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  1. It's easy to replace a coach. It's impossible to replace a program-builder, pioneer of the sport, and advocate with a national audience. Our sport has very few people like JRob and his value is wildly underestimated.
  2. Leave your treehouse and go inside to your parents living room.
  3. Oops. Deleted - not trying to post in bad taste.
  4. Except when he's entered in a tournament but can't compete, then it's "Etch-a-Scratch" Thank you, thank you; I'm here all week, folks!
  5. You must be new around here. we always discuss nicknames on themat.com - welcome aboard!
  6. How old is he and what are you relying on to confirm his age?
  7. If he doesn't make the starting lineup, we can go with Etch-a-Bench
  8. You just described half the guys playing college football and basketball. But otherwise that's a great nickname.
  9. That's why I was asking. No need to get judgy!
  10. OK - 5 syllables; even more reason for a nickname. Just ask Nick Amuchastegui.
  11. Is there one floating around yet? 4 syllables is too many, as Tomasello, Marinelli and Suriano can attest.
  12. Looking forward to seeing Ragusin in folk. Looked like he turned some heads in freestyle during the offseason.
  13. Wait...he's got a rich 18 year old girlfriend? Yikes!
  14. ...says Doug Schwab. Also says that, as of now, NCAA still plans to host in St. Louis and invite 330 competitors. Number of fans allowed undecided.
  15. Brock - mentoring Steveson: "OK Gable, first, don't get a giant penis tattoo on your chest. Second, here's a.....um.....vitamin B injection."
  16. I'm trying to figure out the math with the current weird year. He competed as a true frosh, burned a year last season as well, and this year is a redshirt for everyone. So after the current season, that leaves him with 2 years to compete and one redshirt year (if he chooses to use it) - right?
  17. My daughter's kindergarten soccer team cancelled their season.
  18. This is an exhibition. We're giving glorified practice the same weight as the NCAA tourney?
  19. I would argue that sports are essential to physical and mental health and cannot be separated out from academic development without adverse consequences. The countries that separate sports from school have it wrong and we're doing it right.
  20. Of course you're right, but try telling Alabama or Clemson to get rid of their multi-million dollar revenue generating football programs. You'd think the more successful schools become with their football programs, they'd be more likely to add sports. In fact, the more successful the football program, the more likely they are to drop wrestling.
  21. The problem with the club model that European and other countries follow is that it leaves out kids who are average or who's family cannot afford the club fees. If the goal is to nurture the best athletes, the club model is best. If the goal is to offer opportunity to the greatest number of participants, the US school-based system is best.
  22. They're already practicing, in enclosed spaces, without masks, full-contact.
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