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  1. Damn. Was he in the backseat of Ferrari's car?
  2. One time I saw Askren crush a banana.
  3. Rollerblading defeating Caldwell is a bigger upset than anyone beating Gable Steveson.
  4. There's like 10 threads on this on hawkeyereport.
  5. You started the thread saying there's no reporting of the incident. Now you're mentioning Iowa's public apology and Tom Brands raising it during a press conference. Glad you were able to resolve this on your own.
  6. It's the worst when they still give it a go though. Watching Letters out there his senior year as a shadow of himself was like watching MJ putting himself into the line-up with the Wizards.
  7. What previous NCAA upset would be comparable? Would it be bigger than Metcalf losing to Caldwell? Perry over Hendricks? McIlravy or Mocco going down in the finals?
  8. There's a cool function on this website where you can start your own topic...
  9. Tom Brands - a-hole wrestler who got after it; Jaggers - not that good, fake injury in the finals, but won when it counted; Johny Hendricks - great wrestler; aggressive; enjoyed trolling the fans but a good guy overall Pat Downey - no Austin DeSanto - future candidate; hate that he's always jawing, talking/touching refs, creating drama; also love that he's always jawing/touching refs, creating drama
  10. You bastard! I came here to say this exact thing!
  11. Could they have reviewed to look for the illegal move prior to the pin? If an illegal move renders the opponent unable to finish, opponent wins.
  12. That's what happens when you leave Northwestern.
  13. My hatred of stalling comes from how subjective it is - moving to a freestyle passivity model doesn't change that. I would propose getting rid of stalling altogether and adding the push-out rule. To some extent, the guy who earned the lead shouldn't have to continue putting himself at risk to score - he already did that. On the other hand, a push-out rule would prohibit him from completely shutting down or risk getting pushed out repeatedly. We could try this in some exhibition matches or pilot it in some other unimportant situations to see if it improves the action before rolling it out at the HS or college level.
  14. I remember seeing Snoop Dogg's kid and P Diddy's kid on the USC football roster a few years back. Similar situation.
  15. To be clear, what I initially said was it's not stalling the way some guys do it and Ferrari was my example. I'm not trying to get into a debate on whether it's stalling. Just asking about best way to wrestle someone who does this.
  16. Is there a way to capitalize on this position though? By going to his knees, does he disadvantage himself in any way?
  17. Question for the technicians out there. What's the best approach when your opponent drops to his knees in neutral? I know a lot of people would call this stalling, but some guys (e.g. Ferrari) shoot pretty well from there. Regardless, I'm not trying to start a debate on whether it's stalling. Just interesting in hearing what the best way of handling this. Saw a video online of Teemer grabbing behind the knees and just bull-rushing Monday when he did this - I guess that's one approach, but he's also been blessed with long arms. It's got to be a disadvantaged position in some regards, right - limited lateral mobility and all?
  18. I have a life rule that whenever someone mentions a taco, I have to go out and get one. Now I have to find a taco. Bastard.
  19. If there's one thing I need to do as a parent, it's shut up more.
  20. Tastes even better after sitting in a warm high school locker for 2 hrs.
  21. My HS wrestler isn't really cutting (1-2 lbs). He hardly eats after weigh-ins though - says he's not hungry and it makes him feel sick. Sounds like he may agree with you. I'm concerned he doesn't have full energy on days when he has 2-3 matches. Should I encourage him to pick at random fruit throughout the morning? Or stick with liquid calories if he doesn't have an appetite?
  22. For taste, I would go with pizza or short ribs. But what if the goal is peak performance?
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