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  1. olddirty

    Weight Cutting Education

    The biggest BJJ entity in the world, the IBJJF, runs tournaments with upwards of 7,000 adult competitors. They do matside weigh ins and its like clockwork.
  2. olddirty

    Takuto Otoguro

    I watched all of Sidakovs matches and all of Otoguros. Otoguro is by far more entertaining to watch. Pound for pound I dont know who is better, but Otoguro is much more fan friendly to watch.
  3. olddirty

    Takuto Otoguro

    He was at the same weight as Rei Higuchi
  4. olddirty

    Dennis Hall to Ohio RTC

    I have been in training camps ran by Dennis as well as rooming with him overseas. This guy is seriously an incredible coach. Not just greco, but his mindset as a competitor, as well as his knowledge of how to prepare physically, mentally, and technically. He is a guy who can just walk in the room and the intensity and focus go way up. Huge score for those guys.
  5. olddirty

    Rest in Peace, Ol' Cletus Tucker

    His name was Cletus Tucker. I have met him in person, and talked lots of wrestling with him. Always had good technique insight even though he was an upper weight.
  6. I was one of the few members who actually knew Cletus. Had a few drinks with him following a tournament my sophmore year. The guy had some serious wrestling knowledge and could always help me scout opponents and come up with game plans, especially at the U.S Open. Please leave your respects. Perhaps a heartfelt message regarding how impactful he was all these years with spirited style debate and lighthearted banter. His keen eye for wrestling talent and especially his prognostication skills seemingly always spot on. He's riding that John Deere in the sky now.
  7. olddirty

    FS World Champs DNP

    You dont feel he could have beaten one of these guys: Kentchadze, Narykav, or Abdurakmanov?
  8. olddirty

    Russian Revolution

    Imagine if the only way out of poverty in Illinois was wrestling, and it was state sponsored with a culture where your entire family and all of your ancestors wrestled.
  9. olddirty

    RTC's Continued...

    Just asking alumni for money is not the only way to fundraise. The state of Michigan is huge, and there are tons of people who support wrestling, businesses who support wrestling, CEO's who were former wrestlers, and large cities with many opportunities. The same is true in just about every other state or town with a wrestling team that is struggling. If a team can make it happen in freaking Fresno, anyone has the opportunity to do it. I agree, Penn State has some serious advantages that make fundraising easier. Its just like wrestling. There are athletes who get better starting hands genetically. That doesnt mean that they are impossible to beat when the resources are there to improve. Again, there are some good points people have made that RTC's may be bad for struggling teams or teams trying to crack the top 10. I do find it a cop out though that its too hard for teams to fundraise when Im watching highschool coaches fundraising over 60k frequently. Just taking that and adding the RTC funds that go to top athletes, having an RTC is a legitimate option if you are willing to sacrifice time and energy. Having been a paid assistant at a university that was excellent at fundraising, and running my highschool teams with no money at all being given for a budget and having to be self sustained, it honestly comes down to hard work and sacrifice when things need to be paid for in order to be competitive.
  10. olddirty

    RTC's Continued...

    You cant say in 1 post that "if there is a will, there is a way" for coaches to fundraise for independant RTC's, then say its completely impossible for smaller school coaches to do it within the rules. Not everyone has the same starting hand, but intelligence and hard work can go a long way in recruiting and fundraising. I have seen highschool teams fundraise well above 50k having to deal with ASB rules in towns out in the middle of the desert. These coaches at the small schools can fundraise, they just choose not to because the endeavor is not something they want to take on. I will concede you do make a valid point that having coaches who can fundraise and those who wont fundraise creates a big divide. I see the lack of parity as unhealthy for NCAA wrestling. Then again, the athletes who train and live the right lifestyle year round also have a huge advantage over those who are unwilling to make that sacrifice. My question is does that make it unfair? I can guarantee you there were plenty of fundraising opportunities at Indiana or Michigan State when the RTC's started.
  11. You have to be a citizen and have a valid passport from the country you represent. UZB was Hafizov
  12. I will agree with OP, refs interjecting and stopping the match WAY too much for "FINGERS" and touching the head.
  13. olddirty

    Maroulis gets smashed.

    She shot straight on and didnt cut an angle. The girl hipped in and planted her right on her ass. She wouldnt concede the 2 and got hit in one of the toughest moves to bridge out of which is an over under with the legs scissored. I wouldnt call it dominated, it was tied and she made an error.