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  1. If the only consequence was unvaccinated people caught covid and died, I'd be fine with that - they assumed the risk and suffered the consequence. The problem is these unvaxxed are screwing everything else up - outbreaks popping up everywhere, mask mandates re-starting, school events getting cancelled. This is why I'd like the vax to be mandated.
  2. We're all prostitutes - we just use different forms of currency (and some of us have no buyers).
  3. Um.....so where did Suriano transfer to?
  4. If you give a McDonalds bag to a wrestler who's cutting weight and it's filled with cash, you might get punched in the face.
  5. FWIW, that's what I end up paying for good seats in the quarter and semi rounds when I buy thru online broker (Session 1 and consolations a little less). I figure if I was going to see the Final Four or Alabama-Clemson playing for the national title in football, I'd pay a lot more than that.
  6. Saw that. After the last two years, I'm leery of buying tickets in advance. Will just want until I get there and buy from a scalper the day-of.
  7. Oh, there's doubts kiddo. Those titles are not close to a given for anyone.
  8. Arbitrariness of the shot clock ruins the entire sport. How does Snyder get put on the clock when he's taken the only shot in the match? If he's not on the clock, he wrestles differently and it's a different match.
  9. 1. Freestyle and folkstyle are different sports. 2. Most wrestlers get better from frosh to junior year in college. Good effort at trolling though.
  10. Well sure, legally he can get away with it. But as a public employee, the superintendent is accountable to parents at monthly board meetings. I'm surprised parents would just let this go without a detailed explanation of the rationale behind the termination.
  11. Wow - that's some drama! A+ reading, though half of this doesn't make sense (how can a super get away with firing a coach-of-the-yr without explanation? the alleged lie seems like a non-issue, why's it such a big deal?)
  12. Ferrari's gonna love taking plates off between each set so the 133 lber. can work in.
  13. Lee now has an advantage. What do 2 ACLs weigh? That's about a half a lb. he can replace with added muscle, carbs for fuel, or just come in lighter and faster. I can't believe more guys haven't thought of this (other than Robles).
  14. Lee lost because Rivera was the better wrestler. It's that simple. Lee also doesn't appreciate you making excuses for him. He has opinions on those type of things.....
  15. Who knows? I wouldn't have guessed he'd lose to Seabass or Picc either. That's why they wrestle the match.
  16. Yeah.....that's how it works; losses are an important seeding criteria.
  17. Lee has a tendency to not be the 1 seed (and Suriano won't be 125 anyways).
  18. Has he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior?
  19. Back to the original point - there must have been something off with the scale if 16 people in the jr. division missed weight. You just don't see that. The fact that 5 of them were in the 106 lb. class is probably an indication that those kids are relying on weight cutting more than other weights, which is not surprising since most high school kids are not naturally that small.
  20. Isn't the kid like 15? Will be interesting to see how the parents pivot if he quits and joins band or the badminton team.
  21. Ed Ruth is at your back door right now. He'd like a word.
  22. You think that's going to narrow it down in a crowd of wrestlers? You may as well say "I'll be the 5'7 guy with bad hips in the slightly too-tight t-shirt"
  23. For a couple people coming from Chicago, a hot dog joint across the street could be dangerous.
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