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  1. Staying at the Westin Book Cadillac Detroit - walkable to the arena? OK otherwise?
  2. How's this going to impact my false advertising lawsuit against California University?
  3. He didn't try to recruit my 50 year-old ass, so how involved could he really have been?
  4. Who knows how much Poeta was involved in recruiting as a assistant - maybe focused more on working with kids already in the room and limited recruiting to only the kids coming from his club? As HC, he will have control over where the school's recruiting efforts are focused.
  5. Who better to recruit Chicago-area kids than Poeta himself? Ruth's there to give them some recruiting cred in PA and as a workout partner for the big guys.
  6. If my trip doesn't resemble Eminem's life in 8-Mile, I'll be extremely disappointed.
  7. Crime rates? Are you even a wrestler?!?
  8. If you're from Chicago and your last name is Williams or O'Connor - yes.
  9. Thread title is misleading - I thought he was going there as a professor.
  10. I can do half as many pull-ups as when this thread was started.
  11. If that were the case, Stanford would drop every men's sport - including basketball and baseball - other than football. But but maybe that's just my naivete talking.
  12. What about the cost of pulling your wife and kids away from their schools and friends? And then doing it again in three years when Stanford cancels their program for real?
  13. Most of us like seasons. I'll take 3 months of Fall in the midwest over 12 months of summer in CA and nothing beats the first snowfall.
  14. They can also drop the program again in 10 minutes (see Fresno State). It was never about the money.
  15. Stanford has lower admission standards for its football team. Shouldn't be too hard to apply the same standard to wrestling.
  16. i called about visiting for prospective students and they said they aren’t giving tours, campus is closed, and visiting on our own would be considered tresspassing.
  17. *Citation to superspreader events missing.
  18. covid numbers right now are they best they’ve been but you can’t even set foot on an ivy league school campus as a non-student. they’re still overreacting. You may be right, but it would not surprise me to see an overly cautious response to a seasonal increase in covid in Nov.
  19. Past is prologue. so far the ivies are 1/1 in cancelling sports during covid.
  20. Stanford had zero leverage to land a big fish like Koll and Koll is a savvy guy, so I expect he would have negotiated: (i) big salary; (ii) big payout ($1MM) if they drop the program again; (iii) big recruiting budget; (iv) investment in building a higher profile competition schedule (i.e. money for travel); and (v) big budget to promote the program.
  21. Stanford has some pretty big balls to go after a coach of Koll's stature after very publicly demonstrating they'll cut the program at the drop of a hat. This is a guy who brought Cornell wrestling to national prominence and his name is synonymous with the program. Could Koll have reached out to them? There's no guarantee the ivies won't cancel everything again next season when we get the inevitable uptick in covid cases in the Fall.
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