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  1. olddirty

    Straps controversy

    I dont think its a bit much. Its the rules. Having wrestlers walk around matches and tournaments topless makes the sport look bush league. I go over it with all of my wrestlers and make damn sure every single one of them understands the straps rule and that they will face consequences if they are in a dual or tournament with their straps down, on or off the mat.
  2. olddirty

    Steveson’s Behavior

    Extreme disrespect? The guy wasnt moving at all, and he pulled his head down a few times.
  3. Constantly backing up. I like how the guy wrestles, but he should make the decision. Alex, dont try to ride it out; Optional start and cut it. Grab the razor from the med kit and just embrace it brother. Come to the dark side.
  4. Good change. One gripe - I think they need to vary the continental championship values. Winning the Oceana championships or African championships should not be worth double a 2nd place finish at Yarigin or Yasar Dogu
  5. olddirty

    ESPN reporting on wrestling referee incident

    I legitimately think that 99% of anyone commenting on this subject has ever trained or competed against guys with dreadlocks. I train with a guy with dreadlocks on a daily basis. He's tough, I like him, but I really wish he would wear the hair covering. It destroys my face, and he isnt being a dick about it. I would seriously question anyone calling it a dumb, archaic rule. Long hair, yes, its a stupid rule. Dreadlocks, hard stubble, tons of gel/product, there is a reason for it. Kids can make their own choices on how they want to wear their hair, but follow the simple rule that keeps your opponent from leaving the mat looking like a raspberry. There are literally thousands of girls who can figure this rule out every single weekend. Shouldnt be any tougher for the guys.
  6. olddirty

    you make finals - and don't wrestle?

    Jiujitsu had this problem but they fixed it. If you have 2 guys from the same team competing, they get put on the same side of the bracket. If they want to pull it then, one guy just goes home with nothing. Thanks for your entry fee.
  7. olddirty

    All top game team?

    Surprised no one mentioned these guys: Nick Simmons Gene Mills Ben Askren Chael Sanderson
  8. olddirty

    No back points for this?

    Looked like 2 to me
  9. Have to stay focused and wrestle my match
  10. olddirty

    Weight Cutting Education

    The biggest BJJ entity in the world, the IBJJF, runs tournaments with upwards of 7,000 adult competitors. They do matside weigh ins and its like clockwork.
  11. olddirty

    Takuto Otoguro

    I watched all of Sidakovs matches and all of Otoguros. Otoguro is by far more entertaining to watch. Pound for pound I dont know who is better, but Otoguro is much more fan friendly to watch.
  12. olddirty

    Takuto Otoguro

    He was at the same weight as Rei Higuchi
  13. olddirty

    Dennis Hall to Ohio RTC

    I have been in training camps ran by Dennis as well as rooming with him overseas. This guy is seriously an incredible coach. Not just greco, but his mindset as a competitor, as well as his knowledge of how to prepare physically, mentally, and technically. He is a guy who can just walk in the room and the intensity and focus go way up. Huge score for those guys.
  14. olddirty

    Rest in Peace, Ol' Cletus Tucker

    His name was Cletus Tucker. I have met him in person, and talked lots of wrestling with him. Always had good technique insight even though he was an upper weight.