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    How much $ for a team title?

    I could be wrong but think he's talking about how many $s to buy a great coach but also buy the best talent, maybe top 2 to 4 at every weight, get em in your RTC pipeline thus guaranteeing you are gonna win. You gotta go bigger (go big or go home) than the Carl approach if ya want to beat Carl. ;) It'll be a really big number.
  2. ionel

    Tournament scoring idea?

    Fortunately Nolf will be long gone before a silly scoring method like this every occurs. But let's say it did, you'd probably have Carl pull a John Smith and wrestle everyone up a weight class or two all season, then down for B10 and steal 10 Q spots, then get the 33 seeds since no record, and score about 300 team points. Yeah great idea, lets do that next year. ;_;
  3. ionel

    State vs States... National vs Nationals

    Evidently an ESPN+ announcer is from Jersey or PA, he referred to a wrestler "representing the Big Twelves." There is only one Big 12 conference, only one Big 10 conference, only one Mid American Conference, etc. Now if their really are multiple Big 10s then I really don't know how the allocations work. You'd think this was covered in grade school but if talking about a singular (only one) there is no s on the end unless using the possessive etc with say an 's. Now if you were to win both the Louisiana and Georgia state championship in the same year (this can be done in some sports, prob not wrestling) then you could say you won states. But lets say you win the Texas state championship or Illinois, you don't call it states just because there's an s on the end, that just how they spell them states. Sure Jersey and Pennsylvania have an s, but it ain't at the end and there is no s in Big Twelve. ;_; sorry just killing times between sessions ;) :)
  4. That depends on what country. Was in Australia last summer and my streaming package wouldn't work there, Hulu, Sling etc have to have agreement with specific country, may be the same with ESPN3/+
  5. ionel

    NCAA Session 1 Thread

    TMI ... but what is Connor doing?
  6. ionel

    Three 3x champions?

    But perhaps you meant northern Iowa? There actually were several undefeated 3x national champs before Gable even made his failed attempt. The most likely with 3 - 3x might've been Northern Iowa, with the overlap of Koll, Nelson, Young, and Smith. Young, Nelson & Smith all won it in 49 & 50. Young got his 3x in 51, Nelson was 3x in 50, Smith was 2x in 50 think could've been 3x in 51 but recall from conversation with one of them (staying same hotel at OKC NCAAs with him) that should've been there but injury or other issue actually think it was a not allowed to compete issue last year. The difficulty in the era with only 3 years to compete is you had to be lucky enough that that all 3 studs were So same year. Again, Koll, Young, Nelson all 3x and crossed over but not 3x same year and Smith could've been, so 4 guys who could've/should've just not exact same year but overlapped same team, same time.
  7. ionel

    Three 3x champions?

    Doubtful, how many 3x Iowa champs can you name?
  8. ionel

    Three 3x champions?

    no one has discussed Penn State before on these here forums, do they have a wrestling team? ;_;
  9. ionel

    285 Bracket redrawn

    back to back, has that ever happened before in the NCAA tournament? ;_;
  10. Its thes Nationals Tournaments ofs Turnaments
  11. ionel

    How to stop medical forfeits?

    I would make it simple, just count any/all MFF as a loss. Again, its only going to be 1 loss if you do it in a non Q tournament. And yes it counts on the record, it counts as a head to head, it counts as a tournament placement etc.
  12. ionel

    How to stop medical forfeits?

    Yes just count it as a simple loss. Let's say you are early season Vegas tournament and MFF on front side of bracket to exit the tournament it would simply be 1 loss. This does not penalize a kid who really is hurt, because if you really were hurt you would lose the match if you wrestled it. Lets say you MFF semis of qualifying tournament down to say 6th place just to guarantee you go to NCAA then it should be 3 losses, or the appropriate # depending on where initiated and final spot. Again this doesn't penalize guys who are legitimately injured, you still make the tournament and have ~two weeks to recover, but it does now impact more than two of the seeding criteria so discourages the cheap ducking.
  13. ionel

    Bracket Landmines

    to the ER after shooting himself in the knee?
  14. ionel

    I dislike Cael's doughnuts

    have you noticed the explosion of the micro brewery industry, these bums were clearly well ahead of their time! :)
  15. so White beating Cassar was a bad win because Cassar isn't that good? ;)
  16. ionel

    State vs States... National vs Nationals

    Where are these other worlds? Are weigh ins based on our gravity or theirs?
  17. ionel

    State vs States... National vs Nationals

    It is the national tournament or the NCAA tournament just like it is the state tournament. There is no "s" unless of course you are from the Jerseys and then you can add all the Ss yous likes.
  18. ionel

    Flo wrestling subscriptions

    ahh ... there are folk on these hear forums that aren't so sure about that, probably depends on what your definition of 'fine' is? ;)
  19. ionel

    Nolf = 'The Creator' with a GPA of 4.5 ?

    JASON NOLF CLASS Senior Major: Kinesiology High School/Personal:Nolf ... Amassed a 176-1 career record at Kittanning High School...Outstanding student, posting a 4.5 GPA, winning Kittanning’s Physics Award and the school’s Principal’s Award. Certainly appears is his high school gpa, they probably either don't understand math at Kittanning High or Penn State can't figure out how to convert it to a 4.0 scale. But why would the B10 announcers be talking about his high school gpa? And for Pete's sake, he is a senior in Kinesiology not a physics major! ;_; Now its got me wondering about McKenna's 4.0 that the B10 announcers go on and on about. Maybe that was his 7th grade gpa as pretty sure also saw video that mentioned he repeated 8th grade?
  20. ionel

    Flo wrestling subscriptions

    Be very careful with that one. Believe their advertised rate is only $1.29/mo/swimmer paid yearly. So lets say 12 synchro swimmers, that'll cost ya $185.76, course you can still cancel anytime after one year . :)
  21. ionel

    Flo wrestling subscriptions

    think he forgot to read the super fine print, see above ;)
  22. ionel

    Still Undefeated...

    that may be the Rasheed plan.
  23. ionel

    Did Rahseed duck?

    not a "trainer decision" Carl stole "the plan."
  24. ionel

    Still Undefeated...

    Weigel and yes**, if you didn't win your conference tournament, bit hard to claim undefeated.