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  1. Not when they're all staged.
  2. How do you know they were denied religious exemptions?
  3. Unfortunately, NU is used to seeing transfers and de-commits - Micic, Seabass, Reenan, Beard, Cassioppi, etc.
  4. This is incorrect. HLS will take one kid from Alabama, Nebraska, etc. to show geographic diversity, but the standards are more stringent.
  5. I actually considered taking varsity wrestling off my resume out of concern employers would think I got in thru lower academic standards for athletes.
  6. Unless HLS told you everyone's LSAT and GPA, this doesn't prove your (erroneous) point. Quality of undergraduate school is a big factor in admission decisions.
  7. The NU logic is that making your point via outliers (the one billionaire from OSU; the one hick at HLS) is stupid.
  8. LOL. I know someone who survived a car crash because he didn't have a seatbelt on...therefore, no one should wear seatbelts.
  9. This statement could not be more wrong with regard to top law schools.
  10. Been practicing law for 25 yrs. This is wrong. Also the law schools and med schools very much care where you did your undergrad.
  11. Bold prediction. If I'm hiring a future doctor, lawyer, financial advisor, however, I'll take the Northwestern grad. over the OSU national champ. No one wants to hear that A.J. Ferrari will be performing their open heart surgery.
  12. This. An outbreak on the team right before Big Tens would be devastating and ruin what these kids have been training for all season. Coaches should do everything in their power to minimize the likelihood of this happening, which includes getting vaccinated.
  13. Northwestern only lets in smart kids. We can't surround them with idiots for coaches.
  14. Convenient excuse for doing what he wants to do anyways - go to a national title contender close to home. Let's see how many doors that OSU degree opens for him 10 yrs from now when no one cares about his amateur sporting days.
  15. Fletcher


    Folkstyle results from six months ago are more relevant to folkstyle than current freestyle results. Heck - frisbee golf results may even be more relevant than freestyle.
  16. Fletcher


    Funny how everyone forgets Kem beat him 7-2 two weeks earlier at Big Tens. If two guys are 1-1 two weeks apart, I'm not sure how you can say one is better than the other.
  17. Was looking at the 2020 Big Ten bracket and noticed that S. Rivera beat both Gross and RBY to win the B10 title that yr. Of course he has his wins over Spencer Lee too, and possibly others? Made me wonder what other CURRENT non-champs have the most wins over NCAA champs.
  18. I don't know if AJ wants to go too far down that road or next thing you know he'll be asking out random dudes in health clubs at 4:30am.
  19. Fletcher


    This is why college coaches have an affinity for kids who show resilience and come back for 3rd at their HS state tourneys. You can scoop up a lot of team points on the backside of the NCAA brackets.
  20. Anytime the Big Ten has a decision to make, the first thing they do is have all the ADs fly in and get together for a meeting with the league commissioner to discuss how it will impact wrestling.
  21. 99% of hospitalizations are unvaccinated. If 50% of those people were vaccinated, then hospitalizations would be down 50%. Is that better?
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