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  1. In less than a day, DT went from cheater to snitch.
  2. What evidence do you expect there to be? Lance Armstrong, Marion Jones, Victor Conte's clients - these are people who used for years and passed every test. All we really have is circumstantial evidence - the trainers/nutritionists the athletes choose to work with and the body transformations they undergo. Historically, those seem to be pretty good indicators of who the users are.
  3. Anyone bigger than me is clearly juicing.
  4. Say what you want, but I definitely could've taken him down when he was facing in the other direction coaching one of his club kids.
  5. Also saw Askren walking around at the Northern Plains Open in beat-up flip flops and no socks... like a hobo. This crash is hammering all the big crypto players.
  6. Slightly off topic but...what is ostarine? Does it work? Can you buy it legally?
  7. They should start an Ag school.
  8. I doubt Brown cares about wrestling, but we've lost too many Ivy wrestling programs and I hope this isn't a sign we may lose another. RIP Yale & Dartmouth
  9. Actually no. I'll take your word for it.
  10. People who prefer folkstyle and those that prefer freestyle all seem to agree on the same pain points. We all also seem to agree on the appropriate ways to fix them or at least meet in the middle (push out rule, fewer stalling calls to decide matches, get rid of riding time/discourage riding without offense, etc.). If we all agree that these modifications would improve the product, why don't the rule-makers do anything? At the very least, couldn't someone pilot these changes in an exhibition tourney so we can see how they shake out on the real world?
  11. This kid bleeds Michigan. There's no question we'll see him settling down with a gig at the corporate offices of Ford or Little Caesars and spending his summers in the UP.
  12. Beard already decommitted from Northwestern once. It's also not a school that recruits over its current guys, so even if Beard had more potential than Davison, they'll still stick with their guy.
  13. That's crazy talk. Anyways, I'd say the naturals are guys like RBY, David Carr, Starocci and Brooks. The trained athletes are guys more like Suriano, Yianni, Deakin, and Max Dean.
  14. Good idea. The more people you can get out and about exploring the town, the closer I can seat-hop to matside during the consolation rounds. Everybody - follow Jack Webster to the oil mansions during the wrestlebacks. Nothing to see here.
  15. People were very rude to Brinzer and he stopped posting. McGinnis went so far as to note that anonymity is what made this board such a cesspool. The responses to Schultz reflected genuine concern for his mental health - I hope he's doing well, because he's one of my favorite wrestlers. I think @olddirty is a college coach and he still posts here, which is something we all should appreciate. I recall when he was a college kid one of our posters (Backpoints) called his coach on the phone to complain about something he said here. Thankfully that experience did not scare him off, because he's one of the few "insiders" we have left.
  16. It's been years - I honestly don't remember. I just remember how cool it was to get an insider's perspective on college wrestling, just for one brief moment. People may not have gone after Tirapelle as much. But I remember some inappropriate stuff at Brinzer (who was an absolute goldmine of wrestling info.) - I think McGinnis' dad used to post too, as Old Salt.
  17. Adam Tirapelle, Jeff McGinnis, Randy Lewis, and Ray Brinzer all used to post here and tell some great stories until various anonymous posters treated them disrespectfully and they left. This is why we can't have nice things.
  18. All college wrestlers work out multiple times per day but still struggle with making weight. You might be on to something with the amphetamines though - probably jacks up your metabolism and suppresses appetite too. Scary that it started with a legal script for ADD medication.
  19. I enjoyed it. Gillespie came across as a very likeable guy. But...how the heck did he make weight week after week if he was drinking that many beers every night?
  20. Nobody thought it could be done.
  21. The more I read about this, it sounds like Lee's dad may have been reaching out to friends & acquaintances to check their kid's interest level in Iowa, but was also careful to tell them that before he could make any formal introductions, their kid had to be in the portal first. In this context, it sounds OK to me. At what point does a conversation between friends become recruiting? Who knows.
  22. Heartbreaking that a kid from the Chicago area earns AA status and gets handed a Detroit pizza.
  23. I hate Mineo as much as anyone...but what's the above board reason for Lee's dad to be texting him and calling him 27 times (allegedly)?
  24. We like to think NIL is changing the college wrestling landscape, but the truth is that whatever impact it's having on wrestling is magnified 10X in football and basketball. Honestly, what are the top wrestling guys getting as NIL payments - 10K? 50K? Whatever it is, it's probably not enough to even cover just tuition - scholarships at the top programs typically are less half the tuition (and some give up their scholarship their last year so the program can recruit new kids). Any rule changes will be driven by football and basketball; wrestling will just have to wait and see how this all shakes out.
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