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  1. Pushing a guy 20 feet off the mat who doesnt want to get pushed is pretty damn hard
  2. Cool list. Thanks for compiling that
  3. 97 is probably the toughest to win, easiest to medal in. 65 is the hardest to even get a win in.
  4. Wrestlers have been tucking in non cuffed sweats into socks since before I was in HS. Kids would think those dudes were nerds then they would smoke everyone. It came from necessity, not internet fashion.
  5. We have already shown what the recipe for success is in America when it comes to greco. Enough so that we won a world title with it. ALL of our medalists in the past 20 years have shared 1 of 3 traits, and none of more than one: 1 - Successful completed NCAA career. 2 - Ivan Ivanov was their sole developmental coach and they spent most/all of their training time with him. 3 - Dremiel Byers. Would we be able to combine those things again? For the right money, yes. Easily.
  6. You guys are crazy if you think that a wrestler with his credentials, connections, and mental capacity couldnt find someone capable to advise and run certain aspects of a college team in an interim period that has had previous success at the highest levels of DI coaching.
  7. The belief that the central nervous system can play a part in the peripheral and autonomic isnt really voodoo. Most people just dont understand it very well, including scientists. Seems to have worked though. Cant say you will ever get a boring interview with Gilman
  8. World Silver in 17. Ranking Series gold medals from ’18 Yasar Dogu and ’20 Matteo Pellicone as well bronze medals from the ’19 Ivan Yariguin and ’18 Pan American Championships. 21 Deglane bronze. Several wins over world medalists in the last 4 years. How tf is that a likely DNP?
  9. You guys dont believe in energy pathways? Phosphogenic, aerobic, anaerobic. All 3 get used fairly extensively in a wrestling match.
  10. I did notice Smith started coaching from the booth, but it was 2 extremely important matches for the history of American wrestling. I was getting anxious and talking to my computer screen as well out of habit. I like how Smith weaves in slivers of his personality as does JB.
  11. I didnt miss it. He could compete at the one of ten next Grand Prix and enter the GP series in 7 months. You quit at the Olympics, you dont even get another shot for 4 years
  12. Relative prestige and frequency.
  13. One thing that many arent commenting on is the chances of getting a medal in each sport. If you are the best from your country, you realistically have a shot at 3 medals in wrestling over a career if you do everything perfect. A gymnast in that same span has a shot at 18. Walking away from something you have gotten so many chances at is a little easier than something much more rare. Regardless of her decision, I have always been a fan of how much work she has done to do something so incredibly difficult athletically. When I look at Olympic sports, for the most part I think "I can do that, just not as good as they can". Then I watch her. No way in hell could I do any of that.
  14. The Olympic Games are a little bit bigger than a grand prix
  15. He was one of the all time most classic anti heros in film history. He is neither good nor bad; that is why the character gets you to invest in the movie. He is inherently a good person who is doing seemingly bad things that normal people could relate to in a crazy situation. They find a glimmer of hope that the anti hero can figure out a way to get out of a bad situation and become good again. Ask Bubba Jenkins who he thinks is the bad guy/good guy in this movie and you will get a different answer than what David Taylor would say.
  16. I agree quite a bit. The whole routine is like nails on a chalkboard. I get that they believe that people like MMs attitude and over the top approach with everything being FILTHY NASTY DIRTY, but its really as OP said, a basic mechanical breakdown of a move with MM just inserting everywhere. Something I would like to see is someone giving an athlete who is breaking down the match an easier avenue to get out their thoughts one what is going on and why from their own perspective..
