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  1. If he was passing up a guaranteed title at 133, then this would look more heroic. Probably tougher to make the finals at 133 than 125 though. In the end, I don't really care about what his motivation is. If we get to see 2-3 Suriano-Lee matches this year, we all win.
  2. I'm in IL. We have a girls state tourney, but it's through a private organization and not the state org. that runs all the other high school sports. Last yr. there were about 135-140 girls in the state tourney total, but it was also during covid so that number may be artificially low.
  3. Over let's say the last 10 yrs, whose wrestling reminds you most of Cael Sanderson? I'll go first - Nolf. Same high attack rate, twitchy style, keeps opponents off balance and out of position, doesn't get bullied & outmuscled even though he doesn't look like he's been in a weight room.
  4. Usually you see a sport get popular at the HS level first and then colleges start teams to take advantage of the trend. Here it seems to be the opposite - starting college teams to hopefully start a trend and increase interest at lower levels (at least where I am, our HS team averages about 1 girl/yr across all levels). Hopefully it works - will be interesting to watch this develop.
  5. He's realized after attending both schools that PSU has better academic offerings and is particularly enamored with PSU's Classics Dept.
  6. It would be good to have a back-up in case Ragusin gets injured.
  7. In Illinois, state madate still applies, so masks required indoors. Not sure about capacity limits. With the vax coming out for age 5-12 hopefully in Nov. and this new Merck antiviral pill, I'm hoping infection rates start dropping again and the mask requirement drop off by January.
  8. Over 95% of hospitalizations and deaths are people who are the unvaxxed.
  9. Capacity is determined by space, not people. And >96% of doctors are vaccinated. Sorry, but they’re not the ones getting let go.
  10. I’m not scared of vaxxed or unvaxxed and you are getting off topic. We currently have hospitals at capacity due to covid and they’re 99% unvaxxed people. If I need a medical procedure and can’t get a hospital room because unvaxxed people keep catching covid, that’s a problem for everyone.
  11. Doesn't matter - we are where we are. The only way out is thru herd immunity, either thru mass infection or mass vaccination.
  12. Nice try at changing the subject. Virus variations are not something we can control. Getting enough people vaxxed to get to herd immunity is something we can control.
  13. Because the unvaxxed are the reason my kids still have to wear masks in school, my work location is still remote, and people can't get medical care because hospitals are overwhelmed with unvaxxed people with covid.
  14. I'm thinking this means he appealed the deadline and agreed to a later one. Northwestern's been very cautious with regard to covid and its' students so far; I can't imagine they're now being more relaxed and making exceptions for a coach in a sport the AD doesn't like in the first place.
  15. My guess is Howe got an extension of the deadline and will comply. I will feel bad for Kennedy when the NLWC inevitably requires the covid vax in the near future.
  16. He accidentally grabbed a juice box out of the Fix family garage refrigerator.
  17. The Pasty Punisher? Albino Azzkicker?
  18. I suspect this muscle was there all along and he just dropped some of the fat that was covering it. This could mean he'll now be quicker.....or will just be easier to push around.
  19. Also impossible for professors to bang their students in an online class.
  20. Freestyle is confusing to me; I can't imagine how confusing it would be to a woman. [I kid, I kid]
  21. What the hell? Next thing ya know, they're gonna to let women drive cars and be judges.....
  22. Yahya was not even a state champ in HS.
  23. That's now twice in the same thread you've used the term "self-own" only to be proven wrong moments later. Pneumonia is a common consequence of covid. Postal workers are not exempt. You'd think after the first error you'd pipe down.
  24. I still cannot go into my office for work. My kids have to wear masks at school and can't sit together at lunch. They have to wear masks for their indoor sports. Travel restrictions. Lots of other stuff. Where I am, we're still far from getting back to normal. I don't think it would take much of an uptick for schools to go remote again and for us to lose another NCAA wrestling season (gotta bring this thread back to wrestling somehow; as a side note, I can't believe the mod has allowed thread to fester like this).
  25. They're only eliminated from the gene pool if they die before procreating. Unfortunately, these are probably the same people who believe birth control interferes with God's will, so they've already passed their genes to their many, many children.
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