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  1. & OSU got shut down for a year, they did pretty well the next year ;)
  2. Thought the plan was to redshirt Piotrowski and wrestle Cardani this year?
  3. Kansas State 3rd 126 3rd: Joe Fickel - Kansas State 145 1st: Bill Doyle - Kansas State 155 2nd: John Richardson - Kansas State UNL 3rd: Hevt Errington - Kansas State
  4. But KB would have 'no shot' in a 5 out of 8 period match. ;_;
  5. ahh ... so he is a 'he' and you a 'him' ;)
  6. Did it occur to any that maybe he is simpling going there to have "fun" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. ahh ... you know something we dont know? ;)
  8. Don't know if true, but heard over coffee & pastry this morning that Kerkvliet may remain in high school. ;_;
  9. Are we talking about Stevenson or He Who Must Not Be Named? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. ... topping pastry?
  11. Pretty certain he is done/finished/gone no chance he wrestles college again.
  12. But explain specifically how the NCAA (not Duke etc) made millions off of his likeness. The NCAA must be sitting on a bank account with billions and billions of dollars (maybe trillions) for all the thousands of millions of dollars they've made over the last decades and centuries from hundreds of thousands of athletes. ;_;
  13. He had a better bike? But seriously, it wasn't just that Lance was cheating he had an entire team system that was better than all the other cheaters and they still didn't get caught ... well not till after winning 7 tours.
  14. Did what Iowa was doing but got caught.
  15. He was 2 to 3x+ roids ahead of the competition.
  16. And yet PSU will probably get 4 champions, win the team & Iowa get 4th.
  17. Never heard of him/her but I probably dont follow that sport. You weren't who I was replying to. But since you did, you still didnt explain specifically how the NCAA made millions off this Zion's likeness. Did the NCAA directly sell a couple million t-shirts with his/her picture on them?
  18. Curious, can you name any current CA college wrestler who could currently make millions from their likeness? $100k, $10k? Can you name a current specific individual athlete from any US college sport from whom the NCAA is "making millions" and specifically explain how?
  19. Didn't he already win 'back to back?' Question is can he win 'four in a row?' ;)
  20. scribe, take another look at your username photo in the mirror ... you will never 'look pro.' ;)
  21. started a new thread and no one replied, should he hang it up?
  22. maybe a pig tail in the World bracket? ;_;
  23. Can we just all agree that one should never bet against Dake in a real match. Pick his opponent in a fantasy match if you want but ...
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