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    scuffle top 4 predictions

    Right. Like I said.... Great call!!!!!! :lol: Looks like I got it backwords & I can't blame this one on spell checker. ;) Crow really is quite tasty, with a little BBQ sauce taste just like gator. :D
  2. ionel

    scuffle top 4 predictions

    If he is lights out nonstop against Ness, Ness will likely pin him.
  3. ionel

    Iowa... Honest question

    Are you fairly new to wrestling, how long have you been watching Iowa? This has been there style for a very long, long time. Sure they've had individuals with great technique & quick shots, but over all its hand fight, pound on the head, push out of bounds, work for stalling calls, wait for a mistake, then score, more of the same & dominate with that style. Its up to the opponents to figure out how to break thru that style/approach.
  4. ionel

    the altons

    uhh ... I believe you mean kale sundersan ... Karl Sundersan is the coach of Boston University. Duh. I was obviously referring to his brother Kale. double duh
  5. Heard from a very unreliable source (cousin's girl friend's uncle's step mom) that Zain had mono and a nasty staff infection, so if Zain on his C game beat Logan's B+ game ... For the sake of the fans, the top wrestlers should be allowed to let the ref know, prior to the handshake, if they don't have their A game, then said ref can't void the match if the "top" wrestler is losing at the end. :roll:
  6. ionel

    the altons

    uhh ... I believe you mean kale sundersan ...
  7. ionel

    the altons

    Carl who ???
  8. ionel

    Unstoppable moves

    Let’s not forget the Mike Zadick unstoppable run across the mat - across the arena to the locker room move following a loss. Even Tom & Terry Brands, with ~9 NCAA/World titles between them, could not stop that move!! :shock:
  9. ionel

    Minnesota vs. Oklahoma State

    So Chaid transferred already? :o Looks like Bedlam will swing the other way in February! :roll:
  10. If you are cheap, take the metro.
  11. ionel


    Delgado scored ~ 60 pts to Mega's 42 in the tournament, yeah he is a real staller. :roll:
  12. ionel

    Bracket Reveal Starting now:

    What are you talking about? Everybody got screwed. Just look at how tough the draws are at all 10 weight classes!! :roll:
  13. ionel

    Iowa wrestler makes yahoo news

    Exactly, the story doesn't add up. "... Sam Louwagie from the Daily Iowan ... " The event was in Champaign, IL, if thrown in the trash immediately, how does someone from the Daily Iowan get possession or photo? Moreover, believe there is some "case law" regarding removing or taking possession of items that have been throw in the trash, not that any will likely pursue this case.
  14. ionel

    Delgado HAS TO get the top seed

    Did Waters AA last year? Who beat him? I can see a case for Delgado #1, but he is in an even better spot if #2 and someone else may beat McDo before the semis.
  15. ionel

    Channelling Five Words...

    Found this on page two.
  16. ionel

    Channelling Five Words...

    Aren't we using BIG words!
  17. ionel

    Channelling Five Words...

    Is that nice to say?
  18. ionel

    Channelling Five Words...

    Please stay within the rules. **ref: Use of contractions is cheating. We'd need ruling from FiveWords.
  19. ionel

    Channelling Five Words...

    What's up with this thread?
  20. Don't believe Abe Lincoln or Tom Cruise every made weight at nationals. But then, perhaps you were asking about collegiate wrestlers who failed to make weight at the NCAA tournament and not simply "famous guys?" ;)
  21. ionel

    Big Ten top 4 per weight

    Re-read my posts. In the way that Delgado or Green are ahead of Megaludis and D. Alton. The point is that Brown was "in" every one of the matches that he lost to the four that are picked to place in the top-4 in the OP. I see a strong potential for Brown to beat anyone of those guys the next time he sees them which would put him in the top-4. Q. Wright had previously lost to every guy he beat at B1Gs and NCAAs two years ago when he won it all. Stranger things have happen than to predict Brown avenging a close loss to any one or all of the selected top-4. But what color was the wrestling mat? You do know that in Big 10 seeding they not only look at whether a wrestler was almost "in" a match he lost and whether he was almost "out" of a match he won, but they also factor in the color of the mat on which the match was wrestled :roll:
  22. ionel

    National Duals Coverage

    Is anyone else watching why are they showing the meaningless 3rd place dual thru the link for the OSUv Minny Championship link?!! Went thru gopher all access is it any deferent if going directly to Big ten digital?
  23. ionel

    Ness v Oliver

    2 minutes 24 seconds
  24. ionel

    Coolest Wrestling Memoribilia

    "Gable Named Assistant Coach" Looks like only four words! ;)