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  1. Fletcher

    Midlands Train Wreck Dead Tourney Walking

    Didn't see any explanation for why it's not being held at Welsh-Ryan.
  2. Fletcher

    Hands to the face

    Didn't see the match - how are they calling it? I assume tap & go to the forehead is still OK, but just can't do full on slaps? If that's the case, probably a good thing.
  3. Fletcher

    NWCA All Star Classic

    @JB - didn't realize you've been involved in NWCA event planning and hope criticism wasn't taken personally. I suggest, however, treating any criticism as a compliment because that means people are still watching. Kind of like how everyone complained about Iowa when they were good, but now we sometimes forget they even have a wrestling program.
  4. Fletcher

    NWCA All Star Classic

    Sorry - I'm with Tilt. When NWCA runs 10 (men's) weights year after year, you shouldn't have to call them on the phone to confirm they'll have 10 weights this year. Fault also lies with the coaches who are holding their guys out and putting their wrestler's interests above the interests of collegiate wrestling as a whole. When your sport is in a death spiral, you've got to look at the big picture.
  5. Fletcher

    NWCA All Star Classic

    Why risk it? To show everyone you have balls. Seth Gross has balls and will have more fans at NCAAs because of this.
  6. Fletcher

    NWCA All Star Classic

    Classic "prisoner's dilemma" - coaches/wrestlers making the better choice for themselves individually, but the worse choice for the sport collectively. If they think skipping this event will help them win a national title, then I can't blame the wrestlers and coaches for skipping. It just sucks for college wrestling and removes one more marquee event from an already-dying sport.
  7. Fletcher

    It's that time yet again.

    Martin would dwarf-toss him into the 3rd row of the stands.
  8. Fletcher

    It's that time yet again.

    Ouch. Anthony's decision to redshirt means one less individual title for PSU.
  9. Fletcher

    2018 Ohio State wrestle-off information

    I didn't get notice of your response right away because my computer's sound was on moot.
  10. Fletcher

    2018 Ohio State wrestle-off information

    You used the wrong word. It's not spelling - it's education.
  11. Fletcher

    Conel vs. Nickal

    Nickal had to adjust for stronger guys when he went from 174 to 184. That adjustment is going to be even bigger going from 184 to 197. I predict much closer matches for Nickal this year; guys with technique that's not as good will make it tough for him with pure power. Having said that, I don't think Conel will be one of those guys, but there are other 197 lb. hammers out there...
  12. Fletcher

    Validative experiences

    Was at an Iowa open practice last year and was disappointed to see how friendly Tom Brands was to everyone attending and how outgoing & comfortable he was working the room. I need my villains to be evil.
  13. Fletcher

    Validative experiences

    More interesting than a book of stories by Dan Gable - a book of stories from other people about their interactions with Dan Gable. Too bad so many people on this board are full of crap that I wouldn't be able to believe any of them.
  14. Fletcher

    Favorite team moments/performances

    That one brief moment in last year's finals when Myles Martin was taking Bo Nickal down, straight to his back, on the precipice of redemption for his previous losses to Nickal, winning his second national title, and securing the team title for tOSU - right before Nickal started snaking his arm in...
  15. Fletcher

    Facts about junior world medalists in college

    It's about time someone started another Pat Downey thread.