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  1. Don't believe Abe Lincoln or Tom Cruise every made weight at nationals. But then, perhaps you were asking about collegiate wrestlers who failed to make weight at the NCAA tournament and not simply "famous guys?" ;)
  2. Re-read my posts. In the way that Delgado or Green are ahead of Megaludis and D. Alton. The point is that Brown was "in" every one of the matches that he lost to the four that are picked to place in the top-4 in the OP. I see a strong potential for Brown to beat anyone of those guys the next time he sees them which would put him in the top-4. Q. Wright had previously lost to every guy he beat at B1Gs and NCAAs two years ago when he won it all. Stranger things have happen than to predict Brown avenging a close loss to any one or all of the selected top-4. But what color was the wrestling mat? You do know that in Big 10 seeding they not only look at whether a wrestler was almost "in" a match he lost and whether he was almost "out" of a match he won, but they also factor in the color of the mat on which the match was wrestled :roll:
  3. Is anyone else watching why are they showing the meaningless 3rd place dual thru the link for the OSUv Minny Championship link?!! Went thru gopher all access is it any deferent if going directly to Big ten digital?
  4. "Gable Named Assistant Coach" Looks like only four words! ;)
  5. Pretty sure its not on BTN but rather the CBS all access. Every time I've used all-access have, as yesterday, cancelled as not providing the coverage advertised. Was hoping this was on Flo but doesn't seem to be the case. :(
  6. Still Winnetka is NNW of Chicago, Evanston being directly north of Chicago & Winnetka north-northwest of Evanston. And I believe New Trier is in the southeast corner of Winnetka? Perhaps they didn't teach geography at New Trier? Still only thing I see northeast of Chicago is Lake Michigan, but then again perhaps Denny is "all wet." :P
  7. The only thing I'm aware of that is "northeast" of Chi-town is Lake Michigan. :roll:
  8. You are forgetting the National Duals, so we could say BTDT, but won't this time. :P
  9. Doesn't show on my device, please keep posting!
  10. So a thread title indicating Iowa has already beat Penn State. Didn't know they moved the meet up and if you were there to witness the victory, why are you on here asking questions? :roll: Of course if you weren't there and they didn't move the meet up why not post your questions in the already existing thread? :roll: :roll:
  11. I take it you never saw Sanderson wrestle folkstyle? If you had you would know why he would not have a problem with Ruth. It wasn't just that Sanderson beat everyone, it was the way he wrestled in doing so, he made it look so easy.
  12. But they aren’t wrestling, so they must just be waiting for Lacrosse season, plus I heard it from a very good unreliable source. :shock:
  13. This could be totally bogus and since it’s on the internet, who knows if of any value. However, heard from a fairly unreliable source (believe it was the wife of a former friend’s brother’s niece) that the Alton’s are both transferring to play lacrosse at N.C. State. Can anyone else confirm? :roll:
  14. Why do any think Oliver will wrestle?
  15. ionel

    3X Champs

    This is not a complete list. For OSU: where are Peery, McCready, Arndt, VanBebber – all undefeated 3x NCAA champs and Hutton only 1 career loss (rd NCAA finals), 3x NCAA champ? For OU where is Hodge? For Northern Iowa: Koll, and Young?
  16. Perhaps Tommie B has fired up the rocket ship and they’ll be wrestling in another galaxy for the first half of the season, not to be bothered with mere earthlings till returning to Iowa in March. :roll:
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