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  1. I think Yahya is underrated. Ferrente is a beast, but haven't seen him wrestle yet in college and I guess he may not be in the lineup if Deakin is at 165? He looked like a big 170 lber. in HS - not sure how he makes 165.
  2. Could you imagine the level of talent they could pull in if Clemson, Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Florida, LSU, etc. used just a very, very small slice of their football revenue to run wrestling programs? Not to mention the knock-on effect it would have at the local high school level in those states just from the extra exposure for the sport.
  3. Exactly why I'm asking. Not sure about the Pitt one, but the IL line-up looks good - not sure how they're pulling it off, but I'll watch.
  4. Good call on the HDMI cable. That will work!
  5. So I decided to try the Rokfin subscription for this month, but can't find their app on my Roku or Amazon Firestick. I assumed it would be like Flowrestling and there would be an app. thru which I could watch the streaming services. Is that not the case? Do I have to watch on my computer or iphone? Appreciate any insights any of you may have as to how I can watch this on my TV.
  6. I dunno buddy - Eirman looks to me like he's just playing with high quality wrestlers so far this year. Easy to overlook since he wrestles shortly after Lee. Recent folkstyle performance is a better indicator than freestyle results.
  7. Just watched it - I stand corrected. I think guys are figuring out how to stop his underhooks/overhooks/trips and that's making him less dangerous in neutral (and less fun to watch).
  8. Why is Demas a tier down? I haven't seen him wrestle this year yet - did he lose or not look good? Last time I saw him, he was giving Yianni all he could handle.
  9. When citing to freestyle results, you should make that clear. Though you may consider freestyle results to be a good proxy for folk, many do not. The results you note above are misleading.
  10. It's easy to replace a coach. It's impossible to replace a program-builder, pioneer of the sport, and advocate with a national audience. Our sport has very few people like JRob and his value is wildly underestimated.
  11. Leave your treehouse and go inside to your parents living room.
  12. Oops. Deleted - not trying to post in bad taste.
  13. Except when he's entered in a tournament but can't compete, then it's "Etch-a-Scratch" Thank you, thank you; I'm here all week, folks!
  14. You must be new around here. we always discuss nicknames on themat.com - welcome aboard!
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