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  1. Probably more of a factor at upper weights. John Smith can get away with not lifting, but I doubt Snyder is a national champ without his squats and deadlifts.
  2. So we'll have the answer to "what would Pletcher look like at 174?"
  3. Heard that he couldn't lift weights for much of that time due to his shoulder injury.
  4. The tOSU twitter account says Sasso is wrestling off at 149, but also says Hayes will return to competition at 149 at MSU Open. Not sure what this means - do they plan to compete with each other for the spot at 149? Will the loser move up or down? Interestingly, the trackwrestling rankings have Hayes at 141 - not sure what their source is.
  5. Is he a legit. 174 or is he up because he can't beat Marinelli at 165? Be honest, Iowa people.
  6. Snyder will be back at tOSU once the Olympics have passed and his fiancee is done with her degree. This only hurts current tOSU heavy and 197 who've lost a high-level training partner.
  7. I'm looking forward to a world where ISU is relevant again. Maybe Dresser can move to OU when he's done and perform another resurrection?
  8. Am I missing something? I don't see how Iowa comes in ahead of tOSU with their guys who will challenge for titles (Moore, Pletcher), new guys who could challenge for a title (Sasso, Kerkvleit), and other wildcards (Hayes, Karchla, Hoffman, etc.). In Iowa, Lee has a chance to beat Riviera for a title and their 197 lber ain't bad, but after that you've got perennial choker Marinelli, a broken shell of Kemerer, a 133 lber that everyone will have figured out, The rest of the team is furniture. What am I missing?
  9. Just a joke, man. I was pulling for both those guys and can't think of two better representatives of the sport.
  10. Tomasello and Martin would like a word...
  11. How bad do you have to be at basketball to choose wrestling as a 6'3 high school kid?
  12. If that's all he's got, his ceiling may be end up being olympic gold.
  13. I thought word was Hayes will go down to 141? Regardless, will be interesting to see which freshman wins a national title and then never win one again.
  14. This is the year White finally catches Joseph. I can feel it.
  15. Somebody tell him his brothers and kids can choose their own schools. Maybe God will tell him ...
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