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  1. People can't come back from the dead - it's a biological fact. If they do, they're called zombies and we kill them.
  2. If there's anyone who can teach him how to get out from bottom, it's tOSU with Tomasello and Bo Jordan...oh wait...
  3. DeSanto won't even AA at 141. His one advantage was being a really big 133 lber and stronger than most. He loses that at 141.
  4. I'll be on board with this analogy when he's in the final seconds of a match and attempts a takedown on his own teammate.
  5. Let's see how good you look when you're in your 40s and wrestling a bunch of college kids.
  6. If it's 100% political, I guess that makes the liberals the party that's against perverts.
  7. Iowa has about 50 people in the entire state. When you look at how many of them weigh 125 lbs, his titles aren't as impressive.
  8. DeSanto's redshirting next year? Has he announced this, insider gossip, or just speculation? Next year is Iowa's best shot at a title - it doesn't make sense.
  9. Last Iowa team title was only because they brought in a boatload of transfers - seems to be the only way Brands can win.
  10. Just because my wife asks for an open marriage doesn't mean she'll start sleeping around.
  11. I forgot that Mike Eiermman went there. This fits perfect with his statement that it's a place he's admired all his life (or however it was stated). Also, wide open at 141 and 149, where Iowa could have some challengers at those weights.
  12. "Betting on myself" is my new favorite euphemism for unemployed.
  13. Good opportunity for them to hire a real journalist and professional.
  14. Tom Ryan's great, but Dresser at tOSU would be dangerous.
  15. Fair point. I was thinking more about the Nike's of the world deciding between giving a $10M contract to Zion Williamson or Austin DeSanto.
  16. Zero impact on wrestling. We can't even fill college stadiums for dual meets when tickets are priced at $7.50.
  17. Agreed with above points. If you're going to overrule a wrestleoff result by using other data, then don't have the wrestleoff. It's unfair to the competitors.
  18. Read this too quickly and thought you wrote Pletcher won't be able to handle Lee's strength. I was close to sending drug testers to your place of work.
  19. Currently see availability from broker sites for sections F1 to F5. Does anyone know what these seats will be like? They appear to be good on the stadium map, but is there something I'm not seeing? Price seems to be slightly lower than front row seats in past years and I'm wondering why.
  20. 1. Still photos are a terrible way to call a match. I could overturn every NCAA finals match if I scored them with selectively chosen still photos. 2. If Dean had any semblance of control, then Bo wouldn't have been able to roll thru it so easily.
  21. Disregard my above responses - I thought I was interacting with a sane person.
  22. You're suggesting he's a traitor to his country. I don't care what a person does during the national anthem; if you give back to your community then you're a patriot in my book.
  23. Lebron has done ten times more for the US and the communities he lives in than you (and Michael Wibon) will ever do.
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