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  1. Is it true he moved to Iowa due to the covid & still has no internet?
  2. Not only that but look above, you just replied to yourself telling yourself about your "paranoid arrogance" ... yeah it might be a good to get out of the house and away from the keyboard for a bit. ;)
  3. How so? It's either true or not true, should be easy to find out which is the case. Don't see how it could be considered "overblown."
  4. Yeah I was thinking a wise bud who always has a couple keggers of Budweiser on the back porch of the single wide, never thought of keggers & keggers of Yuengling. But sure, when now seeing nhs I'll try to envision a sophisticated ivy league grad drinking a Yuengling out of a high quality special cut & etched $50 pint beer glass. :)
  5. Whenever I see nhs67 I think Budwiser ... don't know why but ...
  6. That's not it but whenever I see yours I think potato ... or is that potahto ... or maybe potatoe ... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ... i need to phone a friend.
  7. and if you were to now update that info, it would be ... :)
  8. How about we make it more interesting and say: a) match continues after first spladle (2nd ends it), b) shoves or fist to the face while out of bounds during regulation time are worth 2pts, and c) each backflip during regulation time is worth 4 points if completed in bounds. :)
  9. Ain't it grand when two announcers can agree on something. :)
  10. I agree, if watching a Penn State match I turn the volume off ... come to think about it even if simply listening to a Penn State match on internet audio broadcast I turn the volume off.
  11. So ... A) he FORGOT that he won? B) he FORGOTthat they take a photo after? C) heFORGOTwhat time they do the photo? or D) heFORGOTwhere they take the photo? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. JB, I'm surprised you didn't mention JB. ;)
  13. Great job! Do you have the team scores based on the individual match results?
  14. Yep pretty sure that is Great-Great GranDaddy Mack Gable
  15. Did Jack B do this by memory, cause can't find video of the event? ;)
  16. ionel


    Good grief man look who is being stupid! The abbreviation is kg only two letters a lot less to type that that other nonsense. ;_;
  17. ionel


    Well, first what Oklahoma campers you talking about juniorers higher schoolers, graders schoolers? And if he's cutting down to 70 something keggers is that 70 kegs per week, per month, per year? Even if per year prob not gonna be in shape to wrestle so what's the point of the cut? ;_;
  18. That right there is a sign you are eating too much morning pastry. ;)
  19. Can you provide the source/reference for that?
  20. Yes and thus concern is that could be us again in December, it could just keep moving around the world.
  21. Look at what is happening in Brazil.
  22. just an fyi: a mask doesn't protect you, it may help protect others if you are contagious
  23. Give yourself a break, go outside and play baseball, soccer or go running. Folks need to get outside where there's solar, wind, heat etc.
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