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  1. Right? That was my first in-person NCAAs and my first round. I just figured stuff like that happened all the time. I've been to all NCAAs since then and haven't seen that big of a crowd reaction.
  2. To the Detroit locals, I'm at the Westin Cadillac Book. Is this place OK? Walkable to the arena? Did I screw up?
  3. Question for the group - how does one not get scammed buying tickets via this website? Is there a safe method that allows for clawback if the tix are not legit?
  4. Disregard - saw your earlier post on ticket sections. Hoping to get closer.
  5. I'm staying at Westin Book Cadillac Detroit. Is that hotel OK? Did I make a mistake? Walkable to the arena?
  6. Actually, I think Louden's coach challenged them putting him in the down position after the no TD call. We're still waiting on the video review.
  7. I have no idea how you can have pre-injury Ferrari on this list. He's one of the most conservative wrestlers out there. Unless you're talking about entertaining off the mat, but I assume you're too smart to mistake off-the-mat antics for wrestling entertainment.
  8. Let's not underestimate the weather in Raleigh vs. Columbus, Pitt, Ithaca, Iowa, etc.
  9. I haven't been able to keep up with the wrestling this season as much as I usually do - still planning on attending NCAAs next month though. Would love to hear everyone's thoughts on which weights will be the most exciting or "up for grabs" this year and why you think that.
  10. With Spencer Lee and Ferrari, we now have two returning national champs out due to injury. Have we had a season where this has ever happened before?
  11. https://www.oklahoman.com/article/5559704/doug-blubaugh-was-tougher-than-he-was-good
  12. You're not allowed to use the term par terre on the college board. Please show yourself out.
  13. Sure. Just head over to Quint Kessenich and try not to threaten to kill anyone on your way there. Cheers!
  14. Damn. Was he in the backseat of Ferrari's car?
  15. One time I saw Askren crush a banana.
  16. Rollerblading defeating Caldwell is a bigger upset than anyone beating Gable Steveson.
  17. There's like 10 threads on this on hawkeyereport.
  18. You started the thread saying there's no reporting of the incident. Now you're mentioning Iowa's public apology and Tom Brands raising it during a press conference. Glad you were able to resolve this on your own.
  19. It's the worst when they still give it a go though. Watching Letters out there his senior year as a shadow of himself was like watching MJ putting himself into the line-up with the Wizards.
  20. What previous NCAA upset would be comparable? Would it be bigger than Metcalf losing to Caldwell? Perry over Hendricks? McIlravy or Mocco going down in the finals?
  21. There's a cool function on this website where you can start your own topic...
  22. Tom Brands - a-hole wrestler who got after it; Jaggers - not that good, fake injury in the finals, but won when it counted; Johny Hendricks - great wrestler; aggressive; enjoyed trolling the fans but a good guy overall Pat Downey - no Austin DeSanto - future candidate; hate that he's always jawing, talking/touching refs, creating drama; also love that he's always jawing/touching refs, creating drama
  23. You bastard! I came here to say this exact thing!
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