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  1. Freestyle is confusing to me; I can't imagine how confusing it would be to a woman. [I kid, I kid]
  2. What the hell? Next thing ya know, they're gonna to let women drive cars and be judges.....
  3. Yahya was not even a state champ in HS.
  4. That's now twice in the same thread you've used the term "self-own" only to be proven wrong moments later. Pneumonia is a common consequence of covid. Postal workers are not exempt. You'd think after the first error you'd pipe down.
  5. I still cannot go into my office for work. My kids have to wear masks at school and can't sit together at lunch. They have to wear masks for their indoor sports. Travel restrictions. Lots of other stuff. Where I am, we're still far from getting back to normal. I don't think it would take much of an uptick for schools to go remote again and for us to lose another NCAA wrestling season (gotta bring this thread back to wrestling somehow; as a side note, I can't believe the mod has allowed thread to fester like this).
  6. They're only eliminated from the gene pool if they die before procreating. Unfortunately, these are probably the same people who believe birth control interferes with God's will, so they've already passed their genes to their many, many children.
  7. It's a bottomless rabbit hole with people like you. You don't like the message? Attack the messenger (I see you've moved to stage 2 - calling NBC biased). Do anything to avoid acknowledging a message that doesn't fit your world view. On a more positive note, I appreciate that you seem to have given me a degree from Princeton. Cheers!
  8. Self-reported in a survey conducted by NBC. Funny how people always say "let's see the data" when they don't like the result.
  9. Per NBC News as of 8/24 - 88% of democrats vaccinated; 55% republicans.
  10. You might want to learn the NCAA rules regarding positive covid results.
  11. I accept your insults as your concession on the merits. Cheers.
  12. My point has nothing to do with car accidents - that was JRoss's aside. My argument is we shouldn't look at the risk of dying from covid, when the real risk is catching it & spreading it to the NU wrestling team. Read more carefully before calling other people dumb.
  13. And they're right. But I don't want them around Northwestern's wrestling team during the season. You don't need to get sick from it in order for it to ruin the season for an entire team.
  14. I didn't bring up the car accident comparison - JRoss did. I doubt Northwestern's worried Kennedy or Howe will die from covid. They're concerned they'll catch it and spread it to the team.
  15. Howe/Kennedy have a higher chance of catching covid and spreading it than being involved in a fatal car accident. The risk of an unvaccinated person catching covid is not near zero.
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