk about his right knee, then start your own thread. ;)
  20. Word is Dake already has a doctor's note to delay the 2nd period of the first match 24 hours just in case the 1st period score is not in his favor. ;) ;_;
  21. ionel

    Should Mark Hall redshirt this year?

    Heard Hall likes a good cinnabon & will thus be going 197 next year. ;)
  22. ionel


    Gable rhymes with babble and babble rhymes with Gable but if you use Gable or babble in a post 3 times the thread will be locked cause neither contains the letter N. :(
  23. ionel


    and why can't we talk about the phantom Stevenson?