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  1. Perhaps you dont understand what's going on and where high school wrestling fits in the bigger scheme of things, particularly since the season doesn't even start till ~December and you are talking about June!? BTW: folks in Illinois can't even get a haircut
  2. NCAA Championship is usually in March and summer Olympic Games in July/August but ...
  3. Why would there need to be live wrestling in June?
  4. Well sure, buts its gonna be hard to explain that 285lb NCAA championship to the grandkids. ;)
  5. If you are looking for a rumor, heard from friend's girl friend's daughter's aunt's 3rd cousin that speculation is you are both wrong about your rumored assumptions. ;_;
  6. Look at thread title, fantasy match soTaylor wins every time, don't know why any would include Dake in this thread. ;)
  7. Are you unfamiliar with the ;) ? But also kids world wide (well not so much in the US) choose Cricket, they get it, more action longer matches. Why do you want to oppress today's US athletes (and put down athletes in other countries) by living in your past and denying world competition? ;)
  8. You really think Cael can't totally school Ed? ;_;
  9. Jake's better brother. Most never heard of him till the autospell check invention. ;)
  10. The longest Cricket match went on for 9 days of play with ~680 overs bowled. Even the best Iowa folkstaller could not come close to one four thousandths of that effort/level of excitement.
  11. The Jerseys have their own oceans, who knew ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. ... yeah but ...but ... they have more ... ahh ... more gambling ;)
  13. ... or just replace NCAA wrestling with cricket ... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ;)
  14. Is it true that with the outbreak in pork and beef processing plants the MAC and other conferences will be playing with Nerf footballs this year ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  15. This is true. And its disappointing that what we mostly hear is just repeating the old noise rather than focus on the new relevant info.
  16. That is certainly useful information to read and consider but it doesn't debunk.
  17. Please reference the article that "debunked." There has been more than one Stanford study. If you watched the last video Dr. B addressed the Twitter talk and explained why they were wrong. Also pretty sure twitter isn't a peer reviewed journal.
  18. So back to back NCAA tournaments in March 85 or March 86 or was there say a September 85 NCAA tournament? ;)
  19. See the Stanford study. Search for Hoover Int and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya for the last interview this past week, ~40 minutes and toward the end implication on #s lost if we remain locked down is discussed. He also mentions numerous other studies that have performed representative statistical samples. Most are seeing very similar results. This was also linked in the other thread specifically about covid.
  20. All in one year, now that is impressive. ;)
  21. Yes, you are correct but internet forums, computers, displays and keyboards have also advanced, so read my post, I said 2017/18.
  22. With their fantastic education I'm assuming all Jersey kids are able to qualify for a free to a 4 year university? Of course seems odd they force many of those steller academic university grads to pump gas the rest of their life. ;_;
  23. Sure except it didn't work for the 17/18 flu strain hence why so many died.
  24. Do we have a vaccine for HIV? Did we have a vaccine for the 2017/18 flu?
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