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  1. Best advice I can give (learned thru trial and error) is to get friends to join with him. It takes a long time to build up the skills to be successful and having buddies to mess around with at practice is what will keep him coming back.
  2. My solution: Change period 1 to 2 minutes. Periods 2 and 3 are the same. Add a period 4, where wrestlers start in neutral and it's untimed. Wrestler ahead on points needs TD to win. If it's tied, TD wins. Wrestler behind on points needs to get ahead on points to win. Viola - no more stalling and wrestlers get rewarded for good cardio.
  3. Team 1 only does singles and hi crotches; team 2 only does headlocks, cement mixers and laterals. I'm picking team 1 to win the dual.
  4. Our club team and middle school only teach singles and high crotch. Doubles only taught when switching off from Hi-C.
  5. Context matters. If you only defend in the first period when it's 0-0, it doesn't benefit you. If you only defend when you're up 2-0, taking time of the clock gets you closer to a win.
  6. We could have national champs named Lee at 125, 141, and 149.
  7. No insider info., but common sense tells us there's just no way the views will be as good as in prior arenas. We'll probably be able to get a good look at the mat right in front of us and that's it.
  8. The path to #2 thru 5 is harder at 133. The path to #1 is harder at 125.
  9. There's other ways to avoid tying up. Even if it's not stalling per se, arm-behind-the-back is asking for a stall call from the ref. because the optics are just bad.
  10. Let's be honest guys - who among us has not been commuting to work in their private helicopter for the past 20 years?
  11. It's even shaped just like a speedbag.
  12. I would think xanax would be more helpful before matches to calm the nerves. Not hard to get a scrip for that, but I don't know if the NCAA allows it.
  13. If that's the case, shouldn't we all still be playing soccer - the first sport for all kids in America?
  14. It's always been like this. We just didn't have cameras everywhere 30 years ago.
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