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  1. Don't believe they had O-rs in 80s. Worth noting Smith took regular RS after So year (lost to Jordan in finals) competed in FS that year (also dont believe he competed for Ntl team). Jr year won NCAA then made Ntl team & won World. Sr year won NCAA and Olympic. I'd say his RS after So year did help him at international FS but wasn't directly that same year.
  2. Has he won 2 or 3? If not, get back to us when you have some data. ;_;
  3. No ones wants to be froms the Jerseys.
  4. If Taylor hadn't been bubba'd then sure, but ...
  5. Not if you actually watched how Cael wrestled, the continual fluid motion, and how easily he controlled the matches. Also, consider everyone gets sick at some point, has an off day etc., yet he never lost over the 4 years and never looked like he might or could lose.
  6. Posted on a forum they were considering going back to some form of their original name, something 'catchy' like: The Queen's College of the Suriano
  7. The last couple pro cycling events (UAE might've been the last) there were no fans roadside (prob easier to control in UAE than the Euro events). They shut down last 2 days of UAE event because a couple support individuals on different teams were found to be positive. Q'd all and found more positives so pretty sure the teams staff etc went thru the 14 day before back to normal activity. Now all that said going forward and since we now have better testing, there's plenty of money to test all and change the way they run the events, eliminate fans etc. Given the age, condition etc of the athletes none really at risk (from what we now know) from covid-19 and a decent % prob already had it. Also the interaction outdoors in the heat & sun where greatly reduced chance of spread. With testing and reducing interactions off course I'd expect they will start back up.
  8. You talking about the Lurker or just a lurker? ;)
  9. Well that brings up another theory. Photo obviously taken after all finals finished, back then they started finals at 118 so Barry would've had time to eat 5 dozen doughnuts before this photo was taken. But doesn't explain why Carr looks like he is a 58lb fifth grade kid.
  10. Think about it, look at Metzger and Carr. This photo has been discussed before.
  11. As you've stated not good to go to wiki for this kind of data. But also you can't compute mortality rate from these "confirmed cases." The 5.8% is where a lot of experts thought it was early on, but now we have better data. Those taking a statistical sampling approach (see the Stanford study etc) are saying indicating the mortality rate may be about the same as flu and maybe a bit less. We will have much better info when their 27 location MLB results come out next week. Now that doesn't mean it's less dangerous and we probably were doing the right thing to shutdown initially. The issues (see what some of us were saying early on in the other thread, prob buried on page 10-15 by now) early R0 was at 3 maybe 5+. With those numbers (and Italy good example) hospitals and staff were going to be overwhelmed if we did nothing. That generally doesn't happen with Flu although it did in some areas for the 17/18 but it wasn't NY so no one cared. Another issue they learned later is asymptomatic folks out there and they could shed the virus many having never known they had it. The other difference, according to med experts (at least at this point), is we know who ~95% of folks are who will die from covid-19 so potentially makes it easier to protect them than with flu victims. Early out break R0 was very high but R0 and mortality rates both generally come down over time. However, the research data suggest that mortality rate was never as high as suggested at early stage.
  12. I didn't say anything about a virus that killed more people than Vietnam. Are you saying that's the threshold before the deaths are important or we do anything? That doesn't fit with what I hear the NY gov say everyday. I personally still don't know anyone who has tested positive or died from covid-19. That doesn't mean what we are doing isn't important or the right thing to do. However, I did have a relative who died from the 2017 season flu, the vaccine did not protect that strain. He got very sick, went to hospital next county over (none in county) , they sent him home because they didn't have room for any more. Had in home care for a while, went to the hospital again then sent him back to basically a nursing home/hospital in county. Again, my point is there are alternatives and a vaccine is not necessarily the only answer. There's also a whole lot of info out there that is not science based. But too, college sports isn't really the major concern, we may or may not have them in 2020/21.
  13. Could be but as I recall we had a 2017 wrestling season yet did not have a vaccine. Just based on the math it would be about impossible to think that we'd have a vaccine by fall and then enough time to vaccinate the entire population before the end of wrestling season. Plus if no fall football, soccer etc. highly doubtful they'd be basketball, wrestling etc. Also there are potential options that are likely better than a vaccine in this first year, accurate repeated testing to ensure athletes are negative and/or have the anti-bodies. Such would need to be combined with a strict code of conduct of athlete behavior. Sports is not a right so if unwilling to follow the code then don't participate. Its still too early to tell where this will go.
  14. Cuba being an island, wouldn't anywhere they send folks off the island be technically considered "overseas?" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  15. DF seems to have never recieved the PC memo.
  16. If he is over 60 he could be at increased health risk working out in close proximity to other guys. Thought a Doc would know this. ;)
  17. kid in my high school only wrestled half a season, folks didn't talk about him much but yeah it was a different era - pre internet/social media. ;_;
  18. You been talking to MudFlap?
  19. Same as everyone else, pretty much 0% chance. Can't win a tournament you don't enter. :(
  20. Yep and you can fly an airplane from OK to WI, I've do so & if being "closer" is more of time thing then ... and doesn't have to be "warm." :)
  21. At least he didn't crawl off the mat, stood up pushed & shoved & fought like a man. ;_;
  22. There's a big lake between MI and WI, not easy to get across, option go around and thru Chicago but who wants to do that. :(
  23. Think of the technique he brought back from the future, that cradle was just plain out of this world.
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