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  1. I think they honestly believe that Mike Mal has great technique and people will pay to have him show it. I cant stand his delivery personally
  2. Seems more Mike Mal related
  3. I went a solid 6 years just holding my hand up to the referee as if I had a blood rag in it
  4. That Gilman believes the foot injury had more meaning to him than just a damaged ligament
  5. Yeah but comparing coaching AND teaching to just teaching isnt really fair. I have coached college, also teach and coach HS. The work and requirements for teaching in high school as well as coaching are drastically more than is required for a college coach. Finding a coaching position in HS that is offering more than $7k is extremely rare, even in California
  6. I dont know about that dude, thats a huuuuuuge stretch. What percentage of HS coaching jobs are offering a higher salary than D3, D2, and NAIA coaching jobs? Myself as well as most of my teammates along the way are all still in the subsection of life. I would be interested in where or how you came to this conclusion.
  7. I believe that was the underlying point of the blog post. Not all messages are delivered and received in a linear correlation to what seems to be common sense.
  8. Not to crap on your point, but if the goal was to get Gilman on board, the foot injury seemed to work.
  9. He went into some really specific detail on the JRE.
  10. Looks like they are turning up the heat Reward for Kumar
  11. Like women's sports?
  12. Can you elaborate or link something to this? Sounds pretty crazy. I had never heard of that but it sounds interesting
  13. I was referring to his wrestling skill, not his personality. Ive never spoken to the dude or seen how he interacts with others.
  14. How loose is India's justice system? I know nothing about it. I have trained with Indians a lot, and interacted with them a lot. One of my main training partners and friends at the OTC is Indian. It seems they are 1/0. Almost all of them are super good people who always do the right thing, then, there are a few who are just plain amoral. Is there justice system the same way? If there is video, would Kumar get a favor? Sad to see someone so good do something so bad if true
  15. Could make an argument for Gary Bohay. Went to college at ASU. Been an MD in Arizona for 30 years
  16. My thoughts would be that they took a substantial L in terms of money out vs money in, and are giving it time so that a pay out for that event in conjunction with the costs of all of the other events going on in that time period would be less of a hit.
  17. Definitely. He ran them into the ground bad enough that I just stopped paying attention. With all the Covid babies in Oregon, sports in general there have been under the radar. I was college roommates with the head and assistant of 3/6 programs in the state
  18. This is every day for @JasonBryant
  19. Its the rare 3 finger braking technique used by Valentino Rossi. I use it as well. They must be sport bike riders
  20. Something must have happened. Knowing what his contract was, the bonuses he had access to, and the complete lack of competition to the Northwest's best wrestlers, no one would give that up to coach in ND with a huge pay cut
  21. He threw an Ephus right in the zone. What are you talking about?
  22. You guys are talking like a 31 year old cant compete
  23. If you view him positively, probably. If not, its definitely not me
  24. Surely someone can find an ex wrestler who would take this pro bono just for the experience right?
  25. Checkmat black belt chiming in - Definitely not a BJJ move, and would be extremely easy to disengage the far arm. There is a bicep splitter that targets the near arm with both legs. I use/used bundles from top a lot. Bundling up then swinging around to the far side like you would getting into a mounted triangle could land you in this position fairly easily. Holding it would be tough.
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