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  1. If he is over 60 he could be at increased health risk working out in close proximity to other guys. Thought a Doc would know this. ;)
  2. kid in my high school only wrestled half a season, folks didn't talk about him much but yeah it was a different era - pre internet/social media. ;_;
  3. You been talking to MudFlap?
  4. Same as everyone else, pretty much 0% chance. Can't win a tournament you don't enter. :(
  5. Yep and you can fly an airplane from OK to WI, I've do so & if being "closer" is more of time thing then ... and doesn't have to be "warm." :)
  6. At least he didn't crawl off the mat, stood up pushed & shoved & fought like a man. ;_;
  7. There's a big lake between MI and WI, not easy to get across, option go around and thru Chicago but who wants to do that. :(
  8. Think of the technique he brought back from the future, that cradle was just plain out of this world.
  9. Carl approves this message. :)
  10. Curious, what's 118lbs + 7lbs = ?
  11. But he went into NCAAs with a losing record and won. If picking folks to teach camp or coach maybe more important that they are good at teaching technique than simply if AA or high seed.
  12. hmm ... Mark Branch was not seeded yet he can charge for camps and pretty sure the university pays him a salary to coach. ;_;
  13. ... but ... but ... but if you look at the photo long enough that's clearly 4 back points ;_;
  14. tRex, given all your time spent in Oklahoma and current discussion, I'd still like to know how you did (or would do) against the guy 2nd row far right? ;)
  15. Heard JC is in for a $8M bet paid to your or his favorite RTC plus a month supply of pastry delivered to your or his stay at home address. ;)
  16. ... but ... but ... Gable pounded everyone in the room (including hwt) and Zain was better than Gable!! ;_; I'm with you on this tRex. For the unbelievers, watch below to see what a bigger tRex would do to a smaller quicker flock of zains.
  17. What percentage of students do you think actually live in university housing then multiply by 2/9 or 2/12 depending on contract. Also some undergrad students are still at their campus and many that have gone home still have to pay remaining rent on private housing. Many building, facilities and services are shut down but faculty and graduate students still working with many of those from home or apartments.
  18. Born Robert Joseph Dole July 22, 1923 (age 96) Russell, Kansas, U.S.
  19. Sure they do. You might be able to find some that don't but for everyone of those easy to find one that does.
  20. Not sure how Midlands saves money, do you realize the price of hotels etc in Chicago vs Chattanooga? Some programs are endowed, some with parts endowed - scholarships or coach. But if you had $15M sitting around with nothing good to invest in are you going to put it into this sport unless you've got 50 friends also with $15M willing to do the same? Also, everyone in the sport knows the only thing that matters is the B10 (look at Hodge etc) so as long as there are 10 teams in the B10 conference and we have a B10 tournament all should be happy correct? ;_; else maybe get Carl, Tommie, and the conference to think about the bigger picture and the sport. Regarding a coach/teach program, sure you could have: Brands Bros - Pheasant Hunting 101 John Smith - Catfishing with your Pet Dog. He could bring in bro Mark or Pat to guest lecture on Noodling when you Forgot your Tackle. Carl - Auto Speill Correct four Dumies Mark Perry jr - ahh ... nevermind None of this addresses the big problem in college sports which is the rich FB & BB programs (and a couple RTCs) just kept getting richer with their tv deals, shoe deals etc thus driving up the multi $M salaries requiring all to chase the dollars. Then you add things like requirements for free meals to all etc it drives out the lower budget programs & minor sports. Then take away the golden goose for one season and it really falls apart. :(
  21. Bob, Good to see you are still well. If you can get out of the home and still have a DL with Russel county at zero cases you should be safe to drive down Fossil and thru Sonic, enjoy! :)
  22. I was in that section, hadn't heard that account, good info. :)
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