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  1. and why would his surgeon father need to "sign off," he is an 18+ year old adult, correct? Sure the father might (or might not) give advise. If ACL there are plenty of folks running around with no ACL, once torn it's not getting worse (eventually will be replaced). There have also been wrestlers who have won NCAAs and/or AAed with "season ending injury" including ACL.
  2. sure I agree if he can beat Smith, or if they are sure he is better than Smith then maybe Smith and Rogers fight it out for 174. The current 184 duo could be in the mix if either improves, one has no offense and the other has no defense. There are a lot of possible combinations, who knows maybe Sheets gets healthy and better and competes for 157. Will be interesting to see where guys certify.
  3. I'm guessing something like: 125 Picc/Lee 133 Lee/Picc 141 Brock 149 Gfeller 157 Lewallen/Martinez/Moran 165 Smith 174 Rogers 184 Smith 197 Weigel 285 White there's also a chance that one or two AA don't make starting roster
  4. so you are saying he is recruiting & coaching them once on campus?
  5. Well ... that's where the oil was discovered so ...
  6. With a quick skim of the rules and given what we learned last year, I see nothing that says he needs to be alive to secure a high seed at nationals, providing his corpse weighs in and makes a mat appears at B10s prior to the mff.
  7. Perry can't recruit or coach per NCAA rules, now if you are saying he is, then they may be on probation thus their fans won't have any post season to worry about.
  8. all this talk about 141 being such a mess, but Ashnault is still #1, he is Mr. consistency this year (well he did drop to #2 one week), hasn't lost a match and everyone else in the top 10 (well actually everyone) keeps ducking him ;)
  9. yeah so how is it possible to recover from a broken bone, and especially if he continues to be "drilling as we speak" on said broken bone, seems broken bones need time?
  10. pretty certain there is no "due process" in universities. But if you really want due process, how does a kid who reportedly still had to complete more hours, online or whatever, in the fall to obtain a "liberal studies" degree (whatever that is) get accepted into graduate school? Did someone get bumped because he got in, what about their due process?
  11. ^^ this: I've had 3 ACL tears, heard/felt the pop and some pain twice (there was no "screaming in pain"), 3rd other knee was impact so didn't feel the pop and didn't know till 1.5 mo later MRI. Finished sport event in all 3 cases, swelled up after/that evening, very hard to walk next day. If ACL Nolf should be able to compete B10 & NCAA. With his style would be hard to win it, but he can still score points. If something else ... who knows.
  12. that's bull, Chris Taylor was hanging on his neck with Gable's left arm barred across his back, thus right arm only, and he did 60.
  13. 21 refs, that'd be a good way to GUARANTEE at least half a dozen nonsense calls. :0
  14. and those "strange things" might be what? it's my understanding they simply follow and apply the rules and seeding criteria
  15. No sir I would dare not think you would ever post a fake photo. I was asking you to simply post the real photo of the faked landing. The Russians already leaked (correspondence found on Hillary's private server) that they found the photo on your hard drive, so we know you have it.
  16. Can't we just all agree there has never been nor never will be a True freshman champ, they've all taken advantage of something. PS: we sure definitely eliminate any who ever worked out in a college wrestling room before their fist official day of college practice, else it ain't True.
  17. I'm still waiting for you to post the fake moon landing photo. You know the one with the yellow Chevy Vega still in the background and where Niel Armstrong says 'one small step for man, one yellow Vega for mankind.' ;)
  18. Thought the thread was about a Ben D. Hodge, whoever that is, assumed a relative of Dan? ;)
  19. If you think only 15 can you list them, seems shouldn't be hard? I'm just guessing there might be more.
  20. Is this Danny's grandson or great grandson?
  21. ahh ... yeah the "modern era" thing. Used to be that didn't start till Gable, even though there were several 3 time undefeated champs before his failed attempt. Later it was not until Cael, now many think it doesn't start till Cael arrived at PSU. Course with the new modern rule changes, maybe it started this year, so no - not yet. ;_;
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