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  1. Just want to create a master list of those who have officially announced, those who are eligible and rumored to be considering it, and those who are eligible but likely will not: 125 - rumors that Aruja will; also rumors that Lee will not due to team's outside shot at a team title. Does this mean Lee will not try out for the olympic team or he still will, but will just try to do both? 133 - rumors that Fix and Micic will take OlyRS; no official announcements, correct? 141 - Yanni and Eirmann officially announced. 149 - nobody? 165 - Lewis officially announced. 174 - rumors that Hall will not, due to team's shot at a team title. What's the deal with Valencia? 184 - rumors going both ways on Dean. 197 - nobody? Hwt - Steveson obviously a contender for the Olympic spot; would he take a RS (and miss NCAAs in front of a home crowd) or try to do both NCAAs and Olympic tryouts in the same year? Obviously, missing a bunch of other possibilities here and welcome additional input.
  2. Fletcher

    Worst NCAA Championship Match of All-Time

    Ankle. Whatever.
  3. Fletcher

    Kaid ACL surgery

    Damn. This season is getting leaner and leaner. Also sucks for Kaid too.
  4. Fletcher

    PED Testing in NCAA

    Xanax would have helped my performance immensely.
  5. Fletcher

    PED Testing in NCAA

    Some PEDs are specifically designed to preserve muscle while weight cutting. This would be invaluable to lightweight wrestlers. Others help with weight loss (clen). Others help with cardio (EPO). College-aged kids are not the best at judging the risk of taking things - everyone thinks they're invincible in their teens and 20s. As an aside, was creatine even a factor with those kids who died in the 90s? I thought it was only the dehydration?
  6. Fletcher

    Best NCAA Championship Match of All-Time

    This thread reminds me of something we've been missing for a few years - two guys in the finals who genuinely hate each other and aren't shy about it.
  7. Fletcher

    Worst NCAA Championship Match of All-Time

    The initial example used "worst" as controversial. If "worst" means least exciting, then I vote for the Ryan Lang - Derek Moore tech. fall.
  8. Fletcher

    Worst NCAA Championship Match of All-Time

    Jaggers "injured" knee?
  9. Just a theory based on personal observations. It seems like 125 lbers often come in as finished products and don't improve much from freshman to senior year. As we move up the weight classes to around 174 or 184, there seems to be a shift and guys from 184 thru heavy tend to show greater improvement from freshman to senior year. In fact, it's not uncommon to see guys who AA senior year at 197 who were .500 as freshman. Why is this? Again, this is just a theory and of course there are always exceptions. Anyone else see this as a trend or disagree? What would be a good way of proving/disproving - looking at how many 4 time AAs there are each year at 125/133 vs. 184/197? This is the garbage I think about during the offseason...
  10. I'll never forget that time Jesus came back from the dead. Almost as epic as Zadick v. Frayer.
  11. Talent level next season gets further diluted. May be a gift to Joseph, though.
  12. Fletcher

    Strongest but weakest looking wrestler?

    I understand what you're saying, but in any other context this would be a strange statement.
  13. On one hand, most of the athletic big kids are playing football or basketball and not wrestling; on the other hand there's a lot more kids who weigh 174+ than there are kids who weigh 141 or less.
  14. Fletcher

    Strongest but weakest looking wrestler?

    Was going to say Sanderson also. Part of it is confidence in your shot defense - if you know that no one in college can take you down, you're free to attack more aggressively, so you come across as "stronger".
  15. Seems to be the case, right? Part of it may be out of a subconscious reckoning - if I treat my body right and don't drink, smoke or get in trouble,, my wrestling will improve. Christianity encourages all of these behaviors. Of course, there are some who are actually religious too. Interestingly, wrestling is virtually nonexistent in the most evangelical parts of the country. Go figure...
  16. Fletcher

    Will John Smith win another title at tOSU?

    Twitter actually has some good dialogue IMHO; you get current competitors commenting on stuff.
  17. Fletcher

    Move Marianelli Up to 174 and Free Nelson Brands

    You misunderstand. I'm saying if Marinelli fails at 174, it's not because he's stocky, it's because he's Marinelli.
  18. Fletcher

    Move Marianelli Up to 174 and Free Nelson Brands

    Ahem - Matt Brown would like a word...
  19. Assuming a wrestler is injury-free, is there any performance benefit to wearing knee-pads or compression sleeves? Seems like college guys are about 50-50 on wearing them vs. not. Some only wear one, which suggests maybe an injury in the past? I always found kneepads annoying, but I wrestled before compression sleeves came around, so am not sure if they provide any type of advantage (extra support or otherwise).
  20. He'll find another way to choke. It's not like Marsteller is some sort of quirky wrestler that's a bad style match-up and that Smith guy almost knocked him out in the first round. Beating Joseph during the regular season or even Big Tens doesn't mean anything - just ask IMar (I'm not happy about it either).
  21. Fletcher

    Who's taking an olympic redshirt this year?

    Ivys don't allow RS, so must be an olympic RS. Also, find your own screen-name.
  22. Fletcher

    Mekhi announces olympic redshirt

    Folkstyle can be boring at times, but at least I don't need a PhD in physics to know how to score a match.
  23. Fletcher

    2020 NCAA seating

    My reference to "wrong direction" relates to your prior sentence - seats will be farther away. I'm not sure the NCAA realizes that upper deck seats have been available outside the stadium for face value at all past tournaments, including for the finals round. Putting this in a bigger arena may boost attendance...or may just mean more empty seats.
  24. Fletcher

    2020 NCAA seating

    FWIW, I've had floor seats before and they're inferior to the proper stadium seats. You can't look down on the action and people in front of you always standing up. As long as Sec. 130 is raised stadium seating, I don't think addition of these sections should impact your view (again, assuming F means floor level).