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  1. If you want to talk about absolutely shocking that this could ever happen, Hassan Rangraz was the returning world champ. He wrestled some absolute nobody from turkmenistan in the semis who had never done anything before, and never did after. Rangraz techs him by 10, but tries to pin him, where then the Turkmenistan athlete Nepes rolls on top and sticks him. Dude was the returning champ with a tech in the bag and gets pinned. Way more shocking than Rulon getting a win with an unlocked hands call.
  2. Over the years I have seen so many posts that Wrestler A has zero shot at beating Wrestler B, and then Wrestler A proceeds to get the win. With a guy who is improving so fast, I think its a bit short sighted to say there is no way he could be our best guy in a few years.
  3. I watched Dean throw a front quarter that had Nickal on his back for 2 seconds. Whether or not he controlled him after or how easily he got off his back afterwards isnt really what the TS was talking about. In a rule set that has eliminated reaction time, I am questioning my original view that this was not a takedown by Dean after looking closer
  4. This is still a 2 count correct? Certainly at first glance if someone told me this was a 2 count I would have said no way. Going back and looking at it from the perspective that Dean got cheated, I can see where a person could call that control and a 2 count and not think they are a dip****.
  5. He is passed 45 degrees with 1:04 on the clock and is not off of his back until 1:00
  6. I believe Nickal is the better wrestler. However, after rewatching and being ready to start counting nearfall, I think a ref who was in the right spot with the right anticipation would call that nearfall.
  7. Smith came and talked to the greco team when I was at the OTC. I asked him a ton of questions, one being if he lifted. He said they made him lift, and he hated it. He answered all of my questions and the answers were really good. I wish I could have asked him more questions for hours but he was already kind enough to take time out to do a practice and I didnt want to push it
  8. This was my initial thought. Perhaps the coaches saw a better opportunity as far as workout partners, which is what I see
  9. Im speaking more of restaurants in SoCal or Las Vegas locally, especially ones that dont specifically offer a kids menu
  10. Agree with the idiot part, disagree with the children to restaurants part. Total bummer when Im out at a restaurant to treat myself and my girl after a long week of hard work, and Im paying good money to have kids running around and screaming. I agree with him. If you cant control your kids in a restaurant, dont bring them. It ruins it for everyone else. Unpopular opinion because most people are parents.
  11. Eh, when you are shelling out that kind of tax money, and we have so many people on public assistance and failing education, I think he should get an opinion on the current state of things when he is paying out more than 99% of us. When you are paying for dinner, your opinion on what gets served should be warranted
  12. Turkmenistan really lighting it up on the world stage lately
  13. This guy, IMO, had the most dynamic offense out of any guy in the tournament. His speed is unreal, his re-attacks were the best in the world, and the explosion he uses to defend is just crazy. Everything your coach told you to do as a kid, this guy is just textbook. All that being said, I found more pleasure watching this guy fade than almost any other wrestler in history minus Jadidi
  14. Cox has wrestled Snyder in training. Snyder has wrestled Gwiz during his 2 bronze medals. For those saying Snyder couldnt place at 125, and its impossible for Cox to beat Sadulaev, something that Snyder has already done once, I think you would be surprised.
  15. What makes you so sure of this? Lesnar had wins over Crump and Lockhart. Lowney had over 20 losses in college, some to guys that Lesnar defeated.
  16. He had just signed prior to the 1st camp I did. He wasnt on TV or anything yet. No one outside of wrestling knew who he was. He also was still very close to the Gophers when he was starting to get famous. Outside of his TV persona, he seemed like a nice guy and a team player.
  17. You will have qualifiers from the African and Oceana qualifier. Both of the top contenders in the Asian Qualifier will sit out of that one. One of the Pan Am reps will be sitting as well. There is a serious chance he pulls a total chump in the first round.
  18. The Taiwanese female heavyweight outscored Downey and also placed higher than him. It hasnt even been 4 years since she started wrestling. Would you consider her better than Downey? I am a fan of Downey BTW.
  19. I coached at JROB camps in the summers at the U when Minny was winning NCAA's. Lesnar was also coaching the camps. From a technical standpoint, he was way ahead of most heavyweights. Very smooth, very fluid, and it was very obvious he mastered heavyweight positioning. From an athletic standpoint, watching him in real life, he could possibly be the greatest ever, or at least top 3. Physical attributes are 100% a factor in how good of a wrestler you are. At heavyweight, its even more important.
  20. Japan has a scholastic system with the equivalent of NCAA's
  21. I thought it was a takedown as well at first. However, after putting it in slowmotion and capturing the moment Aliev had control on the initial takedown, Rashidov's knee is about an inch off the ground.
  22. RIP Zebra. I enjoyed your posts
  23. Every other country operates this way. We need to have something in place where a coach or committee can step in and make decisions that give opportunity to put our best foot forward. Im not talking about Downy in particular. I am glad he made the team and I am rooting for him to succeed. We can arbitrarily decide who goes to the qualifiers. Why cant we have a wrestle off when a #1 goes down to injury?
  24. Saying one guy has better offense than another, when one guy is clearly in lead protection mode. When one athlete is using tactics to chew up clock time, he would appear to have less offensive fire power than the other guy. However, when he shoots once and scores once, then protects a lead stuffing 15 shots of the other wrestler and getting to a leg and hanging, his offense is way better, even though it looks as if he cant finish
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