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  1. Flow Cytometry is how they test telomere length at Johns Hopkins. I didnt claim to be an expert in molecular biology, but to confirm - you are saying the Phd's at Johns Hopkins studying telomere length in regards to aging also have no idea what they are talking about and are researching a pointless subject? Are you saying you are an expert in telomeres and have them figured out to a point where you can say with confidence that anything outside of your standpoint of knowledge on them is incorrect? Thats a pretty bold statement. I also said I dont side with Dake on the topic. I did, however, say there are very smart people researching the topic that do think telomere length can alter relative biological clocks. Could you expound on how this is junk science from a biological or physiological standpoint? Im always up to hear from an experts point of view
  2. I have a masters in health and human performance, and have had to learn about telomeres, and continue to listen to expert physicians about telomeres. Its surprising to me that so many people would just dismiss what he is saying as complete BS and some kind of voodoo where "he sounds like an idiot." Yes, you can test telomere length in a blood sample. While it obviously isnt very well known to themat.com forum poster, telomere research happens all over the world, notably at Johns Hopkins. Flow Cytometry has been around since 2006 (I thought it was more like 2014). The way people can alter their hsf-1 in regards to telomerase is pretty much an individual thing. Whether or not Dake has a method that works for him is up for debate; I dont know what he does or if it works, but to think he is a moron because he thinks he can is pretty much an ignorant point of view. For sure, telomeres can be shortened or protected with hsf-1; thats a proven fact. I listen to podcasts frequently involving current medical trends and research that are in discussion form rather than reading through peer reviewed studies. There are plenty of them on telomeres. While I am not fully sold on the idea one can make significant changes in their progression of biological age, there are plenty of PhDs in the field that are infinitely more intelligent than I am that agree with Dake.
  3. I think they honestly believe that Mike Mal has great technique and people will pay to have him show it. I cant stand his delivery personally
  4. Seems more Mike Mal related
  5. I went a solid 6 years just holding my hand up to the referee as if I had a blood rag in it
  6. That Gilman believes the foot injury had more meaning to him than just a damaged ligament
  7. Yeah but comparing coaching AND teaching to just teaching isnt really fair. I have coached college, also teach and coach HS. The work and requirements for teaching in high school as well as coaching are drastically more than is required for a college coach. Finding a coaching position in HS that is offering more than $7k is extremely rare, even in California
  8. I dont know about that dude, thats a huuuuuuge stretch. What percentage of HS coaching jobs are offering a higher salary than D3, D2, and NAIA coaching jobs? Myself as well as most of my teammates along the way are all still in the subsection of life. I would be interested in where or how you came to this conclusion.
  9. I believe that was the underlying point of the blog post. Not all messages are delivered and received in a linear correlation to what seems to be common sense.
  10. Not to crap on your point, but if the goal was to get Gilman on board, the foot injury seemed to work.
  11. He went into some really specific detail on the JRE.
  12. Looks like they are turning up the heat Reward for Kumar
  13. Like women's sports?
  14. Can you elaborate or link something to this? Sounds pretty crazy. I had never heard of that but it sounds interesting
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