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  1. This doesnt mean they arent used and arent effective. How many offensive scores are generated from head positioning?
  2. If its getting used with success in Olympic medal matches, its pretty tough to say its a move that only works on scrubs
  3. North Korea - Compete more. NK produces really good wrestlers that are really, really exciting to watch. It sucks we only get to see them once or twice every 4 years
  4. Just wanted to throw out to Jerseywrestling, these are really cool and I enjoy reading them. Thanks for putting these out.
  5. This is in the German bundesliga. They use different rules and procedures
  6. And you dont think other coaches beside yourself would take a minute to look at what the tournament or matches were, and determine the level of competition? Maybe thats how you went about your business. Its not how I did. But when you start getting to third and fourth tier wrestlers of the Junior College level, it becomes incredibly difficult. Again, maybe thats how you feel. Both of my college roommates coach for the #1 ranked Juco team with multiple national finalists and multiple team championship wins. I am confident in their ability to watch film, put it in context, evaluate the level of the opponent, and determine if at least 1 coach in the nation would take a chance with a scholarship. If you cant determine that with video, thats you.
  7. I was an assistant college coach. I helped recruit a team that won a national championship. I had to scout other high level wrestlers and analyze their strengths and weaknesses as a coach and as an athlete. I claimed I could tell if a guy could get a juco scholarship by watching him compete. Why does that sound incredible?
  8. Post some videos of you wrestling. Most college coaches know right away if you can get a scholarship at at least the JC level just by watching you. I know I can
  9. One injury at 2 weight classes could change a to ton of things for our country, leaving Bo as perhaps our best option. He just won U23 worlds as well. Putting funds into a guy who is an age group world champ doesnt seem that idiotic to me
  10. Can you give any examples of how Chamizo has shown poor character? On the mat or your insights to his personal life are both fine.
  11. I would like to chime in as maybe I have a bit of expertise. I was an All American in college as well as a resident at the Olympic training center. I also have a black belt in jiujitsu and have placed at the world championships multiple times. I would say I consider myself an authority on both cross faces and restricting breathing. Restricting breathing to a point where it could be considered a potential danger with a crossface isnt a thing. If it were, you would see people using it submission matches. To think that a teenager could just forcefully use a crossface and have that much control with his forearm to therefore completely cover and restrict breathing is ridiculous. Having been the recipient of a crossface and a bitten a guy on my team, having an open mouth and getting crossfaced, giving a crossface on an open mouth, and then being flat out bitten maliciously, it becomes very, very evident when there is a bite, vs a crossface on an open mouth. One has teeth marks, one has dragging scratches. They look nothing alike. This is why it pains me when I have parents claim that one of our wrestlers was bitten, I look, and its obvious he wasnt, or, vice versa, dad claims it was just an open mouth crossface and I know 100% my guy bit him. Not a great feeling when parents feel their son is a victim and I have to be a disciplinarian. The appeals panel is going to look at the fact that the ref instantly looked and saw bite marks, vs your account from the stands and some kind of picture coming from the appealing party. All I can hope is that the panel realizes how long and costly their lack of speed is causing your son and just drops it.
  12. There arent a ton of 25-30 year olds who are going to dedicate that kind of time to reffing at a high level. Try getting anyone that age now to show up for something on time, let alone dedicate 5 months a year to it on top of their other responsibilities.
  13. I thought Zahid had somewhat leveled out. I knew he would do well, but I thought his improvement would level off. I dont think it has after 3 years or so. The one I totally nailed was Justin Mejia. People were raving about the guy and I am pumped he accomplished what he did in HS, but to me, he was operating at his absolute ceiling of skill.
  14. You dont recall it because it puts unreasonable pressure to risk on one guy more than the other, which leads to a mistake, usually by the guy who is called 2nd. If I get put on passivity first, I know 100% that the other guys is going to have to start taking way more risks and Im just going to wait to capitalize. Watch how many times in modern wrestling, one guy gets hit for passivity and there as absolutely no way to tell who is being more passive. In fact, it is overwhelming common to see the guy who is more aggressive in the 2nd get hit for passivity for the exact reason I am talking about.
  15. Here is my problem with criteria: Refs are specifically designated to put someone on the clock if there is no score, regardless of how much action is going or or if one guy has and advantage or not. If things stay somewhat consistent, they will reverse the call in the 2nd period 10/10 times. This is purely subjective and will almost always put one guy's fate in the ref's hands if it is gonna come to criteria. To me, this isnt fair.
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