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    maybe check the thread, there's info and a link ;_;
  2. So are you saying you are a hillbilly turned gangbanger or now a gangbanger-hillbilly? Appears maybe you didn't listen closely to all of that kinfolk advice, they said "Californy is the place you ought to be" not Chiraqo. ;)
  3. Yep gotta love Illinois, the southern half hillbillies and the northern half gangbangers, don't know why any want to live there, maybe it's the attraction of the huge deficit and the corrupt governors. ;_;
  4. are they in the portal?
  5. Showing up "huge" isn't necessarily an advantage. The key is probably showing up hydrated and at ideal weight. It's not like you add muscle mass by weigh 20 lbs more. It's not too much different than running & cycling race events. Cycling is about power to weight ratio. You need to show up with muscles hydrated to survive a 2 to 5 hour race or even a short 45 min crit event, but show up 20 lbs heavy and good luck moving than extra mass you can't suddenly change your power numbers. Similar with this event show up muscles fully hydrated and should be better able to go hard full time but show up well over weight and will be sluggish and no stronger. That said though, if Trump were wrestling in this event he would show up HUGE and it would be BEAUTIFUL! ;)
  6. Yes and where do you think Branch would be seeded today? He had a losing record going into NCAA.
  7. But if Wittlake isn't at 165 then he wouldn't have to beat Wittlake at 165, correct? ;_;
  8. They need either a 174 or a 165 depending on whether Wittlake moves up, or do you know someone else on the roster with experience? Or do you think Sheets will move up to 165? That's possible.
  9. Well as suggested by another poster on a different portal thread, maybe "he got sick of doing his homework." ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. and Martinez had a medical issue when he got pinned by Nolf. But its still a pin and still a TF, correct?
  11. Yes. It was Huge! It was Perfect! It was Beautiful!
  12. Pretty sure he also won the high school national debate tournament taking both the Affirmative and Negative sides and did it solo without a partner on either side. The final debate was beautiful!
  13. Fake news, Trump was a heavy weight champ in high school, he was huge!
  14. OSU needs a 1 year 165/174 lb and he would have great training partners up & down weights, but who knows ...
  15. who said he is leaving for academics? If that's the case why not MIT or Cambridge?
  16. OSU - pretty sure he knows someone who went there
  17. Plus there's: yeah some folks might not like it.
  18. And: https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/kansas-state-suspends-voluntary-workouts-for-two-weeks-after-latest-round-of-covid-19-testing/ If football doesn't work its hard to expect any wrestling till at least Jan 2021.
  19. That's in the rules: supporters, donors etc can't provide a benefit. But even if it weren't an NCAA thing, still a major problem for the university.
  20. Have you not heard of the NCAA and rules?
  21. ... the Scribe orders a pint of Creeker ...
  22. Is it true the 2021 NCAA tournament has been moved to an out door venue on the open sand hills of western Nebraska? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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