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  1. A covid breakout may be likely - the only legal liability the Big Ten would incur is if they are not responsible in handling it. As long as they have prudent protocols in place to mitigate the effects of an outbreak, I don't see much legal risk. The odds of a healthy college athlete (without significant co-morbidity) dying from covid are astronomical.
  2. I think so. Tough to re-start wrestling when a sport with very limited pad-on-pad is not allowed. If football is a go and it results in only limited outbreaks which are immediately controlled, it helps the argument that basketball and wrestling can also re-start with limited risk.
  3. Fletcher

    RBY 141

    Is RBY joking about going up to 141? Or is the "Nick Lee redshirting" the joke (or both)? I'm so confused.
  4. Terrible that he showed such poor judgment and is willing to gamble with his health like this. By the way, where would one get this weight-loss, muscle retention drug? I need to make sure this doesn't accidentally happen to me.
  5. Why? Any reason you think he might lose some muscle weight?
  6. Yup. McGuire deliberately put the "Andro" bottle in his locker so reporters could see it and report on this legal "steroid" and not catch on to the fact that he was taking tons of real steroids provided by his bodybuilder brother.
  7. Heard this story as well. Started with Rutten being overserved and spilling a drink on Casey Urlacher. Brian stepped in but situation was de-escalated before Rutten had a chance to straighten him out.
  8. I know one Big Ten wrestler from our hometown has been going full contact with teammates throughout the summer. I don't know if it's happening in the school's wrestling room or at a local club, but guys definitely are getting their reps in and not "socially distancing". I expect this is the case for all D1 level kids. Anyone who has taken off from wrestling from March to Jan. will pay for it during the season (if there's a season).
  9. Jumping jacks are a gateway drug to burpees. It's too late to save him.
  10. This. If it were the first period, no way do they call stalemate...because there's lots of pinning combinations that come out of that position. It's not the same thing as grabbing an ankle or dropping to a leg.
  11. I thought it was a requirement to be a member of the Big Ten that you have a wrestling program?
  12. No. It's a question of how long it takes for everyone to chill the f out and realize this is the new normal. Jan. 1 is optimistic.
  13. ODU and Stanford. Any others (so far)?
  14. How are the Iowa guys supposed to hunt raccoons during quarantine?
  15. Vaccine in early 2021 + move to spring season would solve the problem.
  16. This only proves the black athletes who do participate in wrestling are disproportionately successful. I suspect if we went thru the rosters of D1 schools, or even all Big10 schools, representation would be much less than the 14% general population standard.
  17. 1. Iowa football issues have nothing to do with wrestling. Iowa wrestling has a small number of black participants, but so does every program. 2. Why does wrestling have so few black participants? I don't know. Some people say because it's a rural sport...but it's not. It's in every big city in the midwest and NE. 3. Unrelated, but Jeremiah Moody is great - watched him wrestle off a couple years ago and he's got some stuff. Would love to see him compete, but for some reason guys who would could be starters (or even AAs!) elsewhere seem to be content as backups in the Iowa room. I guess it worked out for Dan Dennis.
  18. My ears are burning. Once I'd lose on the championship side of the bracket, the pressure was off and I always got 3rd.
  19. If I had to guess, I predict a shortened season starting 1/1, which means no Scuffle/Midlands unfortunately.
  20. The first rule of these camps is you don't talk about it. The second rule is that you DON'T TALK ABOUT IT!!!
  21. Everyone who didn't punch Bo Nickal after he tried to "help them up" after the match.
  22. If the unsportsmanlike behavior is right after the match, I give the guy some leeway. These are ultra-competitive people and it's tough to turn that switch off in an instant. If they're unsportsmanlike an hour or a day later, all bets are off.
  23. He has his degree. My guess is that he wants to train on the side for MMA with Frankie Edgar and other NJ folks. I agree it makes no sense from a wrestling perspective - NU has gotten him this far; why upset the applecart?
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