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  1. It's a bottomless rabbit hole with people like you. You don't like the message? Attack the messenger (I see you've moved to stage 2 - calling NBC biased). Do anything to avoid acknowledging a message that doesn't fit your world view. On a more positive note, I appreciate that you seem to have given me a degree from Princeton. Cheers!
  2. Self-reported in a survey conducted by NBC. Funny how people always say "let's see the data" when they don't like the result.
  3. Per NBC News as of 8/24 - 88% of democrats vaccinated; 55% republicans.
  4. You might want to learn the NCAA rules regarding positive covid results.
  5. I accept your insults as your concession on the merits. Cheers.
  6. My point has nothing to do with car accidents - that was JRoss's aside. My argument is we shouldn't look at the risk of dying from covid, when the real risk is catching it & spreading it to the NU wrestling team. Read more carefully before calling other people dumb.
  7. And they're right. But I don't want them around Northwestern's wrestling team during the season. You don't need to get sick from it in order for it to ruin the season for an entire team.
  8. I didn't bring up the car accident comparison - JRoss did. I doubt Northwestern's worried Kennedy or Howe will die from covid. They're concerned they'll catch it and spread it to the team.
  9. Howe/Kennedy have a higher chance of catching covid and spreading it than being involved in a fatal car accident. The risk of an unvaccinated person catching covid is not near zero.
  10. Kennedy & Howe are low risk at dying from covid - they're not low risk at catching it. They could spread it to the team and wreak havoc on the season.
  11. Makes me wonder if they wanted to leave anyways and used this as an opportunity to make a job change with commentary? Otherwise, I agree it makes no sense.
  12. My science tells me I have an enormous penis. My doctor says, medically speaking, it falls under the technical definition of a micro-penis. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle, so let's just call it average size.
  13. I'll accept your name-calling as your concession.
  14. It's extremely rare for people to have adverse reactions to the vaccine. Breakthru infections were always expected - nobody ever said it was 100% effective. All in all, this is an overwhelmingly successful vaccine. What we have now is a pandemic of the unvaccinated - over 95% of all deaths and hospitalizations are unvaxxed.
  15. There is so much wrong info. in this post, I don't know which part to correct first.
  16. Probably DeSanto, since he's last match with Lee was a win. Lee may be ahead of Luka Garza though.
  17. Vaxxed people are much less likely to get covid, but not 100% protected. So unvaxxed coaches bring it into the room, infect vaxxed wrestlers, who don't get nearly as sick as the unvaxxed but still can test positive. If this happens right before Big Tens, then the coaches have basically ruined the season for their wrestlers.
  18. Nobody called you that, but if that's how you took it.....well, a hit dog will howl.
  19. Less doors than Northwestern. Not exactly calling him a lifelong ditchdigger there, am I?
  20. No. If God cared about wrestling, Marinelli would have a title, Heil would have beaten Lewallen, and J’den Cox makes weight
  21. I did no such thing. You are making things up.
  22. Where was his God during the NCAA tourney in 2008-2011?
  23. How dare you make anti-vaxxers support an African-American.
  24. NU is a better school than OSU and its degree carries more weight in the professional world (unless you're working for T. Boone Pickens apparently). You may not like this, but it's how the world works. For most athletes who choose NU, that's a material factor. Why are we not allowed to talk about it?
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