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  1. Does this mean Ayala's redshirting? Too small to move up to 133 for the year?
  2. Ok buddy. You're right - we're always talking about NC state back-ups here; no need to post links to all the citations. I get that you've got a thing for Poulin, but the college ranks are littered with grade school and high school studs who just aren't meant for the collegiate level.
  3. Was meant as a joke.....but if those youtube videos from 3rd grade didn't go viral, would he even be mentioned on this message board?
  4. Not many programs need someone who had a great cement mixer in 3rd grade.
  5. Good start; let's bring it home: Lakers are originally from Minnesota Minn. was the 32nd state admitted to the union 32 + 6 (LeBron's number) = 38 38th state is Colorado, which borders Utah Utah's most famous wrestler is...Cael. He's going to PSU. Dammit.
  6. Sat with the Michigan families thru every session (not on purpose). Suriano family had spotty attendance thru the consolation matches when the other Michigan kids were wrestling. I also didn't love the "Team Amine" hats and "Amines vs. Everyone" t-shirts. How about just supporting your actual team instead of creating a fake team named after your kid?
  7. Doesn't look like a very technical thrower to me - more like he just overpowers his opponent. The throw by the University of Illinois kid, however, looked more like a proper greco throw (full arch; almost touched his forehead to the mat).
  8. That would be much more interesting to watch than the NCAA finals. FWIW, I think Deakin's the best bet. Maybe Brooks.
  9. I was pleasantly surprised by Detroit. Had a great meal every single night. Arena has same capacity as StL, Cleveland, Pitt, but felt smaller and closer to the mats. Is it more vertical than other arenas?
  10. Read on another thread that RBY says he's not coming back. Also Valencia HS class of '15 so his eligibility is exhausted. I sure hope Yahya comes back - wrestles his best at NCAAs.
  11. He needs to teach it to Cam Amine.
  12. He's from Chicago. We don't do French pronunciations.
  13. This gets confusing because of the "free" covid year that some guys will take advantage of and others will not. I'll start with just the AAs, because someone posted elsewhere the list of AAs based on based on year of HS graduation. HS Class of 2015: Myles Amine, Korbin Myers, Massa, Kemerer, Christian Lance (Eierman also '15). All of these guys have exhausted eligibility. HS Class of 2016: Suriano, Kizhan Clarke, Deakin, Dean, Devan Turner, Rivera, Tariq Wilson, Marinelli, Rivera, Wick, H. Hidlay, Eric Schutz, Bulsak, Jordan Wood. All these guys have exhausted eligibility, unless they're eligible for multiple RS years (RS + olympic or injury RS), correct? Anyone fall into that category? HS Class of 2017: Fix, Nick Lee, Yianni, Makkhi Lewis, Warner, Arujua, Courtney, McGee, DeSanto, Willits bros, Bergeland, Gomez, Millner, Austin O'Conner, Labriola, Lautt, Romero, Coleman (Spencer Lee also '17). Anyone who didn't RS has exhausted their eligibility, right? I believe DeSanto's done - anyone else? HS Class of 2018: All should have at least one more year (Steveson obv. not coming back). Any other big names I'm missing (AA or not)? Micic not an AA, but was class of 2014.
  14. Looks like the individual camp has a half day in Sunday, full days Mon to Wed., and a half day on Thurs. Is that the same schedule as the one you attended? And those 4 days are enough to make a difference?
  15. Literally pound for pound? Because if Gable was at 5% body fat, he’d be a 184 lber and get smoked by any of the AAs.
  16. Wrestling referees are paid almost nothing - it's basically volunteer work. They all have other jobs and are doing this in their free time for love of the sport. So yeah - "do it yourself" is actually a legit response.
  17. I can't believe Gandhi's appeared on our own wrestling board and nobody can appreciate it. ["Be the change you want to see in the world."]
  18. "didn't pretend to circle" - that's exactly the problem. Most of the guys with a lead are just pretending to circle/score - we shouldn't be rewarding the guys who are good at pretending.
  19. Eierman - should’ve stayed at Mizzou Rivera - should’ve stayed at Northwestern Micic - should’ve stayed at Northwestern Gomez - should've stayed at ISU On the other hand, transfer seems to be working ok for Wick.
  20. Massa's throwing the challenge brick at your award.
  21. Anyone who maintains low body fat just to compete at a lighter weight class is effectively cheating.
  22. You're deliberately avoid the question that everyone wants to ask but is too afraid. Does a slimmed down Gable Steveson with only one leg beat Robles?
  23. Are there any that actually make you a better wrestler? I know that's a tall order, given that the longer ones still are only 10-14 days at the most. I've heard people say the Iowa intensive and J Rob camps made a material difference, but I don't think either of those are around anymore. I've heard good things about the Jordan camp (particularly with regard to improving drilling skills) and the Purler camp, but I also wonder if people just say the camp made them better to feel better about the money they've spent. Any college-sponsored camps that you participated in and found that it improved your or your kid's wrestling for the next season?
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