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  1. A thread titled ... Facts thats based on a Twitter post about some data from opendorse. ;_;
  2. Pretty sure Big 12 has deal with ESPN, all the OSU home duals listed for at least the +. Flo had their duals a few years ago till ESPN came in with complete coverage. Guessing that may not apply for affiliates like Mizzu since they are SEC.
  3. Is it true Ferrari and Steveson have signed a deal to star in a new TV series streaming on Peacock called Welcome Back Gable? Heard DeSanto also signed on, maybe someone knows what he will play? ;)
  4. That was my assumption, I recognized screen name so McD back at you. :)
  5. Those celeb sites don't have accurate info, plus Net Worth is at point in time, what's the date? Even my NW doubled in last year or two, I'm still saying he is $0.5B+. But sure who doesn't like soup?
  6. Is he signing a NIL with StarKist?
  7. so Iowa didn't win a team title? ;)
  8. Had white with red stripes and added red shoes strings. :)
  9. Makes it easier finding your stuff in the closet. ;)
  10. I didn't say they would win any but 141, 149 & 165 should all be good matches.
  11. The team may not be challenge but there will be a couple really interesting match ups, and yes there is only one OSU in wrestling that other uses a little t.
  12. Pretty sure it was the west region, Iowa & Northern Iowa had the east & north regions respectively.
  13. OSU dual will be worth watching.
  14. Didn't Carl already say he was drilling downstairs?
  15. These predictions are all fine and good but with current supply chain issues if Iowa doesn't recieve their Geritol shipment the lions will be rolling thu them old hawkeyes like ... well you know ... that green stuff thru a goose. :0
  16. Could be arranged, no one is catching this: :-)
  17. He weighed his options and decided to leave later rather than sooner. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  18. We are in the "take a knee" era so ... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  19. My yet to be born grandson has already committed to John Smith's yet to be born grandson.
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