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  1. Their government changed policy and allowed some students to study abroad
  2. Didnt Bubba come out of retirement and beat our Olympic rep who took 5th at the games?
  3. Yes, this exactly. Most guys just set it once at the beginning of the quarter. I would set mine for 5 am every day, location my house or the dorms at the OTC, and just set that for the next 90 days in a row. They have an app that you can pull up and change if you have to go somewhere. Takes about 15 seconds. Or you can go online, or call with an automated service. In competition is different. For example, if I make the finals of Pan Ams, they can test me on the spot after the match, even if thats outside of my 1 hour window. This is why it is very suspect when foreigners will make the finals of a tournament and just disappear after the semi finals.
  4. They dont just randomly show up whenever they please. You set the time and the location, and it only has to be an hour. Most guys set it at 4-6 am, as there is little chance they would just randomly go do something at those hours. USADA also will wait around, so if you set it for 6 am, they dont just leave at 6:01. I had a guy wait at my front door for an hour because I couldnt hear him knocking. The overseas and lost the phone one is the one I can definitely understand if you are not very organized. Try going to some 4rd world country without a phone. I have done it 20 times or more. Logging into a USADA app from Kosovo without a phone is damn near impossible if you arent that friendly.
  5. Im not so hard on Metcalf. I probably would have done the same. If someone backflips on me to celebrate, Im gonna feel pretty disrespected as a competitor. This is coming from someone who likes DC. When he was at the training center, we got along great.
  6. First - Does anyone know what the two guys at each corner wearing the striped ref shirts are for? Second - Mcilravy was sponsored by Gateway 2000. I know they are SD based, but have never heard of a computer manufacturer sponsoring wrestlers. How did he land that?
  7. Greg Strobel would know the answer to this, whether his actions were based out of mental illness, or his actions were based off of his feelings about African American wrestlers. Strobel witnessed probably all or most of his interactions with the athletes.
  8. Nice of you to tell someone what college is about for them.
  9. Watch video of these guys in the early 60s and earlier, then watch an average high school state championship match in todays era. There is your answer
  10. This doesnt mean they arent used and arent effective. How many offensive scores are generated from head positioning?
  11. If its getting used with success in Olympic medal matches, its pretty tough to say its a move that only works on scrubs
  12. North Korea - Compete more. NK produces really good wrestlers that are really, really exciting to watch. It sucks we only get to see them once or twice every 4 years
  13. Just wanted to throw out to Jerseywrestling, these are really cool and I enjoy reading them. Thanks for putting these out.
  14. This is in the German bundesliga. They use different rules and procedures
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