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  1. Are there any that actually make you a better wrestler? I know that's a tall order, given that the longer ones still are only 10-14 days at the most. I've heard people say the Iowa intensive and J Rob camps made a material difference, but I don't think either of those are around anymore. I've heard good things about the Jordan camp (particularly with regard to improving drilling skills) and the Purler camp, but I also wonder if people just say the camp made them better to feel better about the money they've spent. Any college-sponsored camps that you participated in and found that it improved your or your kid's wrestling for the next season?
  2. OK - I must be confusing it with the 5-second count that starts when the top wrestler drops down to a leg in that position.
  3. Using this standard, the top guy can never be called for stalling because riding time is a scoring move. I'd actually be OK with that because my desire is for there to be less stalling calls overall. I just know that in reality guys use the double legs as a way to make it look like they're trying for a turn when they're actually just killing time and tiring out the guy on bottom. You almost never see someone throw in double legs when they're on top and losing.
  4. I'd love to get rid of it altogether, but recognize that may not be feasible. Here's what I think could work to improve the current rules and eliminate some of the ref discretion (which is ruining the sport, as the state of Ohio knows). 1. Top guy: 5-second count if you drop down to a leg on top (same rule as now) 2. Top guy: 5-second count if bottom guy stands and you don't mat return (same rule as now) 3. Top guy: 5-second count if you put in both legs and don't either turn him or transition into something else 4. Bottom guy: no stalling called on bottom guy ever. If he's stalling, you can cut him. 5. Neutral: pushout rule from freestyle (hopefully that takes care of most stalling situations). 6. Neutral: no stalling call if someone is wrestling defensively and choosing not to shoot. If they're ahead, they've earned the privilege to not have to put themselves at risk later in the match. If they're actively running away, that could be a stall call, but hopefully the pushout rule would prevent that. Not perfect, but would remove some of the current arbitrary ref. discretion. Thoughts?
  5. "Those seats changed my life." - J Rob camper
  6. I seem to recall Pat Downey saying he never lifted weights until after college.
  7. Ooof - good point. Brings back fond memories of jumping over puddles of vomit in Cleveland a few years ago and explaining to my then 12-year old why so many people had the flu that afternoon.
  8. What about if we want to have a high-end dinner one night - any sushi, fondue, or nice steak/fish house walkable to the hotel? Casual Mexican restaurant in the area?
  9. Both forfeited out of the conference tourney, so their injuries must be pretty serious. There's no way they'll suddenly be healthy enough to wrestle by next weekend.
  10. He was 106 lbs. 4 years ago, so yeah... I'd say he's been lifting.
  11. Setting aside the moral obligation to his team and responsibility to set a good example.....wouldn't he just want to be there? These are his buddies, people he trains with and spends countless hours hanging out with (I would assume), and they all love wrestling. In what world is Vegas and hanging out with an MMA guy more fun than going to a college wrestling conference championship? (And I'm not being sarcastic - we're all supposedly wrestling people, so this comparison should be a no-brainer.) It should be something he's looking forward to. I'm going to Detroit next weekend, I'm obviously not competing, and I'm looking forward to this trip more than any trip I have planned this year.
  12. Is there a safe way to do these types of transactions online? Like if the tix are not legit, payment can be clawed back?
  13. Thanks - we'll need those calories to fuel the 16 minute walk. I'll also make sure to find a bourbon palate cleanser in between coneys to ensure authenticity of the comparison.
  14. Right? That was my first in-person NCAAs and my first round. I just figured stuff like that happened all the time. I've been to all NCAAs since then and haven't seen that big of a crowd reaction.
  15. To the Detroit locals, I'm at the Westin Cadillac Book. Is this place OK? Walkable to the arena? Did I screw up?
  16. Question for the group - how does one not get scammed buying tickets via this website? Is there a safe method that allows for clawback if the tix are not legit?
  17. Disregard - saw your earlier post on ticket sections. Hoping to get closer.
  18. I'm staying at Westin Book Cadillac Detroit. Is that hotel OK? Did I make a mistake? Walkable to the arena?
  19. Actually, I think Louden's coach challenged them putting him in the down position after the no TD call. We're still waiting on the video review.
  20. I have no idea how you can have pre-injury Ferrari on this list. He's one of the most conservative wrestlers out there. Unless you're talking about entertaining off the mat, but I assume you're too smart to mistake off-the-mat antics for wrestling entertainment.
  21. Let's not underestimate the weather in Raleigh vs. Columbus, Pitt, Ithaca, Iowa, etc.
  22. I haven't been able to keep up with the wrestling this season as much as I usually do - still planning on attending NCAAs next month though. Would love to hear everyone's thoughts on which weights will be the most exciting or "up for grabs" this year and why you think that.
  23. With Spencer Lee and Ferrari, we now have two returning national champs out due to injury. Have we had a season where this has ever happened before?
  24. https://www.oklahoman.com/article/5559704/doug-blubaugh-was-tougher-than-he-was-good
  25. You're not allowed to use the term par terre on the college board. Please show yourself out.
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