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  1. Brandon Kingsley to 157 for minnesota
  2. Didn't joe smith win state at 170 this year?
  3. Oklahoma st is currently in 2nd place with 5 in the quarters. klimera, Heil, Dieringer, Crutchmer and Marsden. If Kindig was not injured they would be in the title hunt no doubt. Amazing job at peaking once again for okst. Nebraska is wrestling very well too. I am completely disgusted with how Minnesota has wrestled. No mat wrestling as usual is the problem. 4 in the quarters with Dardanes, Ness, Storley and Schiller. Pfarr just 0-2 Bbq, Nick Dardanes looked terrible 2nd round. Team just looked flat. Iowa st has not looked as good as I expected even in the wins.
  4. Adam Frey did not make weight his freshmen year on day 2. Way back in the 80s there were multiple guys in the same bracket that failed to make weight the same year. Not super duper common but I had to put some names out there. I know we had a couple guys treading water, playing with death weighing in dead on intentionally and eventually 2 missed weight, both were solid wrestlers and state entry's. Both cases the opposing coach allowed the kid to wrestle, it I was late January and neither team was in the section and were good matches for their particular wrestlers, one won, one lost.
  5. Someone will miss weight almost for sure. I can't imagine having this huge of a competition and actually trusting that my scale isn't off by .1-.2. There is no way if I am chris Dardanes im weighin in at 133.0 the first day. In all of the weighins of his on track wrestling that I have seen every one is .0 every time. Hate to say these ones but these are my 5 most likely to miss Chris Dardanes Kenny Courts Jesse Delgado (if he loses day 1) Nick Sulzer Bo Jordan Mainly I went with guys whom are big for the weight class, guys whom may pack it in if they go to wrestle backs, kenny courts I've always gotten the I don't care vibe from so I can see him costing Ohio st the title this way
  6. It happens when kids continue to grow and fill out. I remember when tyler safratowich won state at 103, 112 and 125 and took 2nd at sr Nationals at 125. He was projected 125/133 and ended up being a 157/165. Hayden Zillmer for ndsu right now, won state at 103,112,130 and was projected 133/141. Wrestled 157 a rs fr and couldn't make it anymore so went up to 174 some and they claimed he would go back down, he wrestled 174 last year and now is a big 184.
  7. Who are the qualifiers for st eds this year to try to keep the streak alive?
  8. Glad to see Wanzek not make it the way he wrestled at the end of the year
  9. Stuck him last year. 5-3 other than a stupid last chance throw.
  10. 125-Josh Rodriguez 133-AJ Schopp-has wrestled poor as of late and fallen off the map a little 141-Geo Martinez 149-Josh Kindig 157-cody Pack 165-taylor Walsh 174-cody Walters 184-brett Pfarr 197-Phil Wellington Hwt-michael Kroells
  11. I am a minnesota fan and think realbuto should be the 2 seed. I would think ness wants realbuto over green again, one of these times ness is gonna lose to green. I can see green beating Martinez before ness.
  12. Mean you went out on that mat to just sit on bottom and brace up, just to get turned and majored and pinned. Thoroughly embarrassed
  13. One person I can guarantee does not need to worry about a wildcard is Nick Wanzek after going 0-3 getting piss pounded twice and beat by a below .500 guy
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