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  1. As someone who is getting their PhD, and uses stats all the time- this is quite the poor analysis. It's a sampling issue. Not only is it not enough years, but he only samples two time points. If he wanted to correctly answer this question, he would compare preseason, mid season, prior to b10s, seeds to placement (Nationals rank) . He could plot it in a simple XY graph where X= time and Y= Rank. It's a temporal issue of peaking. What if Minnesota's teams peaked in Jan, performed terrible at big 10s, and then only slightly better at nationals? You wouldn't say they have peaked if they are performing below their rank of Jan rankings....
  2. Why take the assistant coach position when he could have easily had the head coach position at Purdue?????
  3. There goes my dreams of him becoming the Purdue's next head coach:(:(
  4. Isn't it kind of interesting that you have a fight break out at a wrestling event and no one wrestles the person they are fighting?
  5. Why take an assistant job at Rutgers when you could land the head job at Purdue?
  6. Why take an assistant job at Rutgers when you could land the head job at Purdue?
  7. Quiroga had a life threatening staph infection after his first AA. The kid had to completely relearn to walk again, and missed a considerable amount of training time and in season time. Add that to a hamstring injury this last season. I'm not surprised he failed to AA again. Yes that disapoints me as an alum. I think without the staph infection, and hamstring injury he AA's 2 more times. Eppert has had his own health struggles (Hip dysplasia requiring surgery). a few years ago I would have guessed they both would have stood on the podium their JR and SR year.
  8. A Prizlaff or Frayer hire would just be incredible. I'm foaming at the mouth thinking about that. I have a feeling Burke will pass Fleeger over. That said, Fleeger is a great asset to any program. A Frayer hire turns Purdue completely around. If Frayer comes, so does Howe. I could see Hazewinkle coming as well. Could you imagine a staff with Frayer, Hazewinkle and Fleeger?!
  9. There is no way Hinkel resigned on his own accord. No way. There are few guys who bleed Black and Gold more than he does.
  10. It's a shame to see Hinkel's tenure at Purdue end like this. Scott Hinkel deserves a lot of credit for things that many cannot see. His outreach and impact on Indiana youth wrestling, outreach to the youth wrestling community of Indiana, change in atmosphere in the Purdue wrestling room, an academic success turn around amongst his athletes etc, are all positive impacts Hinkel left. On a personal level, you could not ask for a more stand up guy than Scott Hinkel. The Purdue and greater Indiana wrestling community was better for having him involved. As an alumni- the past few years have been rather frustrating for me. On one hand, there were glimmers of hope that Purdue would turn things around. Things never seemed to take off like I thought they would though. On the wrestling side, things did not pan out. Although his guys fell short these past few years, I will say I think he had a positive impact on the wresting style at Purdue. Those guys may not always win, but they wrestle tough and with heart. Bad luck with injuries. Quiroga could have been a 3-4x AA had there not been major health setbacks (hamstring), major staph infection (look it up). Braden Atwood will have great success these next few years, in part thanks to Scott Hinkel. Nielsen and Sabatto are turning out nicely. When you consider what Hinkel was up against, I'm proud of some of the success he had. Whoever takes this position over will have to deal with a notoriously horrible administration. The geographic location makes recruiting difficult. You have to contend with PSU, MN, Iowa, Ohio State in close proximity. Stellar instate recruits are few and far between. Campus isn't the most attractive, and location isn't the most appealing either. There is some upside at Purdue though. Strong university academically with good reputation, New wrestling room, Updated gymnasium facilities, new lockerroom etc. It will be interesting to see how this coaching search will go. It will be very telling of the administration support.
  11. You guys are idiots. We find out that possibly 15 post grads will enter this year midlands and all you can talk about is a topic that has been beat to death already. I was hoping to come on here to find names of wrestlers that will enter the tourney, not this crap.
  12. I think the correlation there is that a lot of the wrestlers who are older in highschool muscle their way through victories. If you are on the younger end you end up relying a lot heavier on technique. Once physical development catches on the guy who has the better developed technique has the advantage.
  13. I've a discussion about Dake a few times with my wrestling friends regarding how he presents himself in interviews. Everyone can agree that Dake is a tremendous wrestler that has some amazing accomplishments. No doubt his drive will lead him to some success on the international stage. Personally I think a lot of these discussions regarding who will be the guy at 2016, how long X wrestler will surpass Y wrestler etc- is a bit silly in my opinion. There are so many factors that come into play here. Injuries alone make this stuff hard to predict. Of Howe, Taylor, Dake and JB- 2/4 have had potentially career ending/major setback injuries. IE Howe and the torn hamstring, JB and the torn ACL. Long term predictions when it comes to wrestling are almost never accurate. As far as Dake- there are times when he comes off as a class act. There are also times when he comes off like a douche fratboy. A lot of times I'll listen to him interview and am impressed with how he presents himself. On occasion, his confidence comes off as arrogance. I'm hoping that he continues to mature and we see less of this fratboy cocky mentality. He is certainly capable of being a class act- and is so in most of the interviews. This is obviously more of a maturity thing then anything. I honestly think Dake is a pretty class act when he's not letting the guys from flo prod him into saying stupid crap. I think you are a complete idiot if you defend those moments where he is coming off as cocky. "OH he has accomplished X, everyone at that level is cocky". You are an idiot. Yes. A complete idiot. I've never once seen a John Smith interview where he comes off as Cocky. I've never once seen a Cael interview where he has come off as cocky. Confident- yes. Cocky, no. I'm not saying trash Dake or his accomplishments. I'm just saying it's not unreasonable to expect that the wrestler who is going to potentially represent your country to have humility and grace.
  14. Quiroga is at 33 as well
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