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  1. Outlaw


    Are they ever going to get it right. Tried to watch Beat the Streets tonight and although I got to see some wrestling, my screen went blank way too many times. I gave up.
  2. Outlaw

    Jake Ryan got screwed

    There was no team point deducted. There was simply a Mat Control Violation warning on Ryan. First one is a warning, second one is a team point. You don't want to get a third one....... My guess is that it was for badgering.....
  3. Both Uncle Al and Father Leo were on the wrestling team at UNC! Leo played both sports........
  4. Throw out any list that does not include Randy Lewis!
  5. This may sound crazy but I would call her.......
  6. So you have pinned yourself and want to blame it on the Official! I believe most Officials will give the "defensive" fall more time than the standard 1 second fall. Quickly is inaccurate. The Official loses credibility if he doesn't make the call!
  7. Outlaw

    1 Point 'almost' takedowns

    One of the many reasons I stepped away from officiating Freestyle/Greco..... :roll:
  8. Outlaw

    Stalling calls tonight

    Agreed. Tim Shields called a great match as always!
  9. Outlaw

    This is a lesson in stalling

    And it is not a move either......
  10. Outlaw


    Exactly what I was thinking!
  11. Power trip? Really. What makes you think that?
  12. Being an Official is not an easy thing. Since WalterWhite is the expert here why don't you share your experience as an Official? Refs talk to the athletes all the time about what is expected of them. Some listen others do not. Most Officials do so much to NOT be the show, to let the athletes themselves determine the matches. Unfortunately not all the athletes do what they need to do. If the official saw stalling and did not call it would that be better? It is a no win situation.......
  13. Outlaw


    Still no official announcement. Wonder what the hold up is....