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  1. How is Dave Grohl an indignant clown?
  2. The drug use isnt to get jacked, its to handle getting beat up 300 days a year. I can assure you, there are plenty of fat asses in the wwe juicing up to be able to perform a brutal schedule.
  3. Im in the core curriculum for greco and in some of the movement skills in the freestyle section. Its a lot better than a book
  4. I think many NCAA AA's could probably place in the depth we have right now. I watched wtt in greco and I know I have teammates who could get up off the couch and be an instant contender. 10 years ago no way that happens. I put up 11 on arguably the best 141lber of all time, and I was ranked maybe 5th or 6th. I honestly think if half of the AA's showed up to trials, our team would make major improvements in a few years. Guys coming out of NCAA's are capable of getting medals eventually. We've done it before.
  5. Im guessing Gable and Sanderson were predicting it; most likely sure of it
  6. Pushing a guy 20 feet off the mat who doesnt want to get pushed is pretty damn hard
  7. Cool list. Thanks for compiling that
  8. 97 is probably the toughest to win, easiest to medal in. 65 is the hardest to even get a win in.
  9. Wrestlers have been tucking in non cuffed sweats into socks since before I was in HS. Kids would think those dudes were nerds then they would smoke everyone. It came from necessity, not internet fashion.
  10. We have already shown what the recipe for success is in America when it comes to greco. Enough so that we won a world title with it. ALL of our medalists in the past 20 years have shared 1 of 3 traits, and none of more than one: 1 - Successful completed NCAA career. 2 - Ivan Ivanov was their sole developmental coach and they spent most/all of their training time with him. 3 - Dremiel Byers. Would we be able to combine those things again? For the right money, yes. Easily.
  11. You guys are crazy if you think that a wrestler with his credentials, connections, and mental capacity couldnt find someone capable to advise and run certain aspects of a college team in an interim period that has had previous success at the highest levels of DI coaching.
  12. The belief that the central nervous system can play a part in the peripheral and autonomic isnt really voodoo. Most people just dont understand it very well, including scientists. Seems to have worked though. Cant say you will ever get a boring interview with Gilman
  13. World Silver in 17. Ranking Series gold medals from ’18 Yasar Dogu and ’20 Matteo Pellicone as well bronze medals from the ’19 Ivan Yariguin and ’18 Pan American Championships. 21 Deglane bronze. Several wins over world medalists in the last 4 years. How tf is that a likely DNP?
  14. You guys dont believe in energy pathways? Phosphogenic, aerobic, anaerobic. All 3 get used fairly extensively in a wrestling match.
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