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  1. If I recall correctly, that was a pre-condition of Mocco going to Iowa in the first place - they agreed not to object to his ORS.
  2. 133 and 141 get much tougher next year with the olympic redshirt kids returning. Decatur got manhandled by DeSanto, who will be lucky to AA himself. Echmencia is already going toe to toe with Eierman on twitter, just needs it to carry over to the mat. Is Ke-Shawn Hayes done?
  3. I figured this was probably the case. Since a bunch of my neighbors are getting "underground" haircuts in garages, figured there's got to be some off-the-grid live wrestling going on - they're just not posting about it on social media or telling their coaches (to preserve plausible deniability).
  4. NC will make an announcement within next few days for HS kids.
  5. Oklahoma allowing all HS sports June 1. https://www.fox23.com/sports/oklahoma-high-school-sports-can-return-june-1-without-special-covid-19-restrictions/QOYZ3QJMVFAPHLCZZXE2YXUPRY/
  6. Should've been more clear - I'm not looking for political discussions on covid; there's other threads for that. Just trying to get a sense of when different states are allowing contact wrestling. IL is not allowing in June; no word on July or beyond.
  7. Do y'all know when your state will start allowing live training - either at the youth, HS or college level? IL starts phase 3 in June, which means no live wrestling yet.
  8. Don't approve of this twist on the nickname. If anyone's nicknamed "muscles" it should be Jacobe Smith, a title he'll be handing down to Northwestern recruit Ferrante.
  9. Reminds me of "The Last Dance" series where they caption Barack Obama as "former Chicago resident".
  10. Personally, the seasons are the most fun when the team title is a toss-up. I remember a couple years ago when tOSU had a chance to beat out PSU for the team tittle but it depended in part on Martin beating Nickal in the finals - the arena was electric ... right up until the moment things went horribly wrong for Myles. Bulls titles were great, but only because I'm from Chicago. Otherwise, overly dominant teams suck and take the fun out of the sport (Patriots, Warriors, Alabama/Clemson).
  11. Moore was better than Pfarr in 2017 (if Big Tens means anything) and lost to him at NCAAs. He was better than everyone in 2018 and lost to Conel...twice. The fact that he was better than everyone this year doesn't mean much in his case at NCAAs.
  12. What takedown lends itself best to development thru shadow-wrestling?
  13. + Matt Hamill to minimize the smack-talk.
  14. 99% of high school wrestlers will not compete past HS. They do it to be tough guys at school or in their neighborhood and freestyle isn't as good for that.
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