  17. I think possibly you are not adding in certain factors in to your opinion (which is a good one). If the universities were to pay the coaches and the athletes, surely, the pay would be commiserate with how much money they generate, and operating budget would now be funded by how much money they generate. In this case, your model holds true. The athletes are infinitely more important than the coach because they generate the entertainment. However, that would quickly end college wrestling. Operating budget and athlete/coach salaries vs revenue would sink most teams. This is assuming the athletes would get paid a salary by the billions the NCAA generates. The other option is the "likeness only" proposition which was the base of the thread. On the contrary, with the proposed situation, the coach becomes much, much more important. The coaches are the ones setting up what would be donor or corporate sponsors. These people want team championships, not random 1 off wrestlers. Team championships are not won by 18-24 year old athletes on their own. They dont know how to run an NCAA contender team. They dont know how to recruit athletes that can put the university in a place to compete, which IMO, would be where the majority of money will be derived from. A wrestler competing for Cael Sanderson can garner way more money than a wrestler competing for Andy Lausier. This is the exact reason why pro athletes have agents. We arent the NBA. Great wrestlers generally try to go to places where they think they can win, and places they feel they would enjoy competing. That is heavily weighted on the coach, not athletes. This model would sink NCAA wrestling much slower. You would have much less parity, but you would get to see the same exciting match ups individually. I think this is so because we dont have the interest in college wrestling like we do in college football. A good player who sits the bench on a team that generates tons of money would make a good salary in the above model. Wrestling would be on a much smaller salary scale. I dont believe a wrestler would sit the bench to get $10k a year wrestling at PSU, vs making $1k a year and wrestling for Arizona State with the chance to win an NCAA title. Curious about your thoughts on this. You are obviously a smart person.
  18. Not a big impact change, but not going and shaking the opposing coach's hand is good for the competitor. Its not required, but it has always been a tradition. As a competitor, my coach banned me from doing that after a couple of altercations with either the opposing coach, or having to approach the opposing bench. As a fan, however, I like the potential drama (Gilman)
  19. I have. I also rely on motorcycles for my only form of transportation so cauliflower + earbuds + helmet is tough. You have to find earbuds that do not have the attached amplifier at the bud; it has to be further down the line. The best I have found are the Sony WC series. Forget about anything Apple; They wont stay in cauliflower ear
  20. I have been to several international tournaments representing the USA. The referees get taken care of much better than the athletes do. While they may not receive a paycheck in these situations, they benefit greatly. Fully paid 2 week vacation to xyz destination in a 4-5 star hotel with complete access to UWW "resources".
  21. Strategy to beat specific opponents is difficult. The longer you have to strategize for the competition, the easier it is. A competitor is much better when they have less opponents to strategize for. Having possibly 16 or so opponents to strategize for is much easier than possibly 32
  22. Flow Cytometry is how they test telomere length at Johns Hopkins. I didnt claim to be an expert in molecular biology, but to confirm - you are saying the Phd's at Johns Hopkins studying telomere length in regards to aging also have no idea what they are talking about and are researching a pointless subject? Are you saying you are an expert in telomeres and have them figured out to a point where you can say with confidence that anything outside of your standpoint of knowledge on them is incorrect? Thats a pretty bold statement. I also said I dont side with Dake on the topic. I did, however, say there are very smart people researching the topic that do think telomere length can alter relative biological clocks. Could you expound on how this is junk science from a biological or physiological standpoint? Im always up to hear from an experts point of view
  23. I have a masters in health and human performance, and have had to learn about telomeres, and continue to listen to expert physicians about telomeres. Its surprising to me that so many people would just dismiss what he is saying as complete BS and some kind of voodoo where "he sounds like an idiot." Yes, you can test telomere length in a blood sample. While it obviously isnt very well known to themat.com forum poster, telomere research happens all over the world, notably at Johns Hopkins. Flow Cytometry has been around since 2006 (I thought it was more like 2014). The way people can alter their hsf-1 in regards to telomerase is pretty much an individual thing. Whether or not Dake has a method that works for him is up for debate; I dont know what he does or if it works, but to think he is a moron because he thinks he can is pretty much an ignorant point of view. For sure, telomeres can be shortened or protected with hsf-1; thats a proven fact. I listen to podcasts frequently involving current medical trends and research that are in discussion form rather than reading through peer reviewed studies. There are plenty of them on telomeres. While I am not fully sold on the idea one can make significant changes in their progression of biological age, there are plenty of PhDs in the field that are infinitely more intelligent than I am that agree with Dake.
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