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  1. This is the worst year I've seen yet with regard to programs/NCAA snatching up all the hotel rooms in the area more than a year in advance.
  2. The 5 and 6 timers for sure get asterisk'ed for the free covid year. I mean you can't put Spencer Lee and his garbage knees on the same plane as Cael.
  3. One of my first college matches was against Edinboro. I thought "I've never heard of this school - how good can they be? Guess I got lucky in the bracketing." This story does not end well.
  4. Is Duke wrestling like other sports at Duke (e.g. basketball, football, lacrosse), where they recruit whomever they want and disregard the school's normal admission standards? Or is it like the ivy league, where the recruits have to at least be close to the schools' median ACT/GPA? I've heard Duke doesn't give wrestling scholarships, which makes me think it may be more like the ivies.
  5. Too soon to add Andonian-Gomez to the list?
  6. I think Mekhai is the better athlete, but how do you compete with Starocci's training environment? Who does Mekhai have to train with at VT anyways?
  7. His finals intro. song was prophetic.
  8. "Sir, please stop hitting me. You're at the Wendy's drive-thru."
  9. I kid, I kid. I may also be mixing up my matches - which one is the match where Steiber was on his rear but no TD awarded? Thought that was Ramos but may have been Oliver.
  10. Tony Ramos does not approve of this answer.
  11. Snitches get stiches. Metcalf would like a word.
  12. Sounds like a recordkeeping issue for the RTC - I suspect John Smith is not exactly involved with the handling the accounting records of the athletic dept. or the RTC.
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