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  1. I feel bad for both. Lee loses on a bad call and no matter what happens, DeSanto will never ( other than having the medal) receive the full credit from everyone. Always going to be an asterik.
  2. I understand that the points can come before the ref signals. Watch the video. When you slow it down frame by frame ( the refs dont have that option) ts clear that they just started the roll when the clock hit 0.
  3. Video on flo shows 0 before the ref gave the 2. Too bad HS doesn't have replay.
  4. Not watching but listening to WJPA broadcast. Only info I have is from them. Cant wait to watch it.
  5. Why is he stopping a match calling the officials to the table. If you want to ref, suit up and put your whistle back on. If not STFU and sit down.
  6. Just watching the semis again and I notice Flynn had some words for Brands and it appeared that he got a warning for it. Just wondering if anyone else saw it.
  7. What is the record for team score at the PA state tourny in either class?
  8. Ironside flat out tells it like it is. I love when he gets worked up. Overtime in the Grajales v Grothus was a classic.
  9. Ryan Goodman was a Qb and wrestler for Nebraska then left for NC State to do the same.
  10. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid= ... =1&theater Argument OVER
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