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  1. He would have surely gotten a lot of tech falls.......
  2. Yo ionel, I havent cracked up at a post like this in a long time dude.
  3. IronChef - Just curious - Did you have an idea this whole time?
  4. Im 1 degree of separation from a win over Dake
  5. Let me pick a team of 10 guys who drink in the offseason and you pick a team of 10 guys who 100% never drink in college. Wanna bet on how that dual meet plays out?
  6. He was arguing about who got choice.
  7. Im the only one in the entire thread that has proposed a rule change if you read through it.
  8. Yes, UWW has different rules. And for good reason. For example, its kind of a good rule in international championships to have your name and country on the back of your singlet, especially when often times competitors and fans arent from the same country.
  9. Ad you think its a good thing to just let competitors in continental championships just wear what they feel like that day because of their religion? I understand what they are asking, but its more than just a hijab they are asking for. There are uniform requirements for a reason. UWW can make a uniform that could satisfy this. But just claiming "UWW is keeping me out because they dont like Muslims" is out of line IMO.
  10. JB, Marco Lara, and the guy who does the recaps for UWW
  11. UWW has a very legitimate point. They are trying to make the sport more of a professional production. They could (and should) come up with an approved, professional looking uniform alternative that is inclusive for ladies like this. However, what would you say about UWW if Chamizo showed up to Europeans and tried to step on the finals mat with baggy sweat pants and a size 4x blue LaCost t shirt?
  12. You guys are nuts calling NCAA champs "coulda beens" lol. The Henry Cejudo one I know was in jest and pretty funny though
  13. Is there anything wrong with "hiring haters?" IMO it is something that falls in line with a lot of things that complacent coaches either dont acutely observe from a fan perspective, or they just deny these things credibility because addressing them well is outside of their wheel house. I had an assistant yesterday ragging on another coach for playing entrance music for athletes and using a smoke machine. When I was an athlete, I freaking loved getting booed and having fans hate me. Going overseas and having beers thrown at you, the crowd seemed pretty into the match and seemed like they were getting their moneys worth. Sure beats paying $20 to get in and quietly clap your hands when your guy wins. Some coaches create an atmosphere at duals. Other ones talk about haters and "quietly going about their business." Pretty crappy strategy when you cant rely on what Gable built for you. Ask Zalesky
  14. Those are pretty terrible odds. Youre basically taking anything but a complete beat down. Could happen I guess. The thing is that Zahid is so wide open and Taylor has constant attacks. Those two things leads to points getting scored both ways, even with a one guy beating the other guys ass
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