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  1. olddirty

    Check out this smoke show

    I might be older than you. Until recently, smoke show was when a dude would burnout his tires and create a "smoke show", which looked very close to this guys resume. A lot of smoke being blown with these half truths.
  2. olddirty

    Check out this smoke show

    That was my first thought. These guys have the same playbook
  3. olddirty

    Been 'bout 20 years since my state title

    Cool rockin Delfino in the USA
  4. olddirty

    Check out this smoke show

    Do Athletic Directors not know how to do basic google searches? Almost everything this guy has listed as an accomplishment seems to be totally fake. Is my memory that bad or was this guy really winning US open 6x and placing at the world championships 2x? I dont seem to remember him at all. The story from the SID claims he was the head coach of ISU "club" during Kevin Jackson's tenure there. Dude is blowing some serious smoke. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/August_Wesley_(wrestler) https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/22109?fbclid=IwAR3B-75v97wB8c0ha3V_MDBmuIRm6KJs52R8pJ14d5VwYXhU90An1QnZm08
  5. olddirty

    Pico TKO a few minutes ago

    The Valencia comparison is spot in IMO. Im also confident I see some mountains over there and Stall could be heading over them
  6. olddirty

    Most annoying commentator catchphrases?

    "punched his ticket to xyz" Come up with something better. Tickets havent been punched since mail was the form of communication and horses were viable transportation.
  7. olddirty

    Cox deserves a nickname (and a shoe)

    People are looking at me strange for laughing so hard
  8. olddirty

    Which version of PD3 do we have?

    This version is much more logical and well spoken. PD3po
  9. olddirty

    Does Zain have a shot against Yianni?

    Im predicting Yianni gets hurt. He keeps putting his knee in a pretty bad position in some of his scrambles. I hope he doesnt but it makes me cringe.
  10. International - 2017 world champion Viktor Nemes. Collegian - I teched Teyon Ware a few months after he won his 2nd NCAA championship National level - Jessie Theilke right before he got the Olympic Spot. I beat Pat Smith who has a university world silver but Jessie is better IMO
  11. olddirty

    Downey Making Weight...

    This is a really good point. That is completely unfair if Taylor gets the benefits without weighing in if they are going to make Downey do it.
  12. olddirty

    Pat Downey is still Pat Downey!

    Just rewatched it with sound. Downy stops wrestling the second the referee blows the whistle. If you want to complain about Downy being too physical with his gut lock, I would really question your intentions. Do you really think being physical with a lock is a disgrace or do you just want a reason to hate Downy?
  13. olddirty

    Helen Maroulis

    To be fair, he did become a world champion in another extremely competitive pro sport after the Olympics. Stephan Neal became a non wrestler after his world gold too.
  14. olddirty

    ROTC and Wrestling in College

    Two of my teammates did it in college. One made the national finals. Both had to commit to enlist as LT's. Both declined and went reserves. One made the UFC #1 contender spot in lieu of the military. Actually kicked Johnny Hendricks ass 2 fights before he was the champ.