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  1. Idk, maybe they wanted to have a backup for Lewallen & Sheets. Like said its a short season, can't cover every possible issue in just a couple weeks time.
  2. He wrestled Lewallen at 149 for team spot, was backing up Lewallen. They had two pretty good guys at 141. Short season and all. Maybe this was where thought needed him till lost both 141s. This season doesn't count so no reason to have excess guys at one weight and none backing up another weight. Also, he had some kind of injury/dinged up from extra matches, so looked like plan was sit till next year, then Hone injury. Yeah I wouldn't expect a lot if he makes NCAA but strange year so who knows?
  3. Well not quite, based on last couple posts looked like still had 4 or 5 left in first suite. Given ticket recall for regular seats, something smells fishy.
  4. G was 141 and bumped up to replace injured Lewallen at 149 two years ago. All those who think Fix should be 125 should have no problem with G going back to original weight. Although, sure its been 2 years so he mightve grown fat & happy at 149 but he wasn't beating Boo.
  5. Brock re-injured knee and replacement Hone injured knee in Challenge tourney. They wrestled a 125 at 141 in Bedlam dual.
  6. He has a 2-0 record and hasn't wrestled a match in over a month. How can we tell anything from 2-0 and how did Woods do 0-0 and after he was 2-0? Also look at how #2 18-0 Baylor looked on their home court against a 2-16 team after their Covid pause. If there's one thing we can predict this year its that we can't predict how individuals are going to preform in this strange Covid season.
  7. I'm beginning to think Vak is a bad draw for TBarr or vice versa.
  8. And why don't you think that?
  9. Well some folks base their arguments on basic factless errors ... so you've got a leg up on them folks. :)
  10. This thread will not be complete without Vak. :(
  11. Maybe consi quarters still possible? ;)
  12. Whoda thunk that a big 10 team could get all 10 of their guys seeded 11 or 14 (well except for that 12 anomaly). It just doesn't seem mathematically possible.
  13. Can we all just agree that Carl got a bad draw? Would it be too much to say he got a badder draw than Alex? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. Not sure any of us know for sure how it works (or if they will change/tweak the rules) but my understanding reading it is only option to find a 4th match and hope to get an AL.
  15. But is that the guy Woods only beat 3-2? Also, if Woods takes an AL then the guy left at home likely from another conference that didn't get a pre-al due to the ivy deal.
  16. big in big matches but not big in BIG (championship) matches, correct? ;)
  17. Were they out of brick by the 125lb match? Was surprised wasn't thrown at end, that was worth review.
  18. Why are so many concerned about this? If Woods goes some kid who wrestled the season gets left at home. :(
  19. I see another national title for Penn St here. ;)
  20. And Sheets just 1 criteria (out of 5 to determine) away from being a 3x. Lost to Dave S. in his So year.
  21. Shouldn't we all want to see the national champ wrestle the second best guy out there? Also, can we all just agree that Alex is gonna get a bad draw? Unless he does a bbq (see other thread) he will have to wrestle two or three studs. :0 ;_;
  22. For a "new to the sport" guy you are being pretty bold with them there predictions! ;)
